Christmas Visitations

It’s me.What was she like?It’s been so many years.I have forgotten.God bless you. God bless you. Merry Christmas to you.I have a job.Whatever you want, governor.What about the others? The Children?You won’t return.He was my brotherI need you to find somebody.Do you know what I wished for?Stop it!I’m sorry. I don’t know what you’re talking about.He’s a cop, Sir.IReady to go again?The greatest cost is the one on your soul…Stop it!He doesn’t have it!Please stop!Stop!When will it be done?Soon. I’ll creep in and slit her throat out and out I’ll go. No one will be the wiser. Good. What about the others? The Children? You want me to? No. Only her. Do you understand? Yes, Sir. Take what you want… but bring me the locket she wears. That is mine. Where does she keep it? She never removes it, even at night. You’ll find her around her neck. Now go. I have other business to take care of. Look at me. For your own sake. Remember what has passed between us and if you fail… look to see no more. Please! Anything Sr… Blacking for ye shoes? Please, a few bob. Help an orphan. You know it’s thin. Nothing to eat. God bless ye. It’s time to go. We need to get back now. or else we’ll be getting another beating. Doesn’t matter about the time. It just matters about what kind of state she’s under. You don’t mind yourself. You’ll get a beating before you even get there. From who? I don’t see anyone. No… No… No one is strong enough to match me. Really? Well, how about…here? Come on. Let’s go. I don’t understand. I honestly thought you’be relieved. Relieved that you stole it from us? And after everything we’d done for you? The building was for sale. You couldn’t buy it so I did. And rent? It’s a business deal. There were certain costs associated with acquiring it… and my partner… The greatest cost, Jacob, is the one on your soul. I love you like a son… but I do not love who you’ve become. Be wary of those earthly possessions, child. For all they do in the end is chain you to things. Life is not about a coin. You’re business should be man… Life is what you make of it. You taught me that. I’ve already learned waiting for other’s accomplishments. I know the disappointments of life. I know the dread…waiting… waiting… dreaming about someone coming to save you. Waiting for years… But this… This is real. This is reliable. And I wish and I pray to God before bed. I think only about these silver and gold miracles. Only then… not health or family or penance. Wealth is what I ask for. Do you know why? With these I can own everything I desire. No dear. You can’t. Some things in life can’t be paid for. She didn’t say anything. I don’t think she noticed. She always notices. Tomorrow we’ll get all of it and some more for us too. Don’t worry yur head. Your big brother will take care of you. There’s something else I need. Another matter. There’s a day’s wages in it for you. Whatever you want, guvenor. Good. I have a job. I need you to find someone for me. I’m sorry. I told you it’s OK. She’ll be mad and without mine… we’ll have to use some of what we’ve saved. Charlie, I figured it out. It’s what I do. What was she like? I’ve forgotten. Who? Mum? She was so beautiful, Charlie… so kind… A right proper mum. I remember… she was… She was always smiling… Nothing like that horrible… I miss her. I know. Come on. We’ll be late. I’d like to try that one. Before I fall to sleep sometimes I imagine what it would taste like. I pretend I’m eating it. Have you ever had one? Well, long time ago. What did it taste like? Was it very sweet? So sweet. See this tooth right here? Cracked, it did. That’s how sweet. Come on. We need to go. I’d like to try one. Just one. One. One? Someday I’ll have so many. Hundreds that your tummy will ache. You know it’s only a few days before Christmas. Do you know what they say about this time of the year? Miracles can happen. Wishes can come true. Do you think I’m really gonna get one for Christmas? You should try to get better. Let me worry about everything else. Jacob do you know what I wished for? Sweets? No. I wished for a miracle. Thank you. That was… It was alright then? Feeling better, darling? When can I see you again? Ready to go again already? I’m serious. I’ve never been with a woman who’ve made me… made me forget… I feel… Sonja! I feel like I’m falling in love… For sweets. We can do this as many times as you’ve got in you. Whevener you want me. As long as you’ve got the money to keep my purse full. Of course. Of course but… You feel something too. Oh yes. Oh yes, deary. I feel it. I love how you make me feel. The way I feel for you. Well… You make me speechless. No need for words between us. I feel you. Ready to go again, deary? This one is on the house. You disgusting little boot. Where is it? Give it to us you little bugger or I swear I’ll beat it out of yours again. Please stop! Stop! I have it! What? What did you say, boy? I have it. Sorry mum. I forgot to give it you tonight. Stupid, stupid Boy. Well, what are you waiting for? Give it here! What have we here? Sneaking around like rats. Busy boys you’ve been and good thing too… because now you both own me some interest. Causing me all these suffering… Making me work so hard for what you rightfully owned me. and after everything I’ve done for you and your worthless brother giving you a place to rest your head at home when you had none orphans, the both of you. Where’s your father? Drinking too much he got himself locked up. And your mother? Oh let me think… Your dear mother passed. 9 months in the ground in fact that’s what I’ve been… A mother to you pair of miserable wretches… and this how you treat me? No wonder your mother died… looking after horrible little creatures like you. That woman doesn’t even miss you. Not one bit. Happier to be dead than free of you she is. Jacob, Jacob are you… OK? Go back to sleep. Everything will be alright. Some help, Sir? Some help? Let me see… Like the help I received when I was in your position? On the streets, hungry? Or maybe like when my mother died and my father was locked away? That help? Or when my brother went to his grave… leaving me alone. Yes, maybe then. Life is cruel and unfair. No rhyme, no reason. Only suffering. Wish for death, boy. Pray for it. At least there the suffering may lessen. Now be gone from my sight. Pardon me Madam… Hello, it is you! I can’t believe it. It’s been so many years! Sorry, I don’t know what you’re talking about. You don’t remember me? Of course not. So many years later I’ve changed so much. You look the same! It’s little Jacob. Do you remember? It’s me, Jacob. Jacob Marley. Jacob? Jacob Marley? Yes, it was many years ago. Difficult times. You took care of Charlie and I… My brother… Charlie… I’m sorry. I don’t remember you. If, as you say, it was many years ago, I’ve taken care of many children over the years. Many who have come and gone… I’m glad to see I raised you right. You’ve grown into quite a respectable man. Wealthy by the looks of your tone. The times have not been so kind to me. Perhaps you could… help an old lady? Recompense her for taking care of you and your brother? Who I’m sure is doing just as well as you. Call it… interest? My mistake. I mistook you for someone else. Sorry for the interruption. Good day. Wait. Don’t go! Oh, bugger!Over the years…Help a cripple! Anything to help a cripple who can’t work or support himself… Please, please help a cripple. Oh you poor dear. Here… Thank you Ma’am! I’ll be able to get some warm milk tonight. Feeling better? Yes Ma’am. Thank you. Good. Now, take care of yourself boy. Get yourself something warm to eat with that. Thank you Ma’am. God bless you. God bless you and Merry Christmas to you. I haven’t seen you here in quite some time. I used to see you and that other smaller boy all the time. I didn’t do anything. She doesn’t need it anyway. She won’t even notice, Ma’am. I’m not interested into getting you in any trouble. What do you want? I have a job. One for you little friend too, if you’re interested. What kind of job? My husband is busy keeping the books. Business is good and at this time of the year… I’m making sweets most of the day so I need some chores and errands taken care of. Sweets? Yes, silly boy. Sweets. This is my husband’s shop. We live upstairs. You live in the sweet shop? Well, where else would we live? So… Do you think you’d be interested in the job? We have work for your friend, too. He was my brother. He’s in heaven. Oh dear… I’m so sorry, dear. I’ll tell you what… Why don’t we go inside for some tea and maybe even a treat and then we can chat some more? How does that sound? Yes Ma’am. Good. Come on then. I almost forgot. What I’m I to call you, young man? Jacob Marley, Ma’am.Give it to me, you little bugger!She didn’t say anythingOr I swear I’ll beat it out of yours again!You live in a sweets shop?I love you like a son…He’s in heaven…How do you not love me, you little punk?Jacob!Be wary of these earthly possessions, child…For your own sake…Look at me!In the end… All they do is chain you to things…It’s little Jacob… Do you remember?And what I’m I to call you, young man?It’s me, Jacob!Time to go…Do you remember what has passed between us?Just a dream.

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