Cómo Hacer un Santa Claus con un Cono de Icopor y Fieltro ❄️??

Hello friends welcome to your channel Arte
in Your Hands, for today we will share how to perform this saint, is a simple
project and very economical that we can perform all at home I hope you
accompany throughout the step by step to learn to do it with me these
they are ideas are projects that we can use with those bits of cloth that
sometimes we have and we think that no longer we will be able to use because they are garbage,
don’t look here it’s applied there are two different projects the saint in which
we will explain this time and the dolls of snow those who meet
sides we share them in a video previous the same in the box of the
comments and in the box of the description we leave the link for
that can also perform them but today we are going to focus on this saint I hope
that they like to put it into practice to take full advantage of it either
so that the children’s rooms the bathroom the office if any corner
you can decorate your home with this beautiful saint any doubt or
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We start here in Art in Your Hands and for this project then
we need different felt colors for example this red is
frosty has a few touches of frost golden, black, skin color,
This is a patterned felt that brings also golden frost but shaped
of the snowman and white is come down to need a small piece of
wadding, wadding is what normally padded bedding
but all the comforters or pieces of I would also wear a small piece
stuffed animal a leftover that we have to has there been so much work a
pompom of these mediums the cone of icopor porexpán or also tell
telgopor unicel if those polystyrene this one has a base of 8 centimeters and
the height is 20 centimeters the same sanity side
of 20 centimeters is the cone if they get bigger, older
size can condition it the same project is perfect you can
With the help I’m going to teach you here in this video you can do it from
size you want hot silicone, scissors, fabric paints, can
use white blue and black that this what I will use to draw the eyes and
the expression of the eyes in the, in the holy but you can lay eyes
crazy people can put black spheres if what you want what you
want to help you can do it and also the molds that remember that
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one if not for the blog that too It’s called Art in Your Hands with Lili and Sam, in the blog in the search engine there they can put the name of the project or
the projects that are are classified there they will also find
then the molds of this and many more projects we have
well here already cut then each piece here for example is the mold where
taught that a piece of wadding whether they are double cloth or
when he folded it like that it was the mold that found inside
and what I did was cut from the same mold one piece that matches the fabric of
red color that is the body of the saint here is indicated
when I have the mold with the goals with the measures that normally
I share then the inner mold is the of the wadding the outer mold in that of the
same fabric while we are putting together if we need at some point to adjust
then we have scissors on hand to be able to adjust we also cut what
corresponds to face to face beard so this piece is also
shared in the molds and debuts this is the mold where the beard is the
face and mustaches then here already I have the piece in icopor and what I’m going to
do helping me with hot silicone is to fix the alcohol wadding
as I indicated the cone can get much bigger or do it from
many sizes to make games for that to put on tables and display of
soon at home we are going to apply the silicone we put the wadding let dry very well to dry
totally and we put the other piece and that we are completely covered we can talk a little bit about
power and very careful with burning fingers, if there is any left over then with the
scissors we can help each other but how is this part going to be covered too
with the fabric that will allow us to even now let’s do after
I know we are going to do the same process with the fabric let’s put on
on and we also started to paste when it’s very cold when the silicone has dried
then we start to go down turn around like this
and we do the same process that was done with the wadding it sticks so that we are left
he just like that already fully covered well so then I already hit it in the
backside this would be what it would be the back of the body of this
Santa was totally covered now let’s cut a circle that
It has a diameter of 10 centimeters and 10 centimeters from side to side where
let’s take a circumference ago and what we will put the base if the base so
we are going to paste and the leftover if you like what you can cut or you can meet him here
on the edge or how am I going to do that I’m going to put in this part I’m going to cover
the edge part because then I’m going to scolari is not going to notice
what I do apply silicone all around well here I already hit it and it looked like this
totally stuck now what I did was I took a piece of felt
frosty this one has a distance to a measure of 40 centimeters
long and wide is 8 but here I already glued it with hot silicone
it says a kind of tubular piece but it’s really for it to stay
much more emboldened and that would give us a warm padded and fabric look
very thick and then this part is not they will go 40 centimeters but the idea
is that we place the piece all over the contour where we join the black with the
red fabric and we look very nice like this decorated in this part look how it looks good
finished the glue is not noticeable nor nothing that was done with the color
black and in this part it would be like the dressed like when santa puts on a
long coat then this would be the bottom that always looks very
cute then here I will paste it with silicone first this piece like that
and from here begins to paste well, then the lower part goes
to everything that is in the back goes to follow the same line if the part of
ahead we will be smooth we will run out of additions and now we are going to
start working your face then here I already have the pieces cut here it is
the beard the face and the whiskers these so come from the three pieces what I’m going
to do is I’m going to put in the beard this is the face is going to
put here you will paste it at once to who loves us as trained and we are not
it will complicate when you paste it or to sew it because that also more for
nice if you want to sew it there are twice and I’m going to put silicone that’s how he secured the pieces and this one we are going to center very well she to tire exactly why
So says the mold so that we will be perfect the mustache in this part also the
mustaches and will paste it now here approached again and this part and of
how will it look we wait for it to dry well so it doesn’t
it will harm us in the back we stretch a little and
we stick the wands now that I know that better because you can throw this one
little more if this part the posture a little more of the fabrics when it is already
totally dry here if it didn’t damage the fabric so the idea is not to harm him I’m going
to wait for that part to dry very well to attach it to the cone
well here already dry then what I did it was that with a normal pencil I drew some
eyes and how it will be more or less the eye shape as you can see is in
fall has a diagonal and then what I did was a lift that simulates how the
doors to put it this way this is a curve like that nothing else has no
complication then what am I going to do Now it is glued to the body as I said
initially as it is firmer so I can place it in the part of
behind join the pieces as I was
explaining now how it is already dry then I can stretch a bit accommodate
well stretch to hit perfectly in the back and we
of the union that I am looking for if it arrives if we need more
silicone to paste we wait first dry very well and then we continue
joining suddenly some extreme that makes
missing silicone we paste it later that is, we publish better to fly always being careful not to go to
hurt here we paste it unity we strive a little more than
the lower part we hold until it dries well it fits perfectly and so also in the back we
it will be well worked since united it’s like it’s the hair of
holy we made a single piece and we formed the
sun hair santa beards here I have the mustaches but the mustaches I’m going to
paste when your eyes are already painted I’m going to wait for it to dry very
well here in the back and started working then paint on
eyes if they can’t or aren’t afraid of sometimes damage work because they are going to
paint can practice in others in other fabrics and affected a treat which
they have left the first practice then they do it but the truth the
project looks very nice different from everyone else can also be
a plus if you don’t dare all spheres crazy eyes make a single
little black dot with a little dot of light on white that also makes it very
nice look expression i I have taught you several projects
with buttons with painted spheres or embroidery i also made a nomad that
he raised everyone’s eyes like the ability you have at that time
but through novelty that they have left cute, I’m going to wait for it to dry very
good and I start painting them well in previous projects I have
taught how to paint is going to be a step to brief step you already know that in the part
external I apply the color white in the middle the blue tone is applied
and already at this end because it will be the eyes together applied the color black and those
they are the three tones that they will use after you apply the bases then
start delineating then here the most I probably taught them almost all the
step by step of the eye paint on fast camera
there are already other videos in the description I leave the link where I teach
paint already in detail here the white color has already been painted
we can touch up so much more firm and now what I’m going to apply is the
blue color in the middle so it’s as where the light of the eye gives us
the color let’s apply only a little which is between the color black and
the target and after the blue
we start with the color black And that’s it, I finished everything that is
eye filling now with a brush lainer a triple zero i’m going to do
what you have to delineate the eye is give that touch
all around it is done slowly like the camera so that for you
can see can come back from so much a little camera
if it is for you to observe then here is the eye
and with a very thin brush all will start to happen just by the shore you have to be well delineated this eye line and so it looks
much prettier here you can see it
to do the same with the other if you want you can make eyelashes
normally resting well on the table here I am holding it soon a
little in the air so that you can observe well as I delineate and so
and I do it on him between blue and white slowly
it doesn’t have to look perfect either how to give
and one more expression we leave him dry completely and we continue working
then hitting what is the mustache and also begin to decorate the
hat well then we let dry well
eyes me here all are a little fresh but I will continue to work and we will
to cut a piece of stuffed animal or that we have left over
from other projects then you they know that the remnants are saved
so let’s cut a piece to paste here in the outline what you don’t know
would stop what is the hat of the head and body of the saint as well
so let’s put it like that in the part from behind just as we have done with
other pieces we put well that together toward the center
we cut the piece so much it touches us with more long let dry and begin to paste by
the outline very carefully not to go to suddenly damage the work that was done
if he painted his eyes to dry very well so
perfectly so much is say start handle as I have indicated in other projects
paste with silicone let dry and then we start looking at what part of with
the whole project has left us or you glue is missing then here then
we make the challenge that for example in this part is missing we let it dry first
in the back and then we give some touches on the silicone dots for
that the piece is well glued then on top of the hat too
let’s go then apply some silicone well just a little to join that extremes and so that we
stay as more pointed we hold it a moment i teach you
to make it look good well here then I finished hitting
the stuffed animal in the part of the hat and part of the hat outline
Now what I’m going to do is locate the the center and I’m going to put a little silicone I locate it and exactly I don’t want you to want
I have them a little so that the silicone look closely those mustache are going to be
so in this position and the pompom what let’s paste on top of
hat and so it is then
this sant is made with scraps me like to explain teach them ideas that
you can use with material that suddenly in a moment they are thinking
what is a leftover that there are already pieces that it doesn’t help anymore because
they are pieces of fabrics that cannot use look what you can do
this is a saint is very simple is decorative can put it in the
children’s rooms also do it of many sizes can make bigger
they can also sell as with the idea that they are souvenir is for samples
business or for business things and I think it’s a very simple idea and the
very economic truth we seek from all that all the fabric units are
will present at the back of the doll we paint our eyes can put them
of sphere what you want there it’s a simple idea i hope that
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