CHRISTMAS TREE FAIL! 🎄 (What Happened?!)

CHRISTMAS TREE FAIL! 🎄 (What Happened?!)

– Good morning, guys! And
welcome back to our channel. Make sure you guys subscribe
by clicking the link down in the description. Today we’re getting ready for school and Ollie has share today. Ollie has decided that he is
going to share this item today so I wanna ask you guys what
do you think the letter is this week that he’s going to learn. Leave it down in the comments. What letter is he learning
if he’s sharing this item? Alright Ollie, what is this exactly? – It’s a squirrel but it died,
but they did clean it up. – Yep, that’s right. That’s what he’s choosing to share. I mean he could share a snake
or a sword or a snowman. So many things and he has
decided that he really really wants to share the squirrel. If you haven’t caught on by now, that means that the letter is S. It’s something that
usually hangs in his room. – (mumble) said that it died. – Yeah we’re pretty sure
that he fell from a tree in New York City. He’s a real taxidermy.
– Or maybe he just got old. – Yep or maybe he just
got old, but either way, he really wants to share this. We’re still trying to decide
if this was a good choice, but we are gonna finish getting ready. Finn is — oh my goodness,
getting into so much trouble. We are at school boys, all ready, you excited for school boys? – (shouting) Yeah! – And Ollie is so
excited because he worked really hard on something. Let me show you. What did you make? – I made a Christmas tree
for my teacher Miss Colleen. – Yeah so this is something that he made, me and him worked on it together. – Merry Christmas Miss Colleen. – Yep and his hand print is the star, it looks so awesome, he got two of them, one for the other teacher
as well so it’s gonna be pretty cool to give that to her, huh? You boys look so cute, you got your share? – Uh huh. – Okay, let’s go. Finn is that the one
you made? How awesome! This looks so cute, I’m
excited for you to show her. The kids are all dropped
off and I cannot tell you Ollie was so excited to
give that to his teacher. I think he might have
a little crush on her, and Finn was excited to give
his little one to his teacher, but I’m heading into a
hair appointment now, gotta touch up my extensions. And just like that my hair’s done. It was like a two and a
half hour appointment, but I’m good but I haven’t
eaten anything today so I’m gonna grab some food
here before I gotta run home. So I just got home and
oh my gosh you guys, I was absolutely starving
after my hair appointment and I ran into that cute place
that I was excited about, and they had nothing
for me to eat so my mom ended up making me food. She made me scrambled eggs
and it was the most delicious thing ever, and I just
feel so much better. Ollie how did your little
squirrel show and tell thing go? – Everyone liked my squirrel,
they were not scared of it. – Oh good…
– I told ya! – Good I’m glad and you told
them it was fake, right? – Yeah.
– I’m glad that went good. I told his teacher and she
was like, “Oh that’s so cool, “How fun for the kids to get
to see something like that”. Oh hey there! You guys
bringing your lunch boxes in? Look at them, they already
know their little chores. Did you have fun at school, Finn? – Yeah. – Good job, dude. Ollie, have you found Fred today? – Yeah! He’s up there and he’s
decorating the whole house! – What?! Show me, show me, show me. – He’s up there!
– Okay where is he Finn? – Up there! – Up, up, up, up all the
way up. You guys see him? He’s right there, look at him. Check it out, I was not
planning on doing this because it just looked way too difficult, but apparently he decided that it was time for some Christmas cheer. He totally decorated the house — where is this little elf on the
shelf going, huh? (laughing) I don’t know how he got up
there just now, but yeah. Isn’t that pretty neat? That’s where Fred was today. He’s a pretty cool dude, huh? You like Fred? – Yeah! – Also if you guys didn’t
see, we got a new little pet. Make sure you guys go check out that vlog, I’ll have it linked up in
the icard, but we are looking for a name for this little guy, and this isn’t the only pet we got. Since boys are home from
school, we decided to put on some cute Christmas clothing,
and we’re just waiting for Brian to finish up
getting some stuff done and then we are headed out to do what? – (both shouting) To the Christmas tree! – We’re getting a Christmas
tree, we’re gonna decorate it. – We have just stopped
at Target because we have a little bit of Christmas
shopping to do for our tree, right Ollie?
– Yes! – By the way you guys,
it’s so funny because Ollie is becoming a lot like
Missy when it comes to Christmas and traditions. We were talking about getting decorations, and what did you say Ollie?
What do we have to do tonight? – The star that we gotta do tonight. – Yes, and every tree needs
to have a star on top, but even when we go out in
public if it doesn’t have a star on top, Ollie’s like, “What’s
it doing without a star?”. – He’s like, that’s not a Christmas tree. – I wanted to say a huge
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– Yes. – So excited to rock out in
the studio with me, right? We’re gonna write a song together, bro? Okay, Ollie and I are gonna
write songs together for sure. – Alright we just made it
to the Christmas tree farm, and this place is pretty cool
because they have this giant really cool area. Go in, go in! It’s like a little fort. Look at that, isn’t that cool, Ollie? (music) – [Missy] Look at you! I just love this, it’s so
cool, it’s like it’s own little world under here. (music) – We’re trying to find the perfect tree. – I want this one! – This one’s huge, Ollie. We wouldn’t be able to get to the top. (music) – Okay, we finally made
a decision on a tree. It took us way longer than we expected. The first place was a no-go, right? – Yeah, we actually had
to find a different place. – Yeah, Brian and I are super
picky, but I think this one turned out pretty awesome. – Yeah it’s got some open space. – Yep, we kinda like holes
because we’ve got lots of decorations. We want it to be green and
we want it to smell good. – I always liked doing
the Jim Gaffigan joke. He says, “We’re gonna take this tree, “And we’re gonna put it inside,
and we’re gonna decorate “It for Jesus!” That’s what we’re gonna do with it. – This is something we
do every single year. Obviously most people do,
it’s one of my most favorite things to do. – Okay you ready? I’m gonna do the Grinch
Christmas tree power squat. – (impersonating the
Grinch) I hate Christmas! Not really though, I love Christmas. – [Missy] (laughing)
okay, get it in the house. – This is how I lost all my weight. – If you guys wanna see
some of the other times we got Christmas trees
during Christmas time, I’ll have it linked up in the icard. We always do extra fun
stuff during that time. Now I gotta get Brian in. – And it’s usually a
happy little disaster. – Yes it is, sometimes the
kids fall into the trees. Here we go, here comes
your Christmas tree, boys! (boys cheering) – Looks so awesome! – [Missy] Look how
pretty — ah, be careful! There you go, you’re good, you’re good. – I’m stuck in the tree. – Okay set it down carefully, phew. Look at it, it’s perfect! I love when the tree is not too big. Pretty much perfect. – We got a six-seven footer this year. Comment down below how tall is
your Christmas tree you guys. I wanna know who has the
tallest Christmas tree in our comment section. – [Missy] Brian your
goal used to be to have the biggest Christmas tree, remember? – Yeah we still could’ve done
another four or five feet. – [Missy] Remember when
that used to be your goal? – It still is my goal! I would love to put a
very tall Christmas tree in the tallest part of my house. (instrumental music) – Things have just been
getting started over here. We’re getting a little tangled up here. What’s going on? Oh no, Luna! (boys shouting) – I don’t know if we are
decorating our Christmas tree or mama. Merry Christmas, Luna! Thumbs up if you guys
think they’re so cute in all their matching pajamas too. (instrumental music) – [Brian] Alright Ollie, are
you gonna put that on the tree? Oh it’s like a cool little reindeer. – It’s just a little
costume from this guy. – [Brian] Yeah but this is
actually an ornament, dude. Let’s put it on the tree like that. Okay next to those two balls, awesome. Good job, Ollie, looks great. – I’m gonna put this on the
tree, it’s elf on the shelf. – Here try right here,
it’s the perfect spot. Good job, yay. – Now we have to wish
him a happy birthday. – It says 2017. – Speaking of birthday, Ollie, wouldn’t it be fun if we
actually did throw Fred a birthday party? Do you think he would come if we set up a birthday party for him? Do you know when his birthday is? – No.
– [Brian] You should ask him. – Hey Fred, when is your birthday? – [Brian] We have so many cool ornaments that we’ve collected over the years. It kind of looks like a DIY mishap. I don’t know, some of the stuff
we collected over the years like our L is cool. – Aw look at this. – [Brian] Aw awesome, our new home for when we bought the house. – [Missy] And this one’s
from a blogger fair. – [Brian] That was Holly
McKenzie and Sadie. I love how that’s just
become part of our tradition. It’s like some of you guys, it’s been really really
interesting, it’s been fun. – Aw look at your letters
you wrote to Santa last year. – [Brian] Oh yeah those
little letters you guys did with Fred last year, remember? – [Missy] Let’s see,
dear Santa how are you? What is your favorite cookie? Here’s my list, new
toy box, Power Rangers, and floaty for pool,
that’s what you wanted. And Finn wanted, I’ve been a good boy. Here’s my Christmas list:
cars, bike, tool set. – [Brian] That’s what you
wanted last year, huh Finn? – That’s me, I made it! – [Brian] Go put it on the tree. (piano music) – Alright we’ve got a brand new one, the abominable snowman. – [Brian] Because we’ve
got a couple of run-ins with this guy on this channel. – Yeah we love ugly Christmas adornments. – [Brian] Yeah this one is…funny. – Yeah there’s a couple, look
at this one, it’s like a rat. – [Brian] We’ve got another
new ornament this year. Ollie really wanted this one,
and I feel like it signifies a papa taking the boys
fishing all the time. You wanna put it somewhere, buddy? (inaudible noises)
– Where do you wanna put it? – [Missy] Finn loves putting them up high. Good job! – [Brian] It matches the bulb. (piano music) – Our new addition to our Christmas tree, and Luna is very — – [Missy] She’s like,
what? Why is that climbing? What is he doing? – It’s little Santa Claus
is climbing our tree. – [Missy] Look at him, he’s so cool. – He’s just helping us put the lights on. – [Missy] Yes we needed the help. (upbeat instrumental music) – [Missy] Alright tree is almost finished, just need the star on. – It is star time, and it’s a
big controversy in our house who gets to do it. Everyone gets to do it! That’s right, you get to put the star on! You get to put the star on,
you get to put the star on! We all get to put the star on the tree so I’m gonna do it first. Alright Finn’s gonna put
the star on the tree. Go ahead, dude! (both parents cheering) – Oh no you guys, the star came off the top of the tree again. We gotta put it on the
top, Ollie, can you do it? – [Missy] Okay, you
gotta get the job done. – Plant it firmly on the Christmas tree. (parents cheering) – Ah that star came undone again you guys. Missy’s gotta put it on. Really the only reason all
of us have to put the star on is because we all have our
own dang opinions about how it should be put on, correct? – There’s opinions about every
single part of this tree. Why is not staying? Alright, it’s just about time to light it. Hopefully it all works. 3, 2, 1… light it up! (cheering) – [Missy] Okay I think half
of it isn’t lit right now, but yay! – Oh wait, oh no! – [Missy] Oh no, it’s a
Christmas disaster (laughing). We’ll figure it out. It looks so pretty though. – Scalpel, going in, going
in to find the issue. We’re going to needs Santa’s
help for this I think. Santa, fix our lighting, bro. You’re in charge of this,
you had one job, Santa! The tree that is lit is
looking good, I will say. – You guys we are so bummed
that our tree won’t light. I spent like the last 30
minutes trying to find the bulb, and I did find the bulb that was out, and I changed it and it still didn’t work. But yeah guys, any tips
on broken light bulbs and how to fix it, that
would be much appreciated. Leave it down in the comments. Honestly I was not expecting
it to just not work. I’m super bummed, but anyways
we’re gonna end this video because it has been a long night. We stayed up extra late and
these boys need to go to bed. Are you tired? Yeah. We’ll see you guys in our next video. Give this video a big thumbs up! Make sure you click on of the
fun videos on your screen. We do lots of fun stuff on
this channel so check them out, and we’ll see you guys in our next video. What do you say? – Bye!

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