Christmas Shopping!

Christmas Shopping!

Oh Daddy daddy, that wasn’t the best one. That was my best one. No. Should we do it again? Yeah Okay, switch it out for my face, okay? You’re going to switch it out for your face? Uh huh. Okay. Today it’s the day to Decorate for Christmas, too. We did that yesterday We’re doing it more. We’re doing it more? Yeah. What plans do you have? I have lots of plans. We’re gonna try make our house larger, bigger by putting more decorations. You’re gonna make the house larger by putting more in it? Uh huh. Not quite sure that’s how it works. I can do it. I found I know you wanted to decorate outside in the front yard. Yes. So I found some lights Okay. That we can do. Do you want to test them out? Yeah. All right, these these lights go on our Christmas tree, I think Oh it’s a mess! Oh, these are some old sweaters from Christmas past We made these sweaters for an ugly Christmas sweater party and we won a prize for them Basically it it’s half a wreath on One sweater and half a wreath on the other sweater so that when Jessica and I stood together and hugged We made the whole wreath. So we won best couple that year and another year, we had we built these ones. This was mine It’s the bottom of a snowman and then this one was Jessica’s and she also wore a top hat So she was the top and I was the bottom of the snowman and we won best couple that year, too So we’re pretty good at being couples and wearing sweaters that are ugly. Okay, so plug it in and make sure yeah looks good Yeah, okay. So that’s that works. We’ll put it in the works pile. Whoa getting getting a little a little fancy here So both of these are working, okay, all three sets work, so this is good So put that in there and that’ll be our tree box. All right, you want to check all these ones too? No, it looks pretty good okay. But all of them aren’t working. I know this one the only only some of them are working Parker’s been such a big helper today. He is currently making lunch for all the kids Yeah, are you excited about the peanut butter jellies? Were you just dabbing? Is that what you just did? Duncan You’re doing your own thing? You’re doing your you’re doing the dunk? No. No? Anyway Parker has been such a big helper today. So right now he’s making PB and J’s. You keep interrupting me. What are you doing? Where you going? (Jessica): Vlog. He wants to vlog and run. You show up you interrupt and you turn your back and you leave. Anyway, I wanted to say thank you to at Parker because he helped out with all the Christmas decorating today We did some major decorations in our front yard What? Say thank you Parker. Good signing. You’ve got sandwiches ready to go? No. No, not yet. No. Do you even have one ready to go? I have one ready to go but… Is that one for Duncan? Yep. But I want to send them all out at the same time. That’s some good restaurant thinking, but if we got a little baby that’s really hungry and kind of grumpy So can we give him his sandwich before everybody else gets all theirs? Mhmm, yeah. Think thats funny? Mhhmm yeah. Is that funny? Mhhmm yeah. Okay, we are at Michael’s for annual try to buy everything on sale trip to Michael Yeah for Christmas presents! Oh. Got those dolla dolla bills Those coin coin coins. So we’re here obviously to get anything you can because it’s Michaels and it’s a lot of fun But we are also especially trying to get components of the Christmas village. These Christmas village things that Jacob back there loves Are really expensive. I think they’re very very pricey and they are currently 60% off and I always wait and buy them when they’re like on super sale and Sometimes that means that they are sold out and we don’t get any Or I had to go online and try to find them for less (Jacob): So we got to rush and get them all! So we’re here now hopefully there will be some left. We don’t… We usually don’t get first pick but we’re not paying for that first Sressing everyone out. Why are we waiting in the car? People are buying all the things! Ooh thats cool. Lots of options Jake? 40% off? How much is that? Mommy’s got to do the math. Okay, let me just say, rare 60% off Am I missing some fine print? 2 p.m until close? It is 2:04. Oh, they gotta switch their sign. Look it’s happening! There they’re on it. They’re on it This tower here, the countdown tower. (Jessica): He likes the countdown. Okay But I think this gazebo is really cute, look at the little animals around it. And did you like the bridge? Which one’s your favorite Parker? Um.. I’ll show you. Oh it’s on the other side? Whoa What does that say cookie palace? And they have like this like log-cabin thing and this elf workshop and Christmas boutique and look at this, look at this little house! (Music) Hey, what’s happening? Jacob don’t look. Jacob if you’re watching, leave the room for A whole minute. What’s happening? I’m getting Jacob this for Christmas Secretly!? Yeah. That’s awesome. It’s a fishing cabin. He loves fishing! Jacob don’t watch don’t watch don’t watch (Holiday music) Did you find something you like? Whoo, can you say pretty? Parker is with mommy now at your request I know! I know! I know a good present for Parker and Duncan! Okay, what is it? Parkers present. That it’s pretty funny, okay. And this is Duncans present. A banana? (Holiday music) Oh Should we try a different one? Okay?. Oh, that’s a good one! Whoa! Aww too slippery. Should we try a different one? Yeah? Okay. Awww, good one. Okay, what else Christmas sweater antlers? Let’s see how those look. Oh, those are great. I like those ones. Do you like… awww! Plaid antlers? Let’s try those on. How do those look? Oh, yeah, those are… aww! Should we try these hats? Want to try the hats? Do you like that one? This hat should we try this one? Okay. There we go. Oh, that’s nice. That one stays on pretty well, too. What do you think? Is it a keeper? What you see another one you like? Which one? This one? That one? What do you think of that one? That one pretty good? Which one this one? Okay, let’s see how it looks. Oh, I like that one a lot. That one’s my favorite. Is that your favorite? Noo… You like Daddy wearing it? Is that silly? Do you like it? No, oh! (Holiday music) Think you can make him talk? Oh, he’s heavy. You make him talk! No, he does- He doesn’t have a thing! He doesn’t have a thing! You want to get rid of him? Put him back? He’s pretty big pretty big one This is one of those moments where I cannot tell whether I should be proud of myself for All of the savings or upset with myself for all of the spending. Because there are a lot of unplanned impulse buys in the back of my trunk right now, and that trunk is jam packed to the max. Lots, it’s full of Christmas. But it was on sale! So 60% off! Oh my goodness. I just bought so much. It’s amazing. I am going to show it to you all right now. Jacob got a bunch of Christmas presents for Bailey and Parker and gave them to them today. Right jakey? Because they’re part of the Christmas village and he wants to put it up now. This is for me, it’s uh… a giant clock tower that counts down the days until Christmas. Whaaattt? Jakey it’s amazing! This is Jacobs Christmas present to me. And I’m going to open it up. I’m super excited. Whoa, careful. So this is a church that Jacob gave me, and it has a plug. Okay, and then they has amazing deals on candles and I’ve never seen these before, like this is a brand new concept to me. But they’re glowing candles. They have a remote controls, hey. So I got this and this because they were on big sale, And then these are fake light up candles too. We do have real candles in our house but I’m a little bit hesitant right now to have too much fire going on because of all the California fires and because we have A toddler and like cartwheeling kids all over the place. So I’m really excited about this. Look at that flicker the natural glow. I love it! Okay And then I’ve also been to a bunch of my friends houses lately and they’ve smelled so good and Christmassy and mine doesn’t smell anywhere near as good. So they have these melty wax things. The other day at the white elephant, somebody gave us this wax melter thing, so I figure we could make our house smell good. And then this is kind of merging into a back to school haul, but the notebooks the planners are on sale. It says 2019 on mine, and it has this really nice cover. So these planners I think they were $10 each and I got one for each of the School-aged kids so they can organize their school year starting in January. I can’t believe I’m getting a calendar that actually starts the same month. Usually I feel like it’s like six months behind whenever I get a calendar because I get them on sale. These are so cute, like it’s a snow globe calendar, what!? And yes, I wish I had gotten these as Christmas presents for the kids but they were all with me and I was like a sale beast and bought everything and I I very much wished that they hadn’t seen me buy the things, but it happened so I’m gonna be at peace with that. And then I got a bell. Okay, then we got a ton of tinsel and I’m hoping to cover the stairs and I don’t know maybe the fireplace or just whatever, it was all on sale. And then we got lights for our bushes. Got bush lights. So the last thing I got I used to coupon for, it wasn’t on sale. Latch hooks! So I got these latch hook sets for the kids and this is just to have them do something in the next couple days so that they have like an activity. Christopher and I used to make these when we were in high school together and dating and they’re just really fun little project. I don’t know if you guys have ever done these or heard of them I feel like they might be a little… Yeah, I have never done them! This one’s going to be mine. This is Jacobs. This is Bailey’s, and this is Parker’s. These are gonna be like little rugs that the kids make, and I really hope that they complete because that’s always the challenge with these. So go ahead guys go ahead and play and we’ll set up the tinsel and everything. That’s most of my shopping haul. I had a lot of fun today. Hey, thanks for watching the whole vlog all the way to the end which is where we are right now. I want to give a shout out to Crystal Land of Ozzo for writing a comment on yesterday’s video. We are doing these shoutouts on every video during vlogmas, so leave a comment down below for a chance at a shout out in our next video. Thanks for watching. Bye. Bye

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