Christmas Special 2018 – The Ballinger Family

♪ It’s vlogmas ♪ ♪ Vlogmas ♪ ♪ And it’s time to celebrate ♪ ♪ Vlogmas ♪ (sweet Christmas music) – He’s here. He ran all the way here. Come on, Dunc. You ready? Let’s go. – Wanna sit down? Do you wanna sit down? – Bonk! Bonk! Bonk! Bonk! Bonk! Bonk! (excited squealing) – What? What is that?
– Oh, my gosh. – What is that? What is that? (excited giggling) – That’s the fullest tree I’ve ever seen. (laughing) – Did they make these for us? (laughing) – [Christopher] Did you find
a present with you on it? – Yeah. – [Christopher] Yeah? – Most presents have a face on them and you guys get to experience giving, so I wanted to make sure
everybody in our family, even the ones who couldn’t read names, could experience giving
gifts to other people. So, you never pick out your own gift, but each kid’s gonna
get a chance to pick out somebody else and hand a gift to them. And the other thing for you guys to know is that all of our older
kids shopped for everyone and sometimes twice, so that
means there’s potentially 10 or more gifts just from
Bailey, Parker, or Jacob, so our tree looks really, really full and it’s just because
everybody gives in our home and they give a lot, (laughing) so there’s a lot this
year and we have a lot of people in our family,
so this is a very, very full tree, and also Christopher knows how to puff it out, and Santa
did bring each kid one gift. – Hey, look at the cookies. (Jessica gasping) – [Jessica] Oh, my goodness. Look at what Jacob just found. (Jacob gasping) – And a letter. – Thank you so much for the cookies. – What does this say?
– Santa! Merry Christmas, Santa. Can I give Duncan mine? Please, please? – [Jessica] Present time. – [Christopher] Parker’s picking
out a present for Duncan. Oh, Parker bought this present for Duncan. – [Jessica] Yeah, Parker
used his own money. – [Christopher] Duncan, sit
down, sit down, sit down. – [Jessica] Sit down, bugga. – [Christopher] Here you go. – That’s from Parker.
– Can you open it up? – [Jessica] Say, thank you, Parker. (paper tearing) Oh! (paper tearing) – It’s a ball whacker. (calm Christmas jazz music) – [Jessica] Wow. (balls rattling) Whoop! (laughing) – [Christopher] Can you roll
it and see what it does? Whoa! (Jessica laughing)
(balls rattling) Duncan, do you wanna pick out a present for somebody else? Can you pick out a present? You can pick up Jacob or Bailey. (Christopher gasping) Oh, who is that? – Jake. – Jake, yeah. Can you take this over to Jake? Can you give it to Jake? No, not the picture. (everyone laughing) The whole present. Can you give him the whole present? Can you give this to Jacob? (Duncan wailing) (Jessica laughing) We need to work on the concept of giving. (Jessica laughing) Yeah, oh, very generous. Yes, there’s your gift. (laughing) Can you– Can you– Wait, wait.
(laughing) Can you give this to Jacob? (Duncan wailing) (everyone laughing) Do you wanna– We can give it to him together. Do you wanna give it to him together? Let’s work on it together. Here. Say, here you go, Jakey. – Thank you. – He said thank you.
– Yay! – [Christopher] Isn’t that nice? Oh, now he’s opening it. (paper tearing) – Whoa. – [Christopher] How cities work? (Jessica laughing) – I’m gonna give this one to Bailey. – Oh, that’s from Jacob. (calm Christmas jazz music) (paper tearing) – [Parker] Whoa! – Munchkin Harry Potter? (laughing) This is my favorite game and
my favorite book put in one. – That is awesome. – Thank you so much. – [Christopher] That was
a thoughtful gift, Jacob. – Yeah. – [Christopher] Did you see him buy it? – No. – [Christopher] He snuck away. You were there. He snuck away and bought it
without you even knowing. (laughing) – There’s still some wrapping paper. Gotta make sure your present’s clean. (laughing) – [Christopher] It’s
Bailey’s turn to give. What’s she gonna pick up?
– I’m going to give something to Parker ’cause
he hasn’t gotten anything. (paper tearing) (Jessica laughing) (paper tearing) – You have a doctor kit now, Parker. – This is about learning how to use– Learning about your body
and what’s inside of you. These are your organs and
veins, these are your muscles. Oh wait, no. There are your organs, this is your veins, this is your muscles. – This is your skin, this is your clothes. – Your skin and this is your clothes. – It’s really cool. I really like it. Thank you, mommy. – You’re welcome, my angel. Parker gets to pick. – This is really funny. (Jessica laughing) – Thanks for giving this out. – [Jessica] This is from Parker, right? Parker bought this for you? – Ready to see what I open? (upbeat Christmas music) (laughing) ♪ Do do do do do do ♪ ♪ Do do do do do do do do ♪ ♪ Do do do do do do ♪
– The suspense. ♪ Do do do do do do do do ♪ ♪ Do do (farting) ♪ (laughing) – Thank you. (laughing) – Ooh, a Santa present.
– Ooh, a santa present. (Jacob screaming) Don’t hurt yourself. – Duncan, this is from Santa. – You were good. – [Christopher] Ooh, going for the bow. I like it. – [Jacob] One handed. (Jessica laughing) – [Jessica] He’s not gonna put food down. – [Christopher] You
wanna put the food down so you can open your present? (Jacob laughing) – [Jacob] No, he doesn’t. – That tech… Yeah, he likes to get the lights off. Likes to do it his way. He’s doing a good job. Look at, he’s collecting the tape. (sweet Christmas music) Take care of that tape. – [Christopher] Can you open it? – [Jacob] I’m wondering if
Santa made it easy for him. (paper tearing) – [Jessica] Whoa! – [Christopher] What’s in there? – [Jacob] Oh! – [Parker] Oh. (Christopher gasping) – [Christopher] What is this? (paper tearing) What is this, Duncan? – You wanna play baseball? Doing! – [Christopher] Ooh, good hit! Home run! Oh, good boy. Good boy. Are you gonna slide? Are you gonna do it? Wee! – [Jessica] Yay! – [Parker] My turn. – Let’s let him do it.
– You gonna do it again? – Let’s let him enjoy his present. – [Christopher] Oh, got up the wrong way. (Jessica laughing) Wee! (everyone laughing) Good job. – Oh, he loves the baseball. He’s just like– (laughing) – [Christopher] Interesting technique. – Duncan, look. – Boing! (laughing) – [Jacob] Bailey, pass. I wanna show him the basketball hoop. Duncan. – It’s all right. – You put it in here. – Oh! – [Christopher] Oh, good job! – Here he goes. (Duncan squealing) – [Christopher] Wee! Oh! (Jessica laughing) Can you pick out another present? – Pick out a present
and give it to somebody that’s not Duncan. – [Christopher] Who’s gonna get a present? Whoa. Who’s gonna get a present? (Christopher gasping) Oh, this is a good one. Do you wanna get that for mama? Can you take that to mama? (Jessica gasping) – Oh, my goodness. Oh, who’s that for? (Jessica laughing) – Mama. – Thank you. (upbeat Christmas music) (everyone laughing) – [Christopher] Bye. Enjoy the present. – Can I wear this? – [Christopher] Yeah. (upbeat Christmas music) – Ooh, it smells good. Got a scent. I think it smells– Oh. Ooh!
– Oh, I remember helping pick these out. – Is that for a candle maybe? That’d be really pretty. – [Christopher] No, it’s not. – No? Something else? Something for a Yankee candle. It heats it up.
– What’s on the top? – Oh, it’s a pretty one. So, I got those melt-y
things and at the store, they only had not cute
ones or not winter decor. The one we’re using right
now is like a summer ice cream scent, but it doesn’t
really look like winter. So, this is perfect. Thank you, guys. Is this from you, Christopher? – [Christopher] It’s from all of us. – Thank you, family. – But yes, it’s from me. Mommy’s turn.
– It’s my turn, isn’t it? – [Christopher] She gets to
pick out a present for somebody. – Well, I guess if I just opened one, then daddy should open one, right? – [Christopher] Ooh, that’s a big one. – [Jessica] This is a big one. – Who’s that? – Daddy. – Daddy. Do you want the picture? You wanna take it? There you go. Right. (paper tearing) (Christopher gasping) And electric toothbrush! – [Jessica] And you’ll be happy to see that there’s two of them. – Two of them! So I can do both sides
of my mouth at once. Wait, is this so I can
be matching with you? Is that actually why there are two? – [Jessica] Yeah, wouldn’t we be cute? – We would be totally cute. I left my toothbrush in a
hotel room in Bakersfield. – We left our toothbrushes. It was a joint effort. And we have gotten
toothbrushes since then. They’re just not electric. – No, I haven’t brushed
my teeth since last year when we went to Bakersfield. – What is Bakersfield?
– I have brushed my teeth. I brush my teeth a lot, but not
with an electric toothbrush, which is what I’ve been
needing, so thank you. – Yeah, we like those brushes. Jacob was right. We had the battery powered electric ones, but we haven’t had those powerful ones. – [Christopher] Oh,
that’s right, in Europe. – [Jessica] Yeah. – This is a very thoughtful gift. Thank you, sweetie. You want a Santa one? – [Jacob] Yeah. – Okay, I’ll pick out the
biggest Santa one I can find. – [Jacob] Yeah! – [Christopher] There you go. – So cute. I’m doing Duncan’s style here. (Jessica laughing) – [Christopher] Just taking one
piece of tape off at a time? – [Bailey] Jacob, please don’t. – [Christopher] No unwrapping
til all the tape is off. (upbeat Christmas music) – [Duncan] Wee! Wee! – Is it a deck of cards? – [Duncan] Wee! (upbeat Christmas music) – [Jessica] Fancy Yahtzee dice, so you can be the king of Yahtzee. – Thank you, Santa. (upbeat Christmas music) – [Christopher] Ooh,
another Santa present. (upbeat Christmas music) (paper tearing) (Parker screaming) What is it? – It’s my present. – [Christopher] Is that
like an animal doctor thing? – Yeah, can I open it up? You have to build it. – [Jacob] Can I help you? – And there’s some of this thing. – [Jessica] Oh, my goodness. Okay, well why don’t we do it at the end of opening everything, okay? – Okay. – [Jessica] Those are
cool doctor tools, Parker. – I wrapped it myself
and it’s really heavy. Can somebody get it for me? – [Jessica] Jacob, Parker’s
been very excited about this for over a month. (paper tearing) – A box! – [Parker] That there is some wood! (Jessica laughing) – Isn’t that awesome?
– It’s a box of wood. (Jessica laughing) Different shapes and sizes. – So me and you can make a small house. (Jessica laughing) – Thank you. – You’re welcome. (wood clattering) (everyone laughing) – [Bailey] Please, tell
me you got that on camera? Please. – Here Bailey, can I open it for you? – No. I’m gonna do it Duncan’s way. (paper tearing) (Jessica laughing) – [Christopher] What did Santa get you? – He got me a kit of all these stickers. – That’s a lot of stickers. – This is a lot. (upbeat Christmas music) Thank you, Santa. – Aw! – I remember watching
daddy wrap this for you and pick it for you. Daddy wrapped it with a poster. – I love that. (Jessica gasping and screaming) Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness, they’re so pretty. These are gorgeous. Oh, my goodness. My Tieks! I love them. Thanks, you guys. I would put them on, but. – [Christopher] You’re
wearing the big socks today. – I’m wearing the big socks. – [Christopher] They’re
real fluffy big socks. ♪ Da da da da ♪ (Jessica laughing)
(paper tearing) – Look at it. – [Christopher] Whoa! (Bailey laughing) Look at that sweater. (Jessica laughing) It’s a pizza unicorn on it? – No, it’s a unicorn with laser eyes. – [Christopher] Oh, of course. – And then, there’s a pug eating a pizza. – [Christopher] Oh. (Jessica laughing) – I’m just gonna put this on right now. – Yeah, you are. – [Christopher] Ooh, looking fierce. – Here, turn around. – Fierce, fierce, fierce, fierce,
fierce, fierce, and sharp! – [Christopher] It’s
your turn to experience the gift of giving. (relaxed Christmas jazz music) Oh. – Why are you taking that off? – I think it might be too hot. – [Christopher] Too much. – The nice thing about that sweater though is it’s not too hot, which will
probably be good for Parker. – Yeah. – Okay. – I do some stretches. Ooh. Ooh. (Jessica laughing) – [Christopher] Giving out
presents, it’s hard work. – The present I give– Oh, it’s right here. – I like the wrapping. Did you do that? – Yeah.
– Christopher, do you see this? – [Christopher] Yeah, I helped him. – That’s so cute.
– I was trying to put the bow on, but it falls off, so– – [Jessica] I like it. – I love it. (paper tearing) – [Duncan] Yay! – Yay! – Yay! – Oh, thank you, Parker. – It’s an American Girl doll.
– Wow, this is amazing. – I’m going to choose
my present for Jacob. (Bailey giggling) (paper tearing) – What is it guys? (paper tearing) I still don’t know.
– Be careful. It’s really fragile. – I still don’t know. (Jacob laughing) Still don’t. It’s a fishing cabin for
my Christmas village. Thank you, Bailey. – You’re welcome. (relaxed Christmas jazz music) – [Christopher] What is it? – It’s two reindeers flying. – [Christopher] Is that
for the Christmas village? – Uh huh. – [Christopher] Who’s that? – Baby. – [Christopher] The baby, yeah. Is that Duncan? – Yeah. – [Christopher] Yeah? Can you open it up? (relaxed Christmas jazz music) Got ya. Don’t need double tack. (Jessica gasping) (Christopher gasping) It’s pajamas! – What’s on it? What’s that? – Dog. – Yeah.
– A dog! You trying to put it on? He’s putting it on right now. Can you find another present? – [Jessica] Go picking something out. Duncan’s turn.
– Something out. Which one are you gonna pick? No, that one’s for you. You gotta pick one for somebody else. That one? That one’s for you, too. (everyone laughing) Hey, wait a second. – [Jessica] No. – [Christopher] No. That’s Duncan. Is there another person
you can pick a present for? Ooh, that’s a good one. Is that heavy though? Yeah, it’s kinda heavy, but I’ll help you. Here we go. You got it? Oh, that’s a heavy one. Oh, my goodness. (paper tearing)
(Bailey gasping) – [Bailey] Whoa! Wow! Wow! (Jessica laughing) – [Christopher] What is it, Jake? – It’s the Catan expansion. – [Jessica] Yay! – [Christopher] Explorers and Pirates. – Oh.
– Whoa! – What is that?
– This is so soft. – Look, you wanna touch it? – Whoa. This is the softest
sweater I’ve ever felt. – So, the inside is
silky, so it’s not as soft on the inside, but it’s silky soft, so I thought you’d like it. – I love it. Thank you so much. – [Christopher] What do we have here. What is this?
– Aw. – Is this from you? – [Jacob] Mmm hmm. – Is this a guitar strap? – [Jacob] Yeah. – Christmas-themed guitar strap? – Yeah.
– Are you kidding me? I didn’t even know this existed
and I’m so happy it does. (Jessica and Jacob laughing) This is awesome. (Jessica laughing)
(rock guitar riff) I cannot wait to put this on my guitar and play some Jingle Bells. Thank you, buddy. That is a thoughtful gift. How did you know I needed a guitar strap? – You just said you could
get me a guitar strap. – Oh, I told him. (Jessica laughing) But I didn’t even know this one– This is the coolest. – [Jessica] Isn’t it awesome? – It’s like a Christmas
tie sweater guitar strap. Even the leather’s red on the bottom. This is awesome. This is super cool. I didn’t even know this existed. This is so cool. – [Jessica] It was when you went to the guitar place with him. – I know. He was so secret. He was like, um… Daddy, could you look at
those guitars over there? And while I was looking at the guitars, he came back up with a bag
behind his back and he was like– (pot banging) (Jessica and kids laughing) – Boom. Boom.
– Boom boom. – Boom. (Jessica laughing) He was just like, okay, we can go now. He had this bag behind him. Well, we can leave now if you want to. (Jessica and Jacob laughing) – [Jessica] Good job, Jacob. – [Christopher] Awesome. – [Jessica] All right,
choose a favorite child. – Let’s see. I choose– Favorite child? (Jessica laughing) – [Jessica] You can tell
you haven’t had any sleep ’cause that took so long to respond to. – Did you wanna give this? – [Jessica] Oh, who’s your favorite? – [Christopher] Okay. Uh, let’s see. Where’s a mommy one? That’s a safe bet. – [Bailey] This one’s a mommy one. – Which one? This one? – [Bailey] Yeah. – Well, who’s this one from though? – [Bailey] Me. – Do you wanna give it to mommy? – You can give it to mommy. – I think I’ll let you give it to mommy. I’ll give mommy this one over here. (Jingle Bells) – Oh. (paper tearing) Yay! Tea lights! That way we can melt our wax smellies. I’m gonna do it blindfolded. I’m gonna do it without looking. Oh. Oh. It’s for Duncan. (Jessica laughing) (Jingle Bells) Good boy. – [Christopher] Are you
starting to wake up? He’s so happy. He understands that we open the present. (Christopher gasping) Do you see that penguin? You see that little penguin? (Jacob laughing) (Jingle Bells) Are you the assistant? – Yes, I am. – [Jessica] I love these. – Help. – Help?
– Pull? (paper tearing) – Oh, yay. – [Bailey] It’s new pajamas, Duncan. – Oh. (Jessica laughing) – [Jessica] Cozy. – Do you wanna pick out
a present for somebody? Okay, you go pick out a present. Which one, which one? Who’s it gonna be? That’s Duncan. Okay, thank you. Can you find another present? No.
(Jessica laughing) We’re still working on this concept. – It’s going great. He’s learning. It’s like 50% of the
time he totally gets it and wants to give and then the other half he’s like, okay, I found
a present for me now. – [Christopher] There you go. – I’ve heard of this book. (Jingle Bells) – Oh, my goodness, Jacob. I love you and you’re so thoughtful, so if you say that it’s really good– (Jessica gasping) Yes, this is perfect! The five to six player expansion. We needed this. I almost bought this for you,
but I bought the wrong thing. (Jessica laughing) I love it. Thank you, Jacob.
– You’re welcome. – I love you. – C-A-T-A-N. Catan. – Yeah, that’s right. Miss Bailey. Miss Bailey. Miss Bailey. Miss Bailey.
– Thank you, mommy. – [Jessica] I’m pretty
excited about this one. (paper tearing) – Whoa, it’s the with pictures one. This is Harry Potter and the
Sorcerer’s Stone with pictures and it’s beautifully illustrated. Look at that. – [Christopher] Wow, that is beautiful. – Oh, there’s something special
behind the Mickey Mouse. – Ooh, this is gonna be good. (Parker grunting)
(paper tearing) (Christopher gasping) – [Christopher] What is that? – A one dollar bill. Thank you. (paper tearing) (sweet Christmas music) It’s a ornament. A lipstick ornament. – [Bailey] And there’s
something else on the tree. – [Christopher] Oh, is
this from Bailey also? – [Bailey] And Jojo. – [Jessica] And Jojo. Bailey had an arrangement with Jojo. – I got another Jojo bow with a unicorn. – [Christopher] Oh, fancy. – [Jessica] Those are gorgeous bows. – [Christopher] Those are cool – [Jessica] I love that sparkle one. – Yeah.
– It’s a unicorn one and then this one’s really sparkly. (upbeat Christmas music) (Bailey reading softly to the kids) (paper tearing) – Ooh, what is that? (Jessica laughing) Is that for cleaning? – [Jessica] For cleanup. (paper tearing) – [Christopher] Is that a broom? Oh, gonna sweep up the house. Are you a little clean machine? – [Jessica] So clean. – [Parker] I knew he would want a broom. – Sweep, sweep, sweep. – [Jessica] Nice. – [Christopher] Good sweeping. – [Jessica] Good. Uh oh, where’s your dirt? Put it in your pan. Sweep, sweep. Yeah, good. And then, go put the dirt in the trash. – [Christopher] Can you put
the dirt in the trash can? – [Jessica] Yay! – [Jacob] Wait, wait, wait. Let’s see. – [Christopher] Good job. Oh, boy.
– Yay! (paper tearing) – [Christopher] It’s a mechanics set. – Ooh, that’s so cool. Thank you, mommy and daddy. I think that’s you. – [Jessica] Yeah, you’re welcome. (sweet Christmas music) (Jessica chuckling) This is a big one. (paper tearing) – Wow. – [Jessica] Look how many pieces, Bailey. – 500 pieces? This is beautiful. Thank you guys so much. – [Jessica] You’re welcome, baby. – That’s the trick. (paper tearing) (Jessica laughing) – [Jessica] Isn’t that awesome? So, they’re posters that
you can interact with to learn parts of the body. So, it’s a talking poster. You touch it and it tells
you what you’re looking at. – [Christopher] Jake, you
got a Jake on your nose. – I’m just making sure
people know who I am. – [Jessica] Okay, Duncan. (upbeat music) – [Christopher] He’s
getting in that present. (paper tearing)
(upbeat music) – Moose! – [Christopher] Oh, is that a moose? – Woo! – Moose.
– Are those moose pajama? Yeah? Do they look cozy? You gonna put ’em on? – [Jessica] Putting ’em on. (Jessica laughing)
– Ooh, cozy pajamas. Can you pick out a present for somebody? – [Jessica] He’s going for it. He’s ready. – [Christopher] Who’s it gonna be? That one? This one? I think this is– We need to clean up is
the indication there. – That was my present. – [Christopher] That’s from you? Can I open it now? – Yeah. Think you’ll like it. (paper tearing) – Who’s that? – Daddy. – Daddy, yeah. (upbeat jazz music) (Christopher gasping) Oh, my goodness. I love these. These are so yummy. Thank you, Parker. (paper tearing)
(upbeat jazz music) (Jessica laughing) – [Jessica] Aren’t those cute? There’s bacon and eggs. Isn’t that funny? – [Christopher] Donuts? – [Jessica] Breakfast is
already on your pajamas, so you don’t need to put
it on there yourself. – [Christopher] Oh, he’ll add to it. (Jessica laughing) – That just made me hungry. (Jessica laughing) – [Jessica] I know, right? Yeah, those are pretty cool. Can you go get a gift from the pile and give it to somebody? Oh. Do you know who that goes to? – No.
– That goes to mommy. Jacob, is this from you? – [Jacob] Yep. – Thank you, dude. (paper tearing) (Jessica gasping) Hello, happiness. I love it and it’s a nice big size. Oh, I love this, Jacob. Thank you so much. This is perfect, sweetie. I love a dishwasher safe mug. (paper tearing) Da Vinci’s Inventions. – [Christopher] So, you can
build Da Vinci’s inventions. – Thank you. – You’re welcome. – We found out while we were in Europe that Jacob’s favorite artist and inventor was Leonardo Da Vinci and so we thought that that was a pretty cool gift for a dude that likes Da Vinci and likes to build things. – Oh, is that from you? – Yep. – Hey, I wanted that. Slime. Slime. – That’s a lot of slime.
– So much slime. (Jessica laughing)
So much slime. What are you doing? You have a hat.
(Jessica laughing) – [Jessica] Christmas mood. (chill Christmas music) – [Christopher] Are you
feeling this Christmas? (paper crinkling) Christmas party hat. – [Jessica] I like it, Duncan. (jazzy Christmas music) (paper tearing) (Parker squealing) (Jessica laughing)
– What is it? – [Jessica] It’s doctor clothes. It’s scrubs. And it says big brother ’cause
he’s a big brother to Duncan. (paper tearing) Oh! – Help. – [Christopher] You need help? – [Jessica] He needs to bust ’em out. (paper tearing) – Let’s see here. Here’s a fish. (chill Christmas music) – [Jessica] Yay. Isn’t that cool? It’s gonna be major cool bath time. – Here’s a little jellyfish. (chill Christmas music) It’s a fishing pole and
you can catch the fish while you’re taking your bath. – Yeah. – [Christopher] Yeah, that’s fun. Here you go. – [Jacob] I do the Jacob technique. – Oh no, man overboard. I’m gonna guess that it’s a game. What do you think it is? You just want me to open it? – Yeah, go for it.
– Just open it. (Jessica chuckling)
(paper tearing) Clank? A deck building adventure. – Yeah. – What do you think? Burgle your way to victory in Clank. Two to four players, perfect. It’s for ages 12 and
up, so these little guys are gonna have to sneak in there. – I’m basically 12. – [Jessica] You are eleven. – [Christopher] Bailey,
you’re basically 40. – Yeah, you’re basically 40.
– No, I’m more 12 than 40. – [Jacob] I’m basically 40. – [Jessica] Yes. (Jessica laughing) – This is very cool. I can’t wait to play. – [Jessica] Okay, Bailey. (Jessica laughing) You got a present inspector over here. Do you know what that is? – It’s a beanbag. – [Jessica] Kind of. It is, but what do you fill it with? – Toys. – [Jessica] Yeah, you fill
it with your stuffed animals. Who’s this? – Daddy.
– Daddy. – Ooh, thank you, Bailey. (paper tearing)
(chill Christmas music) Ooh! It’s a travel thermos mug. – [Jessica] Yeah, I
thought it was pretty cool because the bottom’s gonna
be able to fit in the car. – Yeah, and I like this handle. It’s like corked.
– Yeah. – Stays hot up to five hours? I just had to rewarm my
coffee just three seconds ago. Five hours. – [Jessica] Bam. – And then, it turns
into warm for five hours and then cool forever.
– Yeah. – And then it’s warm for five hours. – [Jessica] And then cold forever. – Then cold forever. – Help. – [Christopher] You can do it. You do it. – [Jessica] He’s asking for
help really well though. – [Christopher] Here, I’ll
hold it, you pull on it. – [Jessica] He likes
to get his name tag off really specifically, that’s
why he’s asking for help. (paper tearing) – [Christopher] Ooh, good job. Oh, my goodness. I wonder what it could be. (Jessica chuckling) It’s more pajamas! You love cozy pajamas. What is that? – Bear. – [Christopher] A bear? – [Jessica] What does a bear say? – Roar! – [Jessica] Yeah. – You sound just like a bear. There’s lots of animals on here. There’s a bear and a penguin. Can you say penguin? (chill Christmas music) – Oh, extreme dot to dot. (chill Christmas music) World of Dots. Extreme dot to dot sports. Extreme dot to dot. Extreme dot to dot holidays. Extreme dot to dot world of dots. (Jessica laughing) – [Jessica] What do you think
of all those dots, Jacob? – I’m gonna be working
on this next year too. I hope the years go around like this. – Extreme dot to dot gardens. Wow, this is beautiful. Presidents of the United
States educational magnets. – [Jessica] Bailey, is this from you? – Uh huh. – Help. – You can do it. Good saying help, but you can do it. – [Bailey] I made it
easier for him to unwrap because it’s wrapped in tissue paper. – [Christopher] Oh, my goodness. That’s for the Christmas tree. What is it? Can you say thank you to Bailey. – Thank you. – You’re welcome. I love you. (Duncan babbling) – [Jessica] He loves it, Bailey. – [Christopher] Giving it a hug? (Jessica and Christopher laughing) – [Jessica] Aw. – [Christopher] And milk. – [Parker] Duncan. – Whoa. World’s smallest thousand piece puzzle. (Jessica laughing) Thank you guys so much. I choose this one. – Yay! – Ooh! – Ooh! – [Both] Aw! – A mommy, a daddy, and a baby snowman. So sweet. – [Christopher] What is that, Duncan? – No, mine. – [Christopher] A snowman? – [Jessica] Duncan loves
these ornaments, Bailey. Look. – [Christopher] He’s just gonna carry them all around the house. (paper tearing)
(Jessica laughing) What’s in there? Who’s this from? – [Jessica] It looks like one of the kids. – [Christopher] Is this from Jacob? – [Jessica] Jacob, is this from you, dude? – [Jacob] That sure is. – Dog. – [Christopher] A dog? Did Jacob get you a dog? – Yeah. – [Christopher] What do you say to Jacob? – Thank you. – [Jessica] Aw! – [Jacob] Can I have a hug. – Tree. – Oh, yeah.
– Oh, you want it on the tree? – [Bailey] Now, here you go, baby. – [Parker] That’s a big present now. (paper tearing) – Whoa. – [Jessica] That’s a really
special kind of Catan. – Beautiful. – [Christopher] Merchants of Europe? – [Jessica] They’re
called the History Series. Parker, come over here.
– Whoa! It’s a board. (chill jazz music) – Hey, it says my name. (chill jazz music) – [Jessica] Whoa. (chill jazz music) (Sticks clicking together) – [Christopher] Watch your eyeballs. Watch your eyeballs.
– Yeah. (sticks clicking together) (Christopher laughing) – Everyone just goes,
ah, baby with sticks! Baby with sticks! (sticks clicking together) – Wait, Duncan. How about this? How about you do this again?
– Ooh, look. (Jessica laughing)
(sticks clicking together) – [Jessica] Duncan, give to Jacob. – [Christopher] Duncan,
you want a new present? – [Jessica] Yay! Jacob, hide ’em quick. (paper tearing) – [Christopher] Ooh. (paper tearing)
(sweet Christmas music) – Oh! – Oh, what does it say? It says built strong and
it’s got tools on it. You see all the tools? You like it? Yeah. (Jessica gasping) – Thank you. Yay. Oh! (sweet Christmas music) Oh, this is that princess one. This one’s so funny. These are bath bombs. It’s a princess head and skirt. (Bailey laughing) (paper tearing) – 1000 dot to dot. (Jessica laughing) – Oh. – [Bailey] You have to
use different colors. – [Jacob] Really? – You can.
– Wow. (paper tearing)
(sweet Christmas music) – [Jacob] It broke when I was wrapping it. – [Christopher] Is it for
the Christmas village. – Yeah, the reindeer fell off. We can super glue it back. – Thank you, Jakey. – You’re welcome. (Jessica laughing) (Parker humming) – Look at me. Boom, boom, boom. (paper tearing)
(sweet Christmas music) – [Christopher] So, you can build your own roller coasters with that, Parker. – Thank you. It’s awesome! (paper tearing)
(sweet Christmas music) – Everybody, don’t do what I do. Do the bow first. Much harder. – Jacob, you never know.
(Jessica laughing) – What is going on? (sweet Christmas music) (Jacob and Jessica laughing) – How was it? – Engineers. (sweet Christmas music) – My First Guitar. Learn how to play right away. – [Christopher] So, you can use my guitar and learn how to play. – [Jessica] How cool, Bailey? – [Christopher] You were
saying you wanted to learn how to play guitar. – Thank you. – [Jessica] And Duncan’s
just gonna clean off Parker’s present for a
little bit behind ya, make sure it looks nice. – Yeah, gotta be presentable. Aw! This reminds me of our
house on Christmas morning. Thank you. – [Jessica] So sweet, Bailey. – [Jacob] It reminds me of
our old house a little bit. – Oh yeah, it does ’cause
we had a brick fireplace at our old house.
– Yeah, that color brick. – [Jacob] What are you gonna do now? – [Christopher] Oh, are
you gonna shake it first? Gotta give it a ceremonious shake. – Trash. – [Christopher] Oh, trash? Thank you.
– But we know this one isn’t a lot for him. – [Christopher] Okay, thank you. Thank you. – Trash. – [Christopher] Thank you. Thank you. Oh, that’s a pretty piece of trash. I’ll save that one. Pretty. (paper tearing) Oh, look at that. What are they doing? – Kissing. (upbeat music)
(paper tearing) A microphone. – He’s guessing. I actually kinda guess
it’s a microphone too. I was right. – I was right, too. – [Jessica] Parker, with that
you can record your voice and play it back to you on
the Christmas tree ornament. (Jessica laughing) Isn’t that cool? (upbeat Christmas music) It’s too small. (paper tearing) – I don’t know what it is yet. I have to open the box. I literally can not get this off. (upbeat music) I’m gonna show you guys. I’ll show you guys. This is really hard. – [Jessica] What a reveal. (upbeat music) – [Christopher] Awesome. (upbeat music)
(paper tearing) – Wow. – [Jessica] Aren’t they cute? – Can you show us?
– And they’re gonna tweet. – [Christopher] We got
you those ’cause we know that you like woodland creatures. – They’re really pretty. (Parker singing) (microphone playing Parker’s song) – [Woman’s Voice] Now that you’re finished with your recording,
you’ll want to protect it. Slide the switch to the lock position. – [Jessica] So, you get to choose. Do you wanna keep that, Parker? Or do you want a new one? – No, I want a new one. – Okay.
– Wait, I could do the drums. ♪ Hey ♪
– Start recording after the tone. Release the button when you are finished. ♪ Hey, oh ♪ ♪ You see me flying up in the sky ♪ ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ Bye bye ♪ (microphone playing Parker’s song) (Jacob laughing) – You wanna keep it? – [Jessica] Is that the one or
do you wanna do another one? – Yeah. Okay, now I’m gonna wrap this present. Unwrap. (upbeat music)
(paper tearing) What I wanted for Christmas this year! (upbeat music)
(paper tearing) A car seat! – [Jessica] And it’s
high up like you wanted. – Uh huh. – [Jessica] It’s all
the things you wanted. (upbeat music) – What I wanted for Christmas this year! – [Jessica] And also, look. If you get tired of having it that size, you can go back to having it that size. Isn’t that cool? – How do you take it off? – [Jessica] I’m sure it’s kinda tricky, so we’re not gonna do it all the time, but I thought that was pretty nice. (paper tearing) – What is it? (paper tearing) Blocks? – [Jessica] Yes. You know what kind of blocks? – Yep. – [Jessica] Aren’t they awesome? (Duncan’s ball toy popping) – What? – [Christopher] What do you think, buddy? – It’s real cool. Thank you guys so much. – [Christopher] This one’s for mommy. (Christopher grunting) – [Jacob] I already know what it is. – I don’t know. We’ll see. You gonna be my helper? (Jessica laughing) – [Jacob] I’ll be your helper. (paper tearing) – A knitting! – It’s an awesome new sewing machine. This one’s got all these stitches. I really needed this. Where are your kisses? Mwah! I love you. Look, you can even make little letters. Isn’t that cool? – [Christopher] I have one
last little present for you. – [Bailey] It’s not that little. – [Christopher] It’s this one. You wanna open that one? (Jessica laughing) Whoa, that’s a big one. Can you open it? (paper tearing) (Jessica laughing) Oh, you got.
– You got it. You got it. – [Christopher] You got it. What is it? What is it? (upbeat music)
(Paper tearing) – [Parker] Me and Duncan are
having so much fun with this. – Oh, my goodness.
– Wow! So, one side is for sand
and one side’s for water and Duncan, we can fill
this up with water. You can go splash, splash, splash. – Splash. Splash.
– Oh, look at. Oh, is this a drop? What does this do? (upbeat music) – [Bailey] I would not want to be them. – [Christopher] Whoa, wee! Wee! Good job, you can do it. – Wee! – [Christopher] Yay! That’s fun. – And this can go (making water sounds) (paper crinkling) This is gonna take up the
whole entire trash bag. (paper crinkling) – [Christopher] Good recycling. – Yeah! – [Jessica] Yay. – [Christopher] What’s this little one doing hiding back here? (sweet music) (Bailey gasping) – It’s beautiful. Wow. (Jessica laughing) Thank you guys so much. (strings vibrating out of tune) – [Christopher] Perfectly tuned. – Daddy will teach you
how to tune it, okay? Isn’t that so pretty, Bailey?
– I like the scratch plate. Look at that pretty bird on it. (strings strumming) – [Jessica] Aw. – [Christopher] Oh, no. You’re gonna write songs on that, Bailey. – You’re gonna write music. (Jessica laughing) – I like this even better
than the electric guitar that I liked earlier. – [Christopher] Oh, really? – Oh, I’m so glad. Daddy and I were hoping we
would get you something special. – This is amazing. – [Christopher] I’ll tell
you that when I saw this one, I was like, that one is
Bailey’s personality. – Yeah.
– I just thought the scratch plate and the gold frets, everything about it just seemed very you. – Yeah, I love it so much. Thank you.
– The color too. – [Christopher] The color too, yeah. The pink. And I like the trim on it and everything. I think it’s just super cool. – Yeah, I love it. Thank you guys so much. – [Christopher] I can’t
wait to jam out with you. – Me too.
– Because we both have guitars, we can both play together. – Next Christmas, we can
probably sing Christmas carols and bring this with us.
– Oh. We’re definitely gonna
sing some Christmas carols. Jacob, it’s time to open stockings. – [Jessica] They’re
thank you notes, Jacob. – Oh, and this is a pen? – [Christopher] Ooh. Little chocolate. – Am I able to have some? (jazzy Christmas music) – [Jessica] Nice little breakfast. – [Christopher] Little breakfast. – I think that, later. Jump rope. Extreme dot to dot world of dots. (jazzy Christmas music) Is this the morning snack? (Jessica chuckling) – [Christopher] Are those persimmons? – Yep. – [Christopher] More candy. – [Jessica] So that, Jacob,
is a pillow for your seatbelt. So, you put that on your seatbelt. – That is so cool. – [Jessica] And you rest your head on it and go to sleep on long drives. – [Christopher] You can use it tonight. – Yep. – [Christopher] After the cookie party. – [Jessica] Yeah, you’ll need it tonight. – [Christopher] Alright, Parker’s turn. ♪ Ah ♪ Ooh, thank you notes. (jazzy Christmas music) Good persimmon? Ooh, chocolate. – My favorite. That’s why I like chocolate so much, ’cause it tastes like chocolate. – Same.
– Good reasoning. (Jessica laughing) – [Christopher] Oh, Polly Pocket! – Jumping rope. – [Christopher] Ooh, more chocolate. – Santa knows I love chocolate. – It’s a book with pictures. I love it. Wow. A jump rope. I love jump rope. Thank you. Yes! Chocolate. So I can rest my head on here. Wow. – What is it?
– This is so cool. It tracks how long I’ve been reading. It’s three D. – Whoa.
– It’s so three D that it looks like it’s popping out. – [Christopher] Whoa. That is wild. – This is my favorite
Bath and Body Works smell and mommy got me a
shower gel, which I love. Let me smell this. Oh, it smells so good. I can make cupcakes. (jazzy Christmas music) These are beautiful guitar picks. – [Jessica] Aren’t they
pretty and so soft, Bailey? – Yeah.
– I feel like one of them looks exactly like your little row dress. – [Bailey] This one does. – [Christopher] Oh, it’s a stocking for– Oh, things are falling
out of this stocking. Stocking for mommy. And this fell out of it. – Oh. Ooh, Tranquil Mist. That’s my favorite weather. – [Christopher] It is. The kids helped me pick
out different scents. – Are we gonna melt it? Are we gonna get misty? – [Christopher] Yeah, we can get misty. – Probably be even more Christmassy today. Bath bomb. Ooh, it’s so sparkly. You wanna smell it, Duncan? (Duncan giggling) (Jessica laughing) It’s nice, huh? What could it be? Yes! Beauty blender. I needed this. Mom’s getting crusty. Oh, this matches the
size of a tranquil mist. I wonder what this is gonna be. I love that you’re on my lap right now. – [Parker] Tranquil mist. (Jessica gasping) – Coconut. I love coconut. – [Jacob] That was me. – Thank you, Jacob.
– I picked that one. – You like that? Yeah? Ooh, we got another one. We got another one in here. What could it be? Farmer’s Market. – [Jacob] That was also, I think, me. (jazzy Christmas music) – [Christopher] Does it
smell like high school? Like visiting your boyfriend doing magic out of the farmer’s market? I was the boyfriend. It was me. – Ooh, North Pole. Was this Bailey? This is Bailey’s favorite scent. It smells so good. (Jessica gasping) We got a bath bomb. – [Christopher] How do you know? – Well, it feels like a bath bomb. It’s round. Ooh, looks good. Smell it? You like it? I like that one. It smells really good. Ooh. – [Christopher] Do you know what that is? – It’s a massage bar. – [Christopher] It’s a
massage bar for massages. – I love a massage. – That was my idea. – Aw, Jacob. Backup beauty blender. That is wrapped. (jazzy Christmas music) Yes! Sun-Drenched Apricot Rose. – I chose that one.
– He dove for it like how I was doing.
– I chose that one. – Ooh, that smells amazing. – [Jacob] Can I smell it? – Yeah. – It might have been me. – [Bailey] No, it was actually me. – [Christopher] I might have
to take credit for this one. (Jessica laughing) – It’s great. That’s a great one. Spiced Pumpkin. Ooh, smell that. (Jingle Bells) Yeah, pumpkin. You like it? (Jingle Bells) – Pumpkin. – Pumpkin. Ooh, I got a ba– – [Jacob] It changes with the holidays. – I won’t say what this one’s called. Wanna smell it? It’s really good. It’s a good one. One of my favorites. – [Christopher] Is the pumpkin
your favorite one, Duncan? – [Parker] Mine changes for
the whole day, but not– – [Christopher] Duncan’s turn. What’d you get? – Food. You love food. – [Christopher] More food. – Food. (Jessica laughing) – [Christopher] What else is in there? – Help. – You want help. – Let’s do this first.
– Can we see what else is in here first and then you can eat it? – Keep going.
– What else is in there? More food! What else? What else? More food! (Jingle Bells) What’s that? – Food! – [Christopher] Food! – Yay! – [Christopher] Who would’ve guessed that? – Oh.
– Sippy cup. – [Christopher] That’s a fancy sippy cup. – Look at this sippy cup. Yeah. – [Christopher] That’s
like a grownup sippy cup. – Yeah. It keeps it cold, like
if we put milk in it. I thought it might be smart
because it keeps it cold longer, so we can have the milk and maybe the milk won’t get as gross. Oh, he’s gonna be excited about this. – [Christopher] Oh, my goodness. (Jingle Bells) – [Jacob] Is it milk? – [Parker] It can’t be another one. What? (Jingle Bells) – [Christopher] Is this fun? Getting food out of a sock. (Jessica laughing) – Apple. – Apple.
– Apple, yeah. What else can you find? – Apple. – [Christopher] Yeah. Showing Bailey the apple. – Why are they called stockings? – [Christopher] Whoa! Going for a whole handful. That looks yummy. – There can’t be another one. What?
– Another one! Put it in your pile. – There literally can’t be ano– – [Christopher] Put it in your pile. – Food pile. (Christopher gasping) – [Christopher] What is that? – Duncan.
– Ball. – A ball
– Throw it to Jacob? – [Christopher] Can you throw it? – Whoa!
– Good throw. – Nice throw.
– What else is in there? – What else is in here? Keep going? (Jessica gasping) (Christopher gasping) – [Christopher] Another ball? – [Jacob] Here. – [Christopher] You gonna throw it? – Whoa!
– Good throw. – Good one. – [Christopher] Anything else in there. Whoop, careful. – No, I think there might
be something else in there. (Jingle Bells) – [Jacob] What? – [Christopher] Oh, my goodness. Can you throw it to daddy? Throw it to daddy. Ooh, good throw. So, these are really soft balls. – Pretty cool. – [Christopher] Oh. – All done. – [Christopher] All done. – Time to eat your food. You want your food? – You want a bar? (Jingle Bells) See what I got. Chocolate! I was hoping I’d get some chocolate. (paper tearing) Ooh, hooks. I can use these in the garage. More chocolate. – What? (Jingle Bells) – Ghost pepper sea salt. You guys, your scrambled
eggs are all about to change. – [Bailey And Jacob] Oh, no. (Jessica laughing) – Daddy?
– Yes? – Never put that ghost pepper
something in my eggs ever. – Are you sure? Okay, I’ll put ’em in my eggs. – [Parker] Yeah, that’s better. – Okay. Ooh, Elixir strings
for my acoustic guitar? I cannot wait to change
the strings on my guitar. I think I’ve had the
same strings on my guitar for three years. It’s time. (Jingle Bells)
(paper tearing) (Christopher gasping) Yes! An SD card. I needed one of these this morning. – [Jacob] Is that one SD card? – Yes, one SD card. It’s a big box for an SD card. Wait, no, I was wrong. It’s two SD cards. (Jacob laughing) (Jingle Bells) (Christopher gasping) This. Okay, no one else will understand, but this is a really
cool thing for my guitar. I have a type of guitar where the G string always goes out of tune and
this thing winds up the strings on the head stock– It’s complicated, but it’s gonna be– – That’s so cool. – See, she gets me. She gets me. – More chocolate. More chocolate. Even more chocolate. This has kind of a pencil-y sound. (Jingle Bells)
(paper tearing) (Christopher gasping)
– It’s pencils. – Oh, my goodness. These are dual-sided pencils. One side is blue, one side
is red for animation drawing. More chocolate. Last one. (Jingle Bells)
(paper tearing) (Christoper gasping) Yes. Security locks for a guitar
strap in the same color as my guitar. Thank you so much. This is like– I’m very excited about all of this. Who’s ready for breakfast? – [Parker] Me! – Me! (Jessica laughing) – [Christopher] You were
eating this whole time. – [Jessica] He’s been
eating this whole time. – I’m ready for some chocolate time. I’m ready for cho-chocolate. Chocolate, chocolate,
chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Let’s eat some chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate like this. A chocolate is this big. And you, yes, will need chocolate. Taste chocolate. It’s so good. You should have some. Every chocolate is so good. Even the purple kind that
has this thing on it. I love chocolate so much. You should wrap your
present with chocolate. Chocolate. Try wrapping with chocolate everywhere. Just eat your chocolate. Don’t have a ducky. Have some chocolate! – [Christopher] Hey Parker,
did you have any chocolate? – I ate all of it. – I could tell.
(Jessica laughing) – Let’s eat some chocolate. – Chocolate. – Chocolate. – Chocolate. – Chocolate. – Chocolate. – Chocolate like this. – More chocolate. – Chocolate. – More chocolate. – Taste chocolate. – Even more chocolate. – Don’t have a ducky. Have some chocolate. – More chocolate. – We are making some special
pancakes for breakfast. You want breakfast? Go get in your seat. Go get in your seat. (Duncan panting) (Jessica laughing) (upbeat music) Yeah. How is it? – Good. – So, for the pancakes today, we made our own gluten-free pancake batter and then added some
white chocolate morsels, and then we added a little
bit of peppermint extract and now we’re decorating them as if they’re Christmas cookies. – [Christopher] This is
all very experimental. (upbeat music) A couple different pancake options here. – This one looks like it sparkles. – [Christopher] Yeah, these
ones kinda sparkle a little bit. – [Jacob] Like it popped or something. – [Christopher] Yeah. – [Jessica] Oh, it’s
beautiful, Christopher. (upbeat music) Did you like your pancake? Want seconds?
– Pancake. – [Jessica] Bailey,
look at these pancakes. Come on over. You’re gonna love these. They’re pretty special. Wow. Those are awesome. – Delicious. – Delicious. – [Jessica] How is it, Parker? – Good. Mmm. Mmm. Merry Christmas! – Look at our Christmas village. – [Jessica] Uh oh, let’s
see this Christmas village. That it’s all falling apart? – [Bailey] No. – [Jessica] Oh. (Jessica laughing) – All right, we’re at the cookie party now and we’re gonna eat some sweets. ♪ Christmas is just around the corner ♪ ♪ Coming up just around the bend ♪ ♪ Holly day couldn’t be here sooner ♪ What are you eating? – Dirt. – [Christopher] Dirt? How do you know? Was there a tree growing
out of it or something? – It was, but I ate it. – [Christopher] You ate the tree? – Mmm hmm. – [Christopher] You ate the tree and now you’re eating the dirt? Is it good dirt? Are you partaking in
the cookies this year? Bailey, I noticed a lot
of gluten-free options. What have you had so far? A reindeer. What else? Oh, you had a brownie? How was the brownie? Those look good. Have you had a sugar cookie yet? Do you plan on having a sugar cookie? He’s cute, huh? Who is that? (sweet music) – You see Flynn? – You see Flynn?
– He’s trying to figure it out still. Now he’s just tired. When he gets tired, he stops talking. – [Christopher] Do you see the baby? – You’re doing so good. (people laughing and
visiting in the background) (sweet music) – When he can talk some day,
he’s gonna go, I remember you. – Really? – [Colleen] Duncan, do
you wanna hold the baby? – [Christopher] You wanna hold the baby? Yes?
– You gotta stand right here. – [Christopher] Oh, my goodness. Hold your hands out. – [Jessica] Ready? – [Christopher] Here you go. – [Jessica] You ready? (Christopher gasping)
– Are you just letting babies hold babies? – [Christopher] Oh, my goodness. – [Colleen] That’s wild. – [Christopher] Are you holding a baby? (sweet music) – [Colleen] Oh, good job, Duncan. – [Bailey] That’s Flynn. Can you say Flynn? – [Christopher] Can you say Flynn? – [Bailey] Duncan, can you say Flynn? – [Colleen] Oh, my
gosh, this is hilarious. – [Parker] A baby holding a baby. – [Colleen] I know, right? (sweet music) – [Jessica] He’s giving him a hug. (Colleen laughing) Aw. (sweet music) Are you all done? I think he’s done. – [Colleen] Good job. Oh, you’re all done? – [Jessica] He’s so perfect. (sweet music) – I feel like if you
were here all the time, you would do what I do and
you just stare at him all day. – I know. – [Christopher] Did you hold a baby? Did you hold a baby? You did? Was that fun? Yes? That’s your cousin. – Come on, Jess. Come on. – Everyone, get on top of me!
– Daddy. – Get on! – [Christopher] I think
you’re at capacity. – No, we’re not. – [Christopher] I think
you’re busting at the seams. (sweet Christmas music) (kids laughing) Too many people in a box. – I think it’s your guys’ turn to push me. Ah! Wee! Ah! Oh, we’re going the wrong way, guys. (kids laughing) – [Christopher] Can you find
one with a picture on it? – No. – [Christopher] No, you can’t. What about one of these ones over here? – [Colleen] He can have the balls one. – [Jessica] Well, we’re
trying to have him learn. – [Colleen] Okay. – [Christopher] To give presents. Do you see a pre– Whoa. Okay. Do you see a picture? You gotta find a picture. You see that picture? Okay, who’s on that picture? Auntie Panties? Can you take the present
to Auntie Panties? – [Parker] I got that for you. – Wow, Duncan. – Thank you, Dunky. – [Christopher] And this
is from Parker, though. – This is from you? (paper tearing) Whoa. – That’s beautiful. – This is beautiful. Where did you buy this? – I didn’t buy it, I made it. – What?
– No way! – No way, I thought this
was something you got at a beautiful art museum or something. You did this? This is beautiful. – Can you tell her about it?
– Tell me about it. – So, these are snowy mountains. – Pretty.
– And this is a background sun and
these are some hearts. – Whoa.
– And this is a broken one. – Why’s it broken. – ‘Cause I love you so much. And there’s another one. – Oh, my god. Bob Ross is shaking. This is amazing. Thank you so much. I love you. – I am so excited. – Here we go. – Ooh, look at that. – It’s a roller coaster. – I love it. – With several loop-dee-loops. That’s like the Incredibles ride. – [Gwen] That’s so good. – [Tim] Parker, I didn’t know
you were such a good painter. – Yeah. – Is this the roller coaster? – Parker, thank you so much. (upbeat Christmas music) – [Jessica] He likes his art board. – [Christopher] Ooh, let’s
see who that one’s for. Let’s see. That one’s to Parker. Can you take it to Parker? – [Jessica] It’s from Grandma. – [Christopher] Take it to Parker. – [Jessica] And Grandpa. (Parker giggling) – I love this. – Woo. – [Gwen] It’s a pulley. (Jessica and Christopher gasping) – [Christopher] Ooh. That one’s for Grandma. Can you take it over to Grandma? – Oh! – [Christopher] Oh, it’s a lot of work. Can you give it to Grandpa? – Good handing. Ready Grandma? – I do not. – Yay! – I have the oils, but I don’t have any. Thank you. – Look at Duncan, he’s so happy. – [Christopher] Yay! They like it. This is great news. Can you give that to mommy? Be careful with it. – Oh, my goodness. Thank you. Big one. (Christopher gasping) – [Christopher] Oh. – Yeah, my–
– Tieks. (Jessica laughing) – He knows what they are. I’ve trained him. – [Bailey] Parker’s so cute. – Oh, they’re so cute. – [Colleen] I don’t know
if you have those ones. – Are they the vegan kind? I don’t have any vegan ones. – Well, those ones I like ’cause I got you those
sparkly crazy ones last time, so I thought I’d get you some generic ones you can wear with any outfit.
– Thank you. – [Christopher] This one’s from Bailey. – [Jessica] Oh, this is precious
and the hat is my favorite. – Bay-Wee Ballinger. Duncan is Bailey’s little brother. He loves having her babysit him so much that he begs for her every day. Low prices. One long hour of babysitting, one dollar, and after that, you’ll be wanting more. Bailey will be sure to
keep your baby occupied while you have a nice,
relaxing day at home, work on editing, or film a fun video. Looking for a job. Though little, Bailey Ballinger
is searching for a job. She’s an extremely experienced babysitter who has three brothers
and she is the oldest. – [Rachel] Wait, is this a resume? (Rachel and Bailey laughing) – It sounds like a biography. She knows how to change diapers
and burp babies very well. She has much experience with tiny babies, but she’s not yet old enough
to actually be left alone with them in a house. She can still watch and take care of them when you are working. She can be in a different room than you. She knows how to swaddle and
change the baby’s clothes and she knows the right
way to hold a baby. She can bring her own
toys, books, and activities for the baby. This is amazing. Oh, my gosh. There’s so much. Pictures taken by Bailey
Ballinger, Jessica Ballinger, and– Oh, I love that she gave credit. – [Jessica] Photo cred. – Photo cred. Coupon. Cut out for 10 free hours. Check the boxes off for each. Whoa! Oh, my gosh. This is amazing. – [Jessica] She did this 100% on her own. – How did you do this? I’ll consider you? (Bailey laughing) – [Christopher] This is
from Parker to baby Flynn. – Whoa, that’s amazing! – I made a– Like a mango. – This is beautiful.
– Thank you. – [Christopher] So, this is
from Grandma and Grandpa? Ooh. – Oh, my goodness. – I can buy books with this. – [Gwen] That’s right. – Thank you so much. – You’re welcome. – [Jessica] I didn’t know
if there was a newer one. Parker. (Duncan laughing) – [Tim] Here you go. – [Gwen] Bring it here so we can read it. (Christopher snorting) What? That is fantastic. – [Jessica] Oh, my goodness. – [Christopher] This is Willa? – [Jessica] Yeah, she’s
been wanting this for years. – [Christopher] Oh wow, Bailey. That is special. – Ooh. Oh, it’s swaddling cloths. So pretty. – Disney swaddles.
– Do you have that one? – No. Oh, they’re so soft. These are good ones. – [Jessica] Who’s this from, you guys? – This is from me. – Ooh. Did you wrap this? Great wrapping job. – It really is.
– Thank you. (Rachel gasping) – This isn’t even mine and I love it. – Wow. Oh, wow. Bailey! That’s beautiful. – [Jessica] Oh, my goodness. It’s got a tail. Duncan, it’s got a tail. – [Christopher] Can you see its tail? (Jessica laughing) Is that silly? – [Jessica] Mind blown. (relaxed jazz music)
(paper tearing) – Whoa.
– What is that? – [Christopher] Yeah, balls. – [Colleen] It’s a really tiny
one that gets really small. – You see the balls? (cowbell clanging) (relaxed jazz music) Let’s see if there’s– Is it– It’s taped on the back here, so if you pull on this, maybe it’ll– (relaxed jazz music) There you go. Ooh, this looks cool. There you go. (cowbell clanging)
Ooh. Look at this. Oh, my goodness. These are puzzles with animals on them. This one is for Parker from Aunt Rachel. (paper tearing) – This one’s the one– I can be match-ies with Catherine! – [Jessica] Yeah, Catherine got that for her Christmas present today. – [Rachel] Woo hoo! (Jessica laughing) – Yeah, I was wanting
this one when I saw her. – [Rachel] Perfect. Love it. – Perfection. – [Rachel] Perfection. (paper tearing) (Colleen and Erik gasping) – Whoa!
– Whoa, what art museum did you get this one at? – I didn’t get it at an art museum. – You did that? – What?
– You’re kidding? – You painted this? – [Jessica] Can you tell
us about it, sweetie? – So, this is a forest. – A forest?
– How did you know I like forests? You knew that? – Huh? – How did you know I like forests? – Oh. – Did you know we almost
named him Forrest? I’m serious, we did.
– Close. Yeah, it was close. – We really almost named him Forrest. – [Jacob] Oh, is that the other F name? – Yeah, that was one of ’em.
– What was the other one? – Foster. – [Jacob] I was gonna say French Fries. – Oh, French Fries was the other one. – This is also for you,
and just so you know, I put this completely on accident. – Oh, that’s so funny. – [Gwen] All right, Colleen. Here’s another one for–
– oh, the snowman Erik. – [Bailey] I heard that you
like playing the guitar. – I do. – Oh, wow.
– Aw! That’s sweet, Bailey.
– Snow dog brain pick. Oh, those are awesome. Thank you. – He uses these all the time, Bailey. That was a really good present. – That’s a really thoughtful gift. – [Colleen] Really thoughtful. Thank you. (paper tearing) – Whoa! – Oh, my goodness. – Wow! This is so cool. (Jessica laughing) – [Christopher] Is that from Aunt Rachel? Awesome. – This is a huge pet store. – [Christopher] This is from Aunt Rachel? – Mmm hmm.
– Okay. (relaxed jazz music) – It’s what I wanted! A balance beam! – [Rachel] Go backwards. – [Christopher] A what? – [Rachel] A balance beam. – [Christopher] A balance beam? – [Bailey] ‘Cause I can
seriously practice on that because there’s one thing
that I really have to– – Ooh!
– Whoa! – [Colleen] Maybe take your socks off. – Our family tradition, to
get a new Wentworth puzzle every year on Christmas Eve
and we decided to start up the tradition for your
family if you would like. – Aw, that’s so sweet. That’s such an awesome tradition. We don’t have any new
traditions yet with Flynn. – Thanks, Bailey. – That’s amazing and it’s cats! (Jessica laughing) – I have gotta say–
– And it’s a Christmas scene. – And I’m gonna also say. – This Christmas cat’s playing piano. – That I have been getting these puzzles for Bailey for years and
they’re really fancy. – Yeah.
– And I’ve always wanted one for myself.
(Jessica laughing) The puzzles are so cool,
the pieces are so cool. I’ve always wanted one,
but I’ve never splurged to get one for myself. I always get them for Bailey. I’m so excited.
– Yeah. – These are so cool. Have you seen one of these before? – Just the ones that–
– The pieces are super cool shapes and it’s wooden. – Yeah.
– You know there’s gonna be a lot
of cat ones in that one. – I’m so excited. – Dad got this toy for Duncan. (Duncan laughing) – Phone. – A phone, yeah. Does it make noise? (phone ringing) So, he’s playing with that one and I had to hide this one from him because this one makes this sound. (alarm wailing) Why? (phone playing a melody) Hello, is Duncan there? – Phone. – I have some excellent
news about your credit. That’s I handle that, too. Okay, we are all done at the cookie party. It was a great success, good fun. Did you have fun? Did you have fun? Are you ready to go to sleep? Let’s go to sleep. (Parker giggling) Hey, thanks for watching today’s vlog. I have a whole list of people here that I’m gonna give a shout out to, but before I do, if you
would like a shout out in tomorrow’s vlog, make
sure that you leave a comment in the comment section and
if I mispronounce your name, I’m sorry, but just be happy that I tried. I gave it the good old college effort. Sophie Baldwin, Regina
Zankey, or Regina Zankey. I’m not sure. Sophia H Rasmussen, M-R-T-Z dot X-Y, Anime Liz Lover Girl
Aguilar, Brittney Wilson, A-N-B nine zero zero
eight, Alissa Stevenson, Robin the Rabbit, Liza-Lou
Campy, Unicorn Girl 2006, Rodua– Rod– This one’s gonna be tough. Roudah Al Hajeri, I think. Colton Ferrier, Helloblobfish H-H, Kevin Wilkes, Bryn Hexberg,
Cadiebug, Louise Wilson. Next side of the list. Emily Grace, Chloe
underscore, Charlene D’Amico, Cassie Fisher or Kasie Fisher,
Chrissy four zero zero four, Bryn Hexberg, Darcy
J-M-C, WhitDog WhatsUp, Princess Faith, Amy
Bruce, Emma Belle Granger, Grace Doherty, whose birthday it is today, Keely, Keily Silva, not sure, Justin H-G. Thank you guys so much for watching. Merry Chris Dams and
have a happy new year. We’ll see you tomorrow.

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