Christmas Market in Wrocław, Poland

Christmas Market in Wrocław, Poland

We love Christmas in Poland! Hey guys! I’m here at the Christmas Market in Wrocław, Poland. This market is enormous. There are so many things to see, lights everywhere,
so I’m going to wander around and see what I can find. Hello! How are you? Welcome to Wrocław. The market here in Wrocław feels like a carnival
and there are actual rides that you can go on. This is Santa with his sleigh. You can get on a sleigh with reindeer
so that’s what Marc and I are going to get on right now. That was so much fun. That was so fun. I didn’t think it would be that much fun actually
‘cause it doesn’t look like that big a ride. But it was really sweet and you got a good view and there was a pedal where you
could control how high you were. That was my favourite part. I just put the pedal to the metal the whole time. Obviously I knew you’d like that. I loved that. I wanted to tell you about
my favourite Polish Christmas traditions that I found out about since arriving here in Poland and they all revolve around Christmas dinner, which here in Poland
happens on Christmas Eve, December 24th. And the first thing that I love about it
is actually to do with how and when they start the meal. So on Christmas Eve they don’t start eating
until the first star appears in the night sky. How lovely is that? It’s so poetic. They also eat twelve courses –
twelve different dishes – and that goes back to the twelve Apostles
or the twelve months of the year. Nobody seems to be quite sure but it’s one of those. They also set an extra place setting
at their table for Christmas dinner. No matter how many people you have invited, every household sets an extra place with an extra chair in case somebody comes in at the last minute, or knocks on the door looking for somewhere to eat,
you already have a place there waiting for them. And it’s meant to signify welcoming and inclusivity
and I think it’s just a really nice idea. Just came across something
I’ve never seen at a Christmas Market before. At first I didn’t know what it was
but there are these little huts or booths and you put coins in and the curtains open like a stage and there are these little puppets –
kind of animatronic-type puppets that move around and there’s this narrator telling you the story
of all these different fairy tales. So they have Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella,
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and the most popular by far was Hansel and Gretel
and it’s very charming and I feel like it just really
complements this Christmas Market. Is this the small and the large? Yes. Small and… Ok. May I have one small please? Thank you. We found a stand selling mini Polish donuts
or paczki – hope I’m saying that right. These are the miniature version. They’re fried bread with a filling inside
and this is a small, if you can believe that. They had a size bigger than this and I asked what was a good flavour to get on top and so she said the berry syrup she put all over
was really good with, of course, powdered sugar. So I got two forks so that Marc and I can share
but, Marc, do you mind if I have a bite? Dig in. All right. That is definitely a treat. It’s definitely fried. There’s no filling inside so maybe the filling
is on the outside with this berry stuff. It has a nice crunch. The powdered sugar is kind of a nice look. Yeah, you like that? It kind of looks like snow. You know what – I probably have powdered sugar
all over me too and I don’t even know. I think I just inhaled powdered sugar. Say cheese! Cheese! Cheese! If you want to stay an extra night I found a great place. I’m in. How much is the rent? I don’t know but it’s very close to the Christmas Market. Great location. A bit cold but… Hello from the Polar Express! I absolutely love the Christmas Market in Poland. We’re going to keep riding this train. Hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up. Subscribe if you haven’t already
and we’ll see you in our next video! Bye!

42 thoughts on “Christmas Market in Wrocław, Poland

  1. The rides look like a lot of fun but the puppet shows are my favourite in this video. How cute! So much work to create and spell binding fairy tales for young and old. Thanks for bringing these markets to us. Have no idea which is ny favourite any more. They are all wonderful.

  2. OK…This market was the most straight up fun of this series for me!   Rainbows of colour….Beautiful!
    Dancing Elves?   How cool! …..And a Talking Moose!  LOVED the FOOD!   Xmas makes me hungry 😛
    Yup…A carnival as much as a market….rides and mini theatres and Santa for entertainment!
    …Great story about setting an extra place at the table…sharing IS caring.    Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow, another exciting Christmas Market! I think rides are a great addition…now I think this one is tied for first place with the Vienna market at Rathaus. So awesome. I like how you guys always try the food. I want to live in that mushroom! I love the tradition of setting an extra place setting for Christmas dinner, and waiting till you see the first star before starting to eat. Don't think I would be able to put away 12 courses though! I would get full after 4 of 5 courses, haha.

  4. OMGosh, I want to do Christmas in Poland! A most blessed Christmas, to you both! May 2018 bring you an abundance of travel delights! xo

  5. I was charmed by the not beginning dinner til the first star emerges… I'm a merry go round person so the sleigh ride looked fun….and i liked the lights spanning the streets above….the food didn't seem up to the other markets….first video that didn't make me hungry…probably a good thing hehe…happy solstice

  6. Good grief, each time I think I've seen it all in these vlogs, I get blown away again!!! I might want to go on all those rides! And those animatronic puppets! How amazing is that!!

  7. How about Romania?Did you were there?You should see Sibiu Christmas Market and you should taste 'sarmale'. Love you☺ Marry Christmas!

  8. I've never considered spending Christmas anywhere but home – until seeing your vlogs! Wow! What a beautiful market, and such lovely Christmas traditions. I especially love the tradition of setting an extra place at the table. Truly beautiful! Thanks!

  9. Another amazing video! You guys look like you had such a blast. Maybe after Christmas you can briefly tell us which was your favorite Christmas market you visited this season?

  10. December 24 in Poland is not only a feast of Christians but also vegetarians because no one eats meat throughout the country

  11. when you were talking about the Christmas traditions you really did bring tears to my eyes. as a Pole I haven't thought much about our Christmas traditions and how truly beautiful they are and how we're all taking them for granted. thanks!

  12. I first went to Wroclaw as a just turned 18 year old in 2001 travelling abroad for the first time from the UK and alone too. Always have a soft spot for the place. I have been every year since but only in summer. Well i finally went there this past Xmas and it was great. I had one of those cone shaped pastry things, might be hungarian i think and a mulled wine out of one of those elf boots lol.Then a nice drink in the speak easy mobster bar on the square before flying home. Great.

  13. Poland the best Place in Europe Wroclaw is west south in Poland but you many others city's in Poland Krakow Poznam Warszawa Gdansk Gdynia Lublin

  14. There was no filling inside of these donuts, because those wasn't donuts, haha. It's something similar, called oponki here in Poland. Made with the mix of cheese and flavour, and then fried on deep oil 😊

  15. So blessed to live in Wrocław and get to enjoy our Christmas market every year. And also wanted to share a little bit from the inside of the polish christmas tradictions, its actually really challenging to eat 12 different dishes in one evening, specially because they are all soooo delicious 🙂

  16. I've just come across your videos and I have to stay you are amazing!!! I am just sitting here and watching you guys for about an hour without a break haha 😀 Greetings from Poland!!! Hope u will come back here, maybe to Cracow? 🙂

  17. OMG – I love this video so much! You guys are such a lovely, warm, sweet couple. This video show how joyful you are and it makes my heart smile

  18. This is another beautiful video about the Christmas Markets. Last Year I saw your video about the Christmas Markets in Vienna and I decided to visit them and it was a really fantastic especially the one in front of the City Hall. Now I am considering to visit Poland to enjoy the Christmas Markets. Is there only one Christmas Market in Wroclaw? Or there are many like in Vienna? Thanks a lot. Benny from Malta.

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