hey everybody so I’m currently in my car and I’m trying to vlog on my phone I’m about Paddington and I had low and my mom who is driving we are going to go pick up some Christmas decorations and then we’re gonna go back home and decorate the Christmas tree Paddington it’s his first Christmas so I have no idea how he’s gonna like react to the tree or the decorations if he thinks like so if you’re going to think that they’re just like toys dangling for him which I’m assuming he’s gonna think but he’s doing very well in the car he doesn’t go in the car that often but oh look at you you look at your actual dog that’s English but yeah i’ll blog when we get there so we’re going to the bay which is in in canada and it took a big department store and I mean like what a sex as well because they have a yeah a large christmas lectures and we can i would see you guys back so we’ve in a little baggy be strapped in so it’s harness is attached to like this little short leash so can’t jump out which is very nice like it looks like driving at this angle oh my god it’s so cute I know you hey guys so fast forward like a week and a half or two weeks and I just decorated the tree so um I’m you guys just watched a secretary and you also see how hind in doesn’t really seem to care about the Christmas tree which is the most disappointing thing ever anyways I am off to a stupid condo um i’m off to youtube next up which is so exciting so if you guys didn’t know i won I was unlike one of the winners of Canada’s first used in next time which is so exciting and it’s in Toronto so I’m taking an uber over there in a couple hours so super excited super no room for God um and I definitely check out my snapchat if you would like to see what I get up to I’ve showed you coming like I kind of do I’m nervous anyway um yeah so this is the tree this is my messy condo as well um this is the show no one into a tree topper yet okay well there you go clearly you can see you that like where are they um it should be sponsored by starbucks we need stuff like that gracious i keep on looking like at myself but my eyes are going the wrong spot anyways um thank you guys so much for watching I hope you like this like slightly different video I I thought it would be easier to film just because this week has been so busy and I’m messy couch um so I thought of doing this um yeah I hope you guys like to help you guys like seeing Paddington he’s like the cutest puppy ever I’m not gonna see him at all this week I’m taking care of him so I miss him so much I can take a photo I can show you guys what he’s doing right now um could you know where don’t so I’ll just carry it like this um also I think you saw this what her last Christmas is the squirrel sweater so this is Paddington little home in my living room and Paddington oh yeah so he’s super tired he has a cold again I don’t know you guys on snapchat you know that I feel like he had kennel cough for like three weeks and he’s like coughing again so I’m gonna get a humidifier and save that changed anything anyway that totally totally besides the point um but yeah I hope you guys liked the video and um I’ll cut to the scene putting the star thing on the top um but yeah stay tuned on thurs oh my gosh okay so all right so this video was also supposed to act as an announcement or I video that i can announce um so this video is also supposed to serve another purpose which is um announcing to all of you guys I’m my head is like gone um that I’m gonna be doing cook miss again this year starting Thursday so if you’re newly subscribed book with this is what cook this is is once I can like get it out of my mouth um it’s where I floated recipe is where Apple that Christmas need recipes all through December so they sear I’m doing December first to the 25th which is super exciting a lot of work that’s live and kind of like mi everywhere because I mean swimming like crazy so make sure to stay tuned um check back on December first and every single day until christmas i hope you guys like the recipes i actually hear the little sneak this is a sink peak of Thursday’s video so just have our first video so make sure to stay tuned because it’s so cool and can you hear it there’s like food inside and the fruit tastes really good too so i love you guys so much and I will see you on high hopefully it looks like a shrub or like a little bro


  1. This video is so pure… cleared my acne, conditioned my hair, and plumped my lips…lmao. You and Paddington are so sweet and cute! Thanks for sharing with us πŸ’–

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