Hello everyone and welcome to my
Christmas special doll repaint video If you follow my channel ready for a while
you know that last year for Christmas I made this Santa girl and this year I’ve
decided to keep making this unmissable attributes of Christmas and today we
going to make a Christmas tree doll I think it’s a funny concept, it’s gonna be
cartoonish, pretty, very dollish, very Christmas style. So I think it’s a good
concept for a Christmas makeover and my mom is going to help me today. We planned
this makeover probably in August I would say, so we had time enough to prepare it
all, so this doll today is going to have lots of different accessories extra
things because we really had time to prepare all these extras. So
let’s keep it short probably today Please don’t forget to subscribe to my
channel, put your likes if you really enjoyed this video and let’s take all my
things that I need for working and let’s go For this makeover I will use Frankie
Stein doll just because my mom has made a very tight fitting hat using Frankie as a model, so I will take the same doll as well to be sure
that the hat will fit like it should in the end First I like always remove the
dolls clothes and got her hair off Afterwards I make her head soft with a hairdryer, then I can take it off without making any damage because this
part always stays a risky business And then I take my tweezers and remove the rest of the hair from the inside of the doll’s head Lots of nasty glue this time And then I remove her original face with pure acetone I didn’t remove the black paint
from her head because now I’m going to give her dark hair again but this time
I’m going to mix this dark brown saran hair with this rainbow tinsel There is nothing new in my rerooting
method I take a tiny strand of hair add
tinsel and insert it in a hole in the head with a rerouting tool It took me two evenings to complete the
reroot but it looks absolutely stunning now, look at this And now I’m going to add quite a lot of tacky glue inside of her head
and spread it there nicely with q-tips And then I let the glue dry for 24 hours When the glue dries completely I protect the doll’s hair and I seal her face with
three layers of mr. super clear sealant I’ve showed you it once or twice how to
choose what color pastels to use to change doll’s skin tone easily but maybe
not everyone has seen it so here we’re again I go to the harmonizer tab on the
Color Lab app on my phone and I find the color very close to the original doll’s
body tone and then I blush the doll with the opposite color that the app
peeks for you. It’s basically the opposite one on the color wheel. So
following the app I blush the doll with two layers of this light dusty pink
pastels and I use the sealant between the layers to set the powder After the two layers of pink pastels the green color is completely gone and I can
apply two layers of this light burnt umber pastels on top of it
creating a natural light skin tone and don’t forget about the sealant of course And that’s it, just in four layers we’ve turned the green skin color of this
doll into a nice basic natural looking skin tone And now let’s sketch her eyes and
eyebrows Then I contour her face to give it some
extra dimension and for this I’m using pastels a little bit darker than her
skin tone And then I add a touch of pink blush Using brownish pencils I draw the
eye creases and the eyelids Now I’m going to start drawing her eyes
and I will give her green eyes this time because her complete look is based on a
very Christmas style color combination of red and green so she will have green
eyes and red lips this layer I protect again with mr. super clear and then I
start drawing the eyes more detailed I add shadows to the white of her eyes
then I add colorful accents and highlights to the iris and I draw also the
waterline with a red pencil To complete the shadowing of the eyelids
I apply a touch of brown pastels there And now we can apply the highlights to
the eyes and to the eyelids Now it’s time to give her pretty red
lips To make the contrast between red and
green even stronger I add some red color as a transition shade to her eyelids With the light pencil I draw the
highlighted areas on her face and then it’s very important to blend the pencil
really good before you spray it with the sealant With an extremely sharp black
pencil I draw the bottom eyelashes and the eyeliner And I also think she needs more blush This is how her head looks next to the
body and it means now is the time to blush the body as well First of all I need to cut off the pin in her neck and then I sand the body with nail buffers
to remove the glossy top from it because paint will not stick to the glossy
surface Then I remove my own fingerprints and other dirty spots from it with an acetone free nail polish remover You cannot use acetone to clean such a
plastic doll body because acetone will simply melt it And then I spray the body
with three layers of mr. super clear sealant And then I can finally blush it
with the same color pastels like I used for her face Don’t forget this doll is
going to be a Christmas tree in the end of this makeover and it means she should
shine even more that’s why I’m going to give her golden freckles.
For this I’ve mix golden acrylic paint with water a little bit and now I can
spray the freckles on the her face and the body of course and all the messy
spots I can clean up with q-tips Then I add reflections to her eyes using
white acrylic paint So the painting part is over now and let’s work on the
details and the accessories first of all I want to make her hair lay more flat,
most of the doll artists use hot wash for it but honestly I absolutely don’t
understand why do you need to make your brand-new hair wet and then wait for 20
hours until it dries, so I will use like always a hairdryer to do this job, it
works as good and you don’t need to play with boiling water and then wait for
hours Now I want to cut her hair a little bit shorter because now it’s almost to her knees long I’m not going to use the hairdryer anymore so I can
finally attach the eyelashes and the gloss to her eyes and lips, these lashes
cannot resist the heat from the hairdryer so I always attach them after
I’m done with using it I do her hair in tw ponytails and you can
see now they look kinda chopped so I trim the ends of the tails to make them
look more natural And I also want to make the ponytails more fluffy And now it’s time for the outfit and
here we have such a Christmas tree dress made by my mom decorated with tiny
Christmas tree balls For her shoes we’ve decided to make felt
snow boots and now my mom will show you how she’s made them using a wet felting
technique First you need to make a shape of the boot and then cut it out of a
piece of a bubble wrap then you cover it with wool Make it wet with soapy water And then you kinda roll and knead it
until this wool felts completely And here they are dry and completely
ready to wear, let’s put them on the doll The next step is making a hat for her
because every single Christmas tree needs a top decoration, and to make a
good basic hat my mom used some new for me kind of a material
it’s called polymorph plastic and these tiny balls become like some sort of clay
when you put them in hot water and you can make any shape out of it and then
after a couple of minutes it becomes hard plastic again, you see, that’s why I
needed to use the same kind of a doll like my mom used to make this hat Then she attached a plastic star on top of this basic hat and covered it all with
a red glitter And here is the Christmas tree star! And then using a needle
felting technique my mom makes a little friend for my Christmas tree girl.
Honestly I’ve never tried felting myself, it looked too difficult to me always or
something but now I think I want to learn how to do it as well, it looks not
that difficult at all Look what the cutie we have here And then in our local store I found this
sleigh that is perfectly Monster High doll size, so now I want to decorate it a
little bit and then give it to my doll And now we can finally say Merry
Christmas everyone My doll and her snowman assistant are on the way to give a kiss to everyone who puts a like under this video. And I wish
all the best to you, to your families, to the ones that you love,
please keep dreaming and stay creative and open-minded,
try new things, open new horizons and I will be here to entertain you with new
doll projects every week Friday! I really hope you enjoyed this Christmas special
makeover please write me a comment what do you think about all what has happened
here and let’s just wish Merry Christmas to one another under this video! This
doll will be available to buy on eBay, the link will be in the description box
and the next week Friday it’s by the way the last doll repaint of 2018 so I’m
preparing another special makeover so please be sure that you’re subscribed to
my channel set the bell button to not miss my new videos and of course don’t
forget to hit the like if you enjoy this Christmas special makeover. Thank you for
being with me today, have the warmest and the cosiest holidays! Bye!


  1. Absolutely magnificent!! Thank you for your Xmas Special Makeover. Merry Xmas to you and all your loved ones. Love from Australia🎄🎄😚😍🎄🎄😁

  2. Aside from the collection life of an art doll, what if any are the ultimate hopers for these dolls?

    Do you hope they will be kept on a shelf and appreciated. Do you hope when they mature they'll just eventually be repainted again or do you hope they'll become figure points in artistic pictures, or photo identities in stories?

    Do you hope they'll become a child's favorite companion for their adventures, or become the favored character in a child's plays of "Let's Pretend."

    What is the hopes for dates for dolls who have been given new faces, new identities!

  3. A bit much for my taste, but the doll became very christmassy as you wanted. Also the felt-techniques for the shoes and snowman was really cool 😀

  4. Aahhh I kept reading the title as "Christmas Tree Monster Doll" and was wondering (for the first 8 minutes of the video) when it was gonna turn creepy, hahaha XD… What a wonderful result!

  5. I LOVE her! My favourite is her hair, the tinsel looks so pretty with the brunette colour. Merry Christmas to you and your family, from Canada

  6. Dear Popen Atlier
    I don't know that whether you had sent any of your dolls to India. If you like any of your dolls to stay here then I'm ready to takecare.

  7. Merry Christmas to you and yours too! I am so glad you brought your mom into your videos too. Between the two of you extremely talented ladies your channel is now EXPLODING with talent! What a great pair you are. I wish you and yours the very best New Year and I know I look forward to all your new creations with your mom.

  8. als kind hield ik er super erg van om te filten, mn moeder en ik deden altijd de soapy water techniek en ik maakte daarmee dan dekens voor mn poppen en (erg lelijke) armbanden voor mezelf. en de laatste tijd wil ik heel graag weer beginnen met filten, dus het is erg grappig om dit nu te zien.
    Ook ben ik van plan om je oog makeup na te maken wanneer ik tijd heb deze vakantie, heb rode glitters en het lijkt me een leuk idee, maar waar kan ik dat het beste laten zien dat U dat ook zou kunnen zien?
    Groeten, Een grote fan uit Nederland

  9. For a moment I thought that the green on the face skin was still showing, I guess the light was a bit too strong? Anyway this one turned out really pretty as well, your mom’s technique for the felt friend is something I want to try too!
    Anyway, merry Christmas to you and your subscribers!! May you all have a wonderful holiday and enjoyment with the ones you love!!

  10. You make it look so easy! And I know it’s not.. only a great artist can make it look that way!! ❤️❤️ you repaints!

  11. What a great Christmas video!!! I loved your eye makeup, I loved the tutorial on felting and as usual the doll looked fabulous!!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  12. Your makeup looks so stunning here holy crap 😍 in contrast to your dark hair you look like a goddess omg 💘💞💕

  13. Hi new subscriber! First of all I’d like to wish you and your family a marry Christmas 🎄
    Love your work so relaxing to watch

    Question : have you ever thought to do porcelain dolls ? If it’s possible to remove make as easy as these plastic dolls 🤔

  14. Sheeess sooo goooorgeous!! And maybe her boots needs just a bit of sparkle.. But your mom is soo amazing❤

  15. Clearly the talent is hereditary!! Thank you for sharing <3 Merry Christmas to you and your family, this is one of my favourite makeovers simply because I love Christmas ❤️

  16. Beautiful. But needle felting is hard. It's a lot of repetition. I tried it but man. So much work, but the water felting ur mom did was so cool

  17. Lovely! I really liked how you matched the colors for her skin! Very smart. You're my favorite doll artist btw! Happy New Year!

  18. The tinsel hair is GORGEOUS! And those little felt boots are precious! I never thought felting would work on such a small scale! I always get so inspired watching doll customizes like you. I'm a subscriber for life now!

  19. Just found your channel. I am completely without the proper words for your extrodinary talent!!!!!! You and your work are beyond amazing!!!!

  20. Do you only work with brand new dolls? We have lots of monster high dolls here in Canada as well as second hand. I'd be happy to help you locate some if you wished. Love watching your videos

  21. AMAZING! I love all the extra details from you and Mama. Also the hat reminds me of a singer, Verka Serduchka!

  22. im dying! i love her accent so much but i cant quiet pin point which it is. D: its probably plainly obvious but im horrible with accents

  23. How gorgeous from start till finish,love this Chanel,love you’re dolls and love that you work with you’re mum! All the best in new year to you and you’re mum and all you’re fans! May this year you create even more outstanding,beautiful dolls! And that’s the hard part,cos these already are divine!💝🎄🎉🌟🎊👏🤩💝

  24. Not sure if you’ve already done it but would you do the “new style” barbies. You know the ones with the more realistic bodies? I think that would be really interesting to watch.

  25. I like to watch your video very much and now I want to try to paint a doll like you do. But, I have a question. Can I use Ethyl Alcohol instead of non acetone nail remover to clean the doll’s body?

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