what butter hand cream
frugal fam welcome back come with us to Dollar Tree this one is off a Main
Street in Victorville California you’re not a part of the frugal fam don’t
forget to subscribe and tap the bell so you never miss another video ready to
going down dollar tree alright yeah looks like they have more burlap coming out
with the beautiful spring stuff you guys they’re starting to bring out the
fairy garden stuff I found some more handmade Valentine’s Day cards I haven’t
seen this one in any of the other dollar trees and this is the accidental dollar
tree if the guys at frugal fam you know what I’m talking about randomly found
astonishing living and it was small or it is small but it has a lot of good
stuff in any of the other ones if you guys have kids don’t forget to check out
a frugal family yeah it’s video we do toy boxing Dollar Tree toy unboxing
videos now so cute if you don’t drink out of them you can do like us and put
like crayons and stuff in it frozen my little pony look you guys this is
basically yarn cuz the fur is on a string and this is a
total score and they have tons of it here nice so fluffy and soft whoa this
is my new the Angry Birds he’s at the other come with me to
Dollar Tree I think the latest when they had all of the little Angry Birds but
none of them were on wheels that’s cool and over here we have some emoji let’s
see you’ll probably see this in the Dollar Tree
squishy video so it will be up by the time this goes up oh my goodness you
guys I’m probably late but make sure make sure you check out the Dollar Tree
squishy video it’ll be in the Dollar Tree toy unboxing playlist party favor
or party supplies section and I found these this is new do you guys remember birthday party I picked up pretty much all of her little party stuff in
here because it was like garden themed see what else is new in here you have
some Mickey Mouse and frozen oh these are nice jumbo that is so cute and
retro Mickey Mouse Clubhouse okay we’re approaching this sticker
are you ready sorry let’s see what all these are cute nice and jumbo so many
different little patterns those are pin oh they have my favorite you guys this is a really good deal in
dollar tree aides at colorful Jill pins actually they’re ballpoint pens if I we
have some Christmas pencils look at these these would be nice to go with the
little adult coloring books nice little gifts all of these are new
what these are refillable pencils you see like and oh that’s nice
really nice guys no Dollar Tree always has cute little notebooks I said every
time because every time always see me once I really like this one and over
here thank you oh you know I saw this last time little
llama when you reduce life to and you’ll miss the preach
preach and I want to take this and take a
picture of a post it to Instagram okay these are these are really cute and
there’s more Cup there’s even more down here okay I won’t show you guys any
more hiding over here our little notebooks filled with stickers so nicely
organized oh I think I’m gonna get one for it Liam oh and my friend can’t who’s
Liam mom she’s gonna start a YouTube channel you guys so I will let you know
when it gets up you guys can show her some love these are little blocked
erasers look at these stickers so that oh look at these little fairy stickers
they’re like little puff stickers super cute oh my goodness you guys they have
more new stickers these are puffs get it
Despicable Me Disney Princesses cars a marvel we have some taco truck that’s
definitely not what is this but you guys get what I’m saying super
cute oh these spring stickers are new oh is
this like a little paisley print where oh that’s a different one these are
adorable that’s new oh look oh my goodness how cute are
these sweet and strong just like my coffee these are neat
dude this Dollar Tree has a little fitness section just when I thought I
got all of the Dollar Tree fitness stuff I see one more new two new things you
guys know I have to get this out and try it okay so we have a jumper and
earphones sweet over here in the candles spiritual healing looks new I don’t know what it smells like so this
one invigorate is new to me and we saw sleepy time along the way
these look oh look there’s some more rose collection current sweet almond and
macaroon let’s see if we can find any more we saw those the one and
mulberry what 30 is look at these some more little beach five decorations
what’s the candle love that nautical one Oh both of these are new so many new
candles in here you guys how fabulous is this a hole my goodness I have never
seen anything in my entire life like this at Dollar Tree
in the picture frame section look at this one these are absolutely amazing oh
my goodness oh my goodness oh can I just stop saying oh my goodness I’m just
completely floored I have never seen what art yes I’m a bit shocked okay okay we also have these tickets and
there is in here I can’t find it of course and then they have these cute
little piggy banks this is some little Hedgehog
oh why are you so cute this little duck and then they have a silver hedgehog
back the air oh my do you guys see what I’ve seen come on I know you see finally your beam my doors
yes why in you can so over here they have new wall
stickers or I don’t know if this is for the wall I don’t know but I know these are sorry oh we have a Hello Kitty we have
frozen I’m just pointing out the ones I have never seen before
oh my goodness oh this one is new there’s no sunflower is my favorite and
these little fairies are new here we go I know Oh nope
vanilla cream excuse me I’m trying to show oh this is the new oh man these
would be perfect for the care packages ooh I remember these I haven’t seen them
in dollar tree in a while they have another color but it’s at
Dollar Tree and I have one and yes it works just fine but I think the guy
might transfer I need to confirm it you guys aren’t caught up caught up on
the come with me to dollar trees is everywhere in dollar tree
now boy lease my nails at Dollar Tree looks like they have some more
beautiful patterns all this gray one is really nice when this Dollar Tree has
some some odd effects then we have a few sorry alright so here is the makeup and
if you guys have not seen my dollar makeup challenge video I don’t know why
I’m not sure what you’re doing with your life and then I also did a massive like
Dollar Tree makeup hauls I make sure you visit a list visit all the playlists
yeah this is the palette that I use to create my eye look and Dollar Tree
makeup challenge video yes looks like we have some cute little
prize and you get two for one in that set and they have slowly hair I
think we have enough at this point you guys know we use them for when we travel
what are you doing little fingers yeah they had my favorite little snacks and
Dollar Tree these are so good it’s so good Nutella to go and go to
fish and you to go everything’s to go oh nice they have the six pack you guys
notice is my favorite spring water I get my from bonds for the same price pretty
much me trying to walk and do my dollar tree videos you guys haven’t seen my
Valentines they give the basket ideas video check it out I made something
really cool for Papa Bear using these okay we don’t need anymore we have
enough come on don’t thank you look at these super cute tote babies oh that is
totally my mom and that’s me that’s me too and you want that one ice cream
these are really cute too super cute have some beautiful scarves in here I
just picked up this one for myself these are really nice I like to wear them in
my head so we’re over here in the little trinkets and let’s see oh this is like a
little stationary stationary collection pockets no okay
sorry she can’t write anything he did but
she’s trying to and then this is I think a notebook and it looks like everything
else is gone excuse me shouting outfits oh my goodness look at these little
candy dispensers adorable paw patrol when we heard these before you can make
little clay figurines or characters well they have the lotion the pair one and
the lemon one is back there then I showed these before these are super cute
little plush hangers these are like little channels and stickers you see paw
patrol and there’s a Mickey Mouse so lucky we have one already oh my
goodness you guys Wow Dollar Tree good job this is like
the road back hand sanitizer ease let’s start with this it’s a wall art piece
made of like particle board I think this will look really nice in my office and I
am doing a Dollar Tree craft organization video coming soon so you’ll
probably see all of this when I do like my office tour or something but it’s
really cute and that’s a unicorn if you can’t tell I grabbed these stickers just
because they look delicious I cannot wait to create a spring DIY with these
Dollar Tree wall decals so there are three on the front or two I can’t count
two on the front and one really big one on the back and all three of them are
the same I have some stickers and this is just like a packet of stickers
Avenger stickers oh somebody took a sticker and it wasn’t sorry so the next
five items oh my goodness what if you can tell in the video I was
really excited to find these one dollar crazy right so I had to pick up this one
I just I don’t know guys I mean I have never seen anything like this before
this reminds me of like blues and jazz just Oh gorgeous
this one right here reminds me of like present time I don’t know just simply
beautiful I don’t know if this was like a part of a collection but I really like
the silhouette you know she doesn’t have any color it’s like a what is it called
we’re just gonna say silhouette but I really like these I wish I could have
found two more of this particular style because I could reframe them and then
put them as like a quad or peace and all of these have a glass
panel in the front and these are just like the really inexpensive Dollar Tree
picture frames this bag right here is from the come with me to Dollar Tree
trip I shared on Tuesday so if you haven’t checked that out do so so in
that Dollar Tree I found these travel with shower kids to get five pieces for
one dollar you get like a little mini loofah and this like little twist on
container right here a toothbrush cover and two of these are plastic bottles I think this one is going to be the same
yep but I love the color and these would be perfect for care packages this loofah
is a little little looking but it get the job done you know yeah so
this was a total score at Dollar Tree I picked up this neon pink ace wrap or
elastic supportive bandage I have trouble with my wrist after taking a
trip down the stairs so I decided to pick this one up because it’s cuter than
the tan looking one and also I have this hand sanitizer and I know I sound
right now because I’m it’s at the end of the day and I decided to put the haul in
here because I didn’t get a lot of stuff so I wanted to combine it together so
sorry if I sound super right now I promise I’m okay gonna give this a
oh there’s a seal on it that’s a good thing it was greasy it tastes like it
smells like cherry definitely and it doesn’t have like a heavy sense
to it but just a little bit but yeah they had some other ones and I think
this is the only one I picked up I just loved a little throwback look to it
sorry was playing with this in the store so it says up five different things this
Dollar Tree had a ton of kids or like cartoons sort of nightlight
I mean there was a lot pop of the well you guys just saw it
I grabbed the percentage shea butter hand cream
so juicy let’s see it smells like a super ripe pear already have lotion oh
and so but it does feel really good it’s not watery this is definitely a nice
little dollar purchase and it’s so cute you saw how excited I was so you know I
had to pick up a few of these and me and Zara we’re gonna do a cute
little fairy garden this year in the backyard and you will see all of this
stuff she’s eating dinner now she wants to come this is the other one that I
picked up oh you guys I found some amazing one dollar fairy garden things
at Dollar General okay and I’m gonna share that stuff for the next haul so I
think this is the last one I hope you all can find these in your Dollar Tree
seriously they are so adorable so I decided to get the pink one for
sorry picked up some more of my favorite Dollar Tree makeup wipes by the way if
you have not checked out the Dollar Tree makeup challenge video what exactly are
you waiting for okay go check it out looks like I picked
up this comb but I think you broke did it break or did I just pick up the I was looking for a tail comb but I didn’t like the one that I
showed you guys I found a new style tape
it has lots of glitter on it so that is what it looks like an elephant a fox
monkey a giraffe tiger and a crocodile my nails look this is where the
glitter is coming from these lol picture frames that I’m going to hang in my
office and looks like this just came apart but they just tie I just have to
like put another little knot in here super cute I picked up three but when I
haul a small amount of items I think I’m gonna put it at the end of the come with
me to Dollar Tree video just like I’m doing here if that’s okay with you guys
and then when I haul a lot of stuff I’ll do a separate video I hope you guys
enjoyed coming along with us to Dollar Tree today join the frugal fam click
subscribe don’t forget to tap the bell and we’ll see you in the next one peace speak


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