23 thoughts on “Christmas vs. The Winter Solstice – mixed-ish

  1. "You're better than this." ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ bitchhh she looked like a crack head on the side of a highway

  2. We are very thankful that Jesus kept the LAW. And therefore kept Hannukah and all the Feasts and Festivals of the Lord. He is the substance of these festivals, Bible says. After all Jesus is The Passover Lamb, The Sar Shalom. ( Prince of Peace) We all have traditions but we all need truth. It is written that through Jesus we are made one new person. Oness triumphs over equality. No need for racism or sexism or rich ruling over the poor, for those who follow His teaching. Jesus is the healer the chain breaker. In that day and in this. He teaches how to overcome the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, the pride of life. To be born again. To live free. To be healed. To be a better person than we were moments ago. To renew the covenant of Abraham. To take us back to the beginning of creation where there was no sin. No rape murder slavery prostituion lying and much more. To teach us us how to live , to be healed from sickness to be raised from the dead , right here right now! Is it not written, There is life and death choose life? And what promotes a better life now and generations going foward, than these truths Jesus taught? May we all be one new creation together, in this day. That's the true "globalism" made possible. It's voluntary for all, not forced by some "elite" on others. Peace on Earth is the choice we all can make. Right here right now. No waiting. He is able and willing to overcome the narrative of this tv program and everything else. The choice is ours. Choose life. Amein

  3. Tika is showing herself to be a talented and versatile actress… she is terrific as the vamp on The Have and The Have Nots and she is equally convincing and funny as a 1980s mom pioneering interracial marriage

  4. Christmas is the Winter Solstice/ Yule, it is celebrated December 22nd – January 2nd and its pagan like the majority of the holidays we have been programmed to celebrate, so this will be an interesting episode, lol…

  5. https://youtu.be/r-8-fNsuXNk
    Someone has to do the Matt Shea Story like Now!!! https://youtu.be/r-8-fNsuXNk

    Strategy is easy find people who are uncomfortable with people of color think they can control this nation with force and fear and guns and relect George Bush Sorry I meant Donald Trump….
    Someon has to do the Matt Shea Story like Now!!!
    Or the next time you watch blackish or mixish the whole cast will be covered in bodyarmor just to protect themselves.
    We need some help here…like now!!!

  6. They put a Gemmy blow mold in a show takes place in the 1990โ€™s when Gemmy was not making Blow molds

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