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hey we’re in Dollar Tree we’re in the big one today oh you guys stay tuned in
because sorry is going to get a hundred dollars and she is gonna buy whatever
she wants in Dollar Tree that video is coming up next I think it’s gonna be up
a really soon I’ll put it on the screen yes Valentine’s Day goodies we saw all
of this already I believe oh this would be cool to give
like your friends who love dinosaurs we can give one to Grady
he likes dinosaurs yes and so do you so do i oh these are the new and you can
use this for like other than Valentine’s Day you know there’s love a cupcake
look yep you sure do further once again these are really cool if you don’t know
you put the little plastic beads on and then you put wax paper on top and you
earn it Oh check this out it’s a double-sided container so I think you screw off the table and
these grow up the bottom I was pretty clean there’s some different colors
these plates you guys this could definitely double as decor cool I like
the way that looks together what do you know what do you see a teddy bear here and then they have some kitchen towels
over here let’s see there’s the teddy bear and what else
yes lots of green what is this I don’t know
Oh does that say look I would supposed to spell look super glittery you did was
good work sorry is so funny and we saw this before that’s what a money bank
with is this a cloud what is this Oh hippo hang on the opposite wall we have some
spring goodies some garden stuff bamboo wind chimes I don’t see anything that’s new maybe
they have some new little fairy figurines these look no the rabbit oh
those are from last year monkey links I think they’re just little
plastic monkeys that you can kind of hang together oh there’s our new little
building blocks the Jumbo ones I’m not sure if this is a good deal or not
because you only get eight pieces there’s two different ones new action
figures yes looks like there’s three different
ones to choose from have some slime I don’t really like this slime we did a
video one of these a long time ago and some cool little plastic snakes are you scared these are new lightening
wheels perfect little girl you got my lady let’s down here let’s find something
good you have this one like all the way back there I don’t see the rest of them
it’s all the flowers and the hearts but now they have a little dinosaur I think
this would be cool for her to paint you want this in the crafts section by the
way these are new they’re like super super big maybe not that big but they’re
pretty big you only get six in a pack and typically I think you get it oh
here’s the other pack no that’s not it here it is right here you get 45 pieces
fuck you guys Wow it comes with ten sticks of modeling clay some little
stencils a mat a rolling tool and some little accessories this would be really
cool to put together and then we saw this one last time one dollar I don’t really see anything
new just a lot of stickers we already have tons in a teacher’s corner and I
found some card stands I think they’re for the like there Jess what does that
mean yes what does that mean thank you watch
Arielle if we watched Ariel The Little Mermaid that’s what it’s called yes yes
so you can use these for different things like maybe in your office or
something or on top or look there’s a clip you can put these on your bins hmm
oh and there’s a bigger Center right here a commission very good desk
swag that’s pretty cool oh did you guys at the girl balls desk the core
video that I did let’s check out the books what do we see what do we see easily yes he did and he was funny and
he was funny look at these little note beds so
there’s that one and this floral one right here and I’m
pretty sure it’s all one more where is it right here that’s cool
these are gorgeous little notebooks it’s more fine apples stop you have like an
iridescent finish to them girls cried I think that’s it I always say this but
I think I’m gonna grab some they might come in handy for saris number lesson
twins yes for school work and they have your mini planners I hope you guys are
still into those but there’s a ton of yellow binders in black oh this is new
adhesive spring look we have the crayons this would be a cute little kids
headboard it’s like put ten of them together or something new hoops yes well
it’s a unicorn one doesn’t want to focus well the hula hoop with the unicorns on
it and I strike one emoji one everything so sparkly over here I found something
new it’ll her like a tray I like I like smile and there’s one more hello these are new look at this big colorful gym come on
camera this would come in handy for like some type of chandelier DIY but a buying
bulk it’s cheaper found some new decor pieces
I think it’s plastic it is these are plastic
we have little hanging hooks on the back yes you are you guys know I have to
reach in the back I spotted these gorgeous LED candles
check out the pattern the texture excuse my nails these aren’t new we’re
gonna share it again check out these fancy candles oh
and it’s glass the foam are bang cozy sweater are you on the phone oh this
smells pretty good but it doesn’t smell like basil and thyme it’s new and cute I think you saw these penny conquer
glitter candles all of these are ones so if you’re 1 11 or 111 get some candles
full Pearl trim I always buy things like this for DIYs but I’m sure it’s cheaper
just to buy this trim in bulk look at this charger that’s new we
always see this style right here of the smaller dots boom there’s more I came
back to this charter and there’s like look over that glitter oh my goodness I
have never seen pearl string beans string of beads at Dollar Tree oh my
gosh I’m getting all of those even there’s
only like five yes and you broke it get some of these cracker
oh my goodness oh my goodness this is such an amazing
little score just big size of conch only people who
DIY and do like home-improvement stuff get excited about that if you guys see
these at Dollar Tree get them especially if you’re a lady with hair because oh my
goodness this is such a life saver and it’s one dollar you just stick it in
your drain hole and slowly pull it out and bam your sticker elmo’s got the moves
I see some new hair accessories looks like something out of Claire’s I love this little section over here
it’s like new toys and fun stuff sure these go in the door
and they have the Rhinestone iridescent gym shoes what’s over here sorry
what do you see some trading cards and more bracelets get this hand sanitizer
okay not so exciting that’s Wonder Woman and some stationery items of my favorite
the list bags you guys right now after you watch this video go watch my DIY
with this probably because they’re not really squishy they’re like little gummy
sticky thing is something lollipops I love using the lollipops like this and
like the big ones as decor pieces so pretty some body wash mango tango mango
pickle yes no not mango potato but mango tango this
is new got to be thickening the pomping mousse I don’t need that
oh look more got to be stunned I think they sound us as Sally’s this is the
messy fine putty there’s more hairspray got to be this is new we go
mmm this was randomly placed over here our raw vegan cookbook how much is this
15 no $13 US dollars these are such little awesome finds who
I turned the corner and bolero has shampoo and conditioner now coconut oil
sea salt and argan oil and avocado these are the balloons that I used in my
latest kids DIY looking for the three who knows already turns 3 in May give
her some cute little headband sorry I don’t think we will but these aren’t too
bad I like them because they don’t have the plastic what was it oh yeah those
are met your alphabets my friend somebody’s angry these fours somebody’s
crying okay alright why do I always prematurely speak because look at all of
these headbands that have the soft inside hold of these okay less and learn
okay this one’s broke but oh look at this one
I’m always laying up they don’t have it and then boom it pops up I don’t think
these will I think this will start to hurt her
but that’s a nice little pad became friends did you name him or
her didn’t give him the name silly yeah hello silly nice to meet you yep alright
so we’re back in the car and we’re gonna share the goodies we picked up we’ve got
a lot of stuff so we’re gonna try to move pretty fast and video welcome
welcome welcome if you missed the first part of the video start off with these
happy birthday crowns the lady that was checking us out oh she’s so sweetly said
oh is she having a party I was like no I’m buying this for the material I would
not recommend you doing that but because I make dollar tree DIY videos it’s good
for me to have supplies like this on hand like fine book I in bulk I know
you’re tired to hear me say it so we have these two you want with the Pearl
trim and apparently and which one do you have I have anything my show then the
gold trim
I’m so cool right princess little paper Tiara so I picked up this set because
of the metal part right here it’s either metal or plastic nice little bear I have
this foam and kneeling pad and a rose tonight midnight sticky it smells like
wood that yes thank you smells like flowers grab this set of plastic wine glasses I
can’t get the money okay and this drain I mean somehow I don’t
know how but my hair ends up in the drain I’m like babe the sink is clogged
I don’t have to call him anymore just stick it in there my hair comes
right out you just put like a sink strainer in there – that word for crap
time during foam roller we’re sorry – roll it around as a paint I have this
raw cake book this was too nice not to pick up some more paint I don’t know why
I thought about this today but this is like mess free paint because right now
I’m doing the liquid paint squeezing it out and then she it just gets everywhere
I picked up these little weight you can and and we picked up some educational
workbooks sorry his Missouri four of these mirror with a black frame all right play-doh and I prefer this
play-doh okay the Crayola one real the one and the play-doh work
it’s softer and I love the dares stencils or stamps on the top I also
picked up this right here it’s pretty cool if I had this around for the fall
time uh I could have made us we’re cool-looking pumpkin I don’t know if you
guys can see money budget change sure pirate hook or what is it is this
apartment look yes or four projects yes my bathroom I picked up these paper cups little counting blocks my battery which shape is there a rhombus a
dinosaur would shape Valentine’s Day card for me pancakes
cut I picked up six bags up so for $6 we got
600 I think you can find the pearls for $8 in this 50% off but they don’t have
the holes I don’t think of course I grabbed the Rose art creation here
we got back we have ha ha are you excited to make something you can make
something yummy grab two bubbles there in the flower
container and sorry can take the bubbles but I want this container and I want did
it get cake doesn’t it look like a little perfume bottle okay now they can see I picked up three more
healthy diamond the giant diamond ring gauge a family two of these gorgeous
faux marble candle butterfly did you break it there’s a hanging butterfly or one
winged butterfly if you want we ended up die you’ll have to count
sorry broke it when we were in the store headband money money we just six for a
dollar that’s pretty good it’s baby daughter 6 for 1 dollar 1 6 2
packs of head that’s a lot of headbands lot of headband fully have one head one
hand and I thought this pack right here was cute with the little words oh
you like polka dots pick up two of these little bead sets
one in the heart and the other one is a cupcake where different face go to cases
of goo gone oh you’re covering my face and okay you
can speak from me one bottle of adhesive spray shells in a
glass jar and here’s the cupcake one that I was talking about four packs of
diamond rings in pattern is so pretty when Grandma goes like this what
is she having you said it early is a flash our teeth yes I hope you guys are
checking out our dollar tree DIY series you like do you like my DIYs what you do
what they’re pretty cool right yeah you guys enjoyed hanging out with us today yes tap to go for notifications and
we’ll see you Thursday bye guys


  1. I like your videos. Your daughter is adorable. Wish my Dollar Tree was that big. I just started to do Dollar Tree hauls.

  2. What happened to the tiny little girl. Suddenly she doesnโ€™t look like a baby anymore. Still adorable.

  3. OMG!!! Yes you are in my neighborhood!!! I went there the other day and fell in love with that Dollar Tree!!!โคโคโค the other ones in the neighborhood are always out of stuff๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

  4. I love it when she tests products , all of her dollar tree videos find me interested in it, if that makes sense

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