Collectible Christmas Tree Ornaments : Value of Antique Christmas Ornaments

When collecting these ornaments another thing
to consider is the value and some of them can be very expensive and where others are
very inexpensive and I would show you some examples of that. Here we have this it is
a 1950s fantasia bowl in a very large size and another example of the fantasia bowl which
is 1930s are very fun to collect and the price range could range from where they usually
came from and I would show you this box, this the original box and they come in sets of
4. This is in rather good condition with all this hand painting with the trees, snowman,
and the fence and you can buy these individually $10-$15, sometimes you can get them cheaper
it depends. Or you can buy these as a set of 4 anywhere from $20-$40 depending on the
condition and the age and if it is in the original box. So that gives you a little idea
on the larger size ornament. When you go down to the smaller size ornaments these 40s-50s
you can still pick these pup relatively inexpensively and they can cost you any where from you know
$5-$15 a box depending what is in there and the condition of it. Here is another one with
a larger bulb indent the same price range and they are put out by Shiny Bright made
in the USA somewhere around the 40s and the 50s they are still a lot of fun but and you
can find these fairly easily. When you get into the smaller ornaments here these small
berries and small baskets these are the 1930s and the 40s and little bit more expensive
in the lots you can pay up to $50-$60 for this box of ornament if it is full and it
is all in good condition. So the smaller feather tree ornaments tend to be a little bit more
pricey but they are kind of fun and it depends how you are going to display them.

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