Como fazer Presépio de Natal CUSTO ZERO 🌟 Nativity Scene ZERO COST

Hi. I’m Marcia and this is the channel. (HandMade) in today’s video I’ll show you how make a Nativity Scene using toilet paper rolls and old magazine very easy. Very simple with a very cheap material You can make it with a child and comes out very cute But before that! I would like to ask you to subscribe on our channel! Click here below! And for everyone! Click the bell! because we have received messages from many people who are already registered here and did not know that we have a lot of new videos so do not forget to click on the bell and every time we publish a new video you will receive a warning so let’s take a step by step! We’ll need besides the 6 paper rolls hygienic. colorful strings to tie the turban the crepe paper will be to make the turban and the mantle of the Child Jesus and magazine clippings I chose the fashion magazines that have the skin color to make the faces golden colors to make the crowns a little hair to do the beard and colorful to make the clothes besides we will need scissors. a marker and glue For Maria. I’m going to use a little roll a piece of crepe or
about 21 cm x 15 cm Cut so rounded a piece of 5 cm x 16 cm of magazine print And a piece of string
or less 30 cm and then do the assembly. I’ll start with the clothes I’m going for a glue droplet I turned around. then another drop of
glue here there to make the turban. I’ll put the crepe up here more or less in the middle and I’ll fold the sides like this Good. I’ll give you the rope and tie it right?! now I’m going to draw her face with the permanent marker I’m going to make a beautiful smile. the little nose finished to Mary. we are going to do the to make joseph I’m going to use a piece of blue magazine with 5 x 16 cm the same size as Maria’s clothes to make the turban I’ll use the crepe paper 21 x 15 cm cut that way my oval a string of 30 cm and a little piece of hair from a magazine to shave so let’s start with the clothes:one
glue droplet Let’s paste the clothes. give it back and one more.
little cola now the turban:I’ll put here by
top I’m going to make a strip here.
and I’m going to double that tip I’ll do the same thing from the other side. here behind is just lower and knead the paper down and fix using string I’m going to put a rubber band down here.
to make it easier to do the little thing if you have someone to hold you while you do not make it easier now we need a beard!
at that time the people were very bearded. right ?! let’s round up a little more here and match the two sides That’s when we’ll stick that beard. and let’s do the face of our Jose and I’ll make his eyes open. so I’ll make two balls the little nose and the little mouth so our José is ready for the Baby Jesus. we’ll need the little scroll a little longer piece of cloth or crepe paper we will also need to
Piece of a skin color magazine cutout We’re going to make a good circle.
 tiny who is going to be our baby’s face We will reduce the size of the scroll. if you are not going to give a baby too big I cut to stay with only two-thirds of the roll and I will also decrease in width direction I’ll roll up here and I’ll stick this way just wait a little while it dries
fast right A little tip left here that I can
cut then our little face I’ll stick here and then just draw a beautiful smile the little nose and little eyes Now we’re going to roll up! I ended up using a piece of 30 cm x 25 cm I’ll roll it up and fold it down here. put it in here now we’re going to get some gots of glue to keep the cloak in place. now I’m going to get that piece of
that’s left over and I’m going to make a cut to support the baby. while keeping
position so I made a kind of crown here. I’m going to put the baby on he gets a little up Now we’re going to go to the Mage Kings. I’ll need the little roll. a piece of
colored magazine and a golden piece for the crown and a little more of a
image of shaving hair and there and ‘just’ do the other two using
different colors What did you think of our crib? if you like forget me give that LIKE share this video with your friends I would also like to know which of our Christmas ornaments you liked best write down the comments below thank you for watching and see you the next video

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