Christmas Tree Cookie Decorating – DIY Tutorial!

Christmas Tree Cookie Decorating – DIY Tutorial!

hey everyone its Suzylizz and it’s
officially december’s This is when I start doing all my christmas baking and I made these Christmas Tree cookies the other day and I thought it would be great to do for a little tutorial so I
hope you guys really enjoyed this one, let me go ahead and show you how I made them.
For these cookies you will need a batch of royal icing some toothpicks, two piping bags,
green gel food coloring, two piping tips, a Christmas tree cutter and any
sorts of sprinkles you like to put on your cookies so go ahead and roll out your cookie dough
and then use your cookie cutter to cut some trees and then put them on a baking sheet to
go in the oven now take your royal icing and water it
down a little bit just to make it the consistency of yougurt, you just
keep on adding water into you get the right consistency. Now go ahead and color
your icing, and I’m just using some food coloring gels, so I just stuck my toothpick in there, and then I stick it into the icing and then I mixed it around until I get the
color I like Now put your icing into piping bags. Now its time to decorate. Go ahead and line the outside
edge of your cookie and fill it in with the same green color. I’m starting with
the light green Now I’m just going to smooth it out with the toothpick now just go ahead and take their darker
green color and draw a line down the center of your tree and then branches
coming from the inside out now take your toothpick and run it through
the icing going upwards towards the center of the tree go ahead and do the same thing on the
other side and then just fix it up a little bit if
you need to then go ahead and put sprinkles on it, I put some white sprinkles on and a star for the top of the tree and then
some Christmas ornament shaped sprinkles and there is your completed tree cookie and now go ahead and decorate the
rest of your Christmas tree cookies and this one just have a lot of branches on
it so little bit of a different look here but I did it the same way Alright thats my video everyone, thanks for watching. If you like these cookies give the video a thumbs up, I’ll see you guys next time. Bye! thanks for watching

8 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Cookie Decorating – DIY Tutorial!

  1. I bet those christmas tree cookies taste absolutely scrumptious. I adore them. But please make sure you include what degree we should put the cookies on & for how long, please do it in your next videos. Okaii see you later & have a happy new year🎉🎊🎄

  2. I like how you show us the products you used and have written instructions on the screen too! What a great idea on how to decorate a Christmas tree cookie with wet on wet technique! Thank you! I wonder if you added a white line of icing whether it would look like there was snow on the branches? I'm going to have to give that a try!

  3. I made these a couple of days ago and they turned out amazingly. My icing was a little thick but it still worked fine. Not bad for my first time using royal icing. Next up, the snowflake cookies. Thanks for sharing your tips 🙂

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