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  1. I think I'm going to steam the tuna… raw fish scares me.
    Do you serve raw beets and potatoes? I didn't understand that part when you were explaining it 🙂

  2. food is also a fine mix. meatball and figs crostini are fantastic to eat together. starters with vegi dips and tuna rolls are fresh and healthy too. <3

  3. Beautiful display of everything. Could you make a video showcasing your take on the non-alcholic beverages? I don't drink, and your beverage display looked AMAZING!! I would love to learn how you made it. Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. Hey SoxHeather-it’s Whitney! Good question. I roasted the potatoes, but you could also steam them or boil them for 15-20 minutes in salted water. When you cut them up into wedges like that, they cook in no time! And sometimes, you can find pre-cooked potatoes at the grocery store, so feel free to use those too. Enjoy!

  5. Hi-it’s Whitney! If you have glass bottles, use different sizes. If not, go buy cheap white wine, wash & peel off the labels from there…voila, instant glass bottles! Throw in whole herbs, washed citrus, chopped fruits/veggies and then the water-still or sparkling. Stick to seasonal, but think outside the box! Rosemary/orange, ginger/mint, kiwi/thyme…the options are endless and they all look stunning and different, so have fun with it. Your guests will be impressed at your creativity!

  6. Hi there-it’s Whitney! I used raw beets for the crudite. Not many people know to eat beets raw, but when chopped into slices, they actually have a refreshing crunch like a carrot, but a nice sweetness too! They are super healthy when eaten raw as well, so that’s a bonus! Just remember that red beets stain, so serve with skewers. As for the potatoes, I roasted them before, but you could easily boil or steam as well. Enjoy!

  7. Hi LoveSelflessly-it’s Whitney! My earrings are not Stella & Dot, but I do love that jewelry! I actually own a lot of it, and if you watch some of my other videos, you’ll see me wearing some S&D necklaces and earrings!

  8. Hi leslierocks714-it’s Whitney! Thanks for watching my video! Figs are sweet which is why I paired them with the tangy goat cheese. Make sure to buy ripe figs that are soft to the touch, otherwise, they aren’t sweet yet and they won’t have much flavor. If you can’t find figs, or if you’re making this when figs aren’t in season, feel free to use red and green grapes, sliced. Red and green pears would be another nice option for this recipe. Enjoy!

  9. i love ur videos Whitney, when I first saw I screamed to husband saying that you were a contestant at Masterchef, You did a great job..I will keep looking for your videos..Thanks Kin community

  10. I'm literally torturing myself watching Kin videos late at night when I'm hungry and too lazy to whip something up.

  11. I agree! I love the recipes, how easy they are and how well they are presented. It's easy to see yourself doing them and having fun with them. Thanks and keep 'em coming!

  12. Hi Whitney! I just celebrate my birthday yesterday and we have a blast!, Thank you so much for your minty mojito, it is the star of the night and they can't wait for another bonding time with minty mojito, you made me famous with my friends and they really love the minty mojito- THANK YOU!!!!

  13. Im having a cocktail party in two weeks, thers over 30 people coming.. I would like to do Mojitos, how many bottles of rum will I need, also.. limes and syrup? Thankyou! Love your vids!!

  14. Thank u sooooo much this was very helpful now i can show off to my guests , was wondering if i could substitute the raw tuna into the canned ones , also if we should bake the potatoes before serving or what exactly?

  15. Made your meatballs at my daughters 4th birthday party!!!!!They were a hit!! Today we made the tuna rolls …they are de-lish……thank you for these wonderful recipes…they are going to be staples in my family now:)……Steph

  16. Oh i loved this video!!!! But girl… May i know the names of songs that u used as a background? !! I'll appriciate it!

  17. Mouth-watering recipes indeed! Thanks for sharing this wonderful video. The best thing is that most of the menu items can be made in a healthy way using fresh (and even organic in some cases) ingredients which means taste and nutrition both get due weightage.

  18. Hi Whitney….. I had tried your minty mocktail it was awesome simple recipe with lots of compliments true it's a signature drink for the cocktail party 😍😘thanks for teaching us 😊 hope to get to learn more recipes from thanks dear ..

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