Cómo Hacer una Corbata Navideña con Santa Claus

Cómo Hacer una Corbata Navideña con Santa Claus

Hello friends of Art in Your Hands for
today I will share how to make you are ties with Christmas motif
we can do them like that with santa and also with the snowman, reindeer, elves, the fact is to have the Christmas spirit in every corner and that each of the
family members participate in them, these ideas are beautiful for
share with children normally I always do a lot of balacas, headbands, headbands
for girls but this time I wanted to perform something that can also be shared with
them and with the children (boys) from home or with any family member that
want to use I hope the project is helpful that
if you want to sell sell many that yes they want to perform in activities in the
school do all then here them I leave the step by step to learn to
do it together with me, welcome to Art in Your Hands and these are the materials that we need for this felt tie or
red lency cloth, a red that is lit red christmas that’s the base,
the skin or flesh color, for the hat we are going to use a red but frosty to
that stands out at the base, the white and also to decorate the hat is of
beige can be stamped or in frost that is also very beautiful
these spheres we are going to use two in black and 3 in silver, which are also to decorate pins, the spring or elastic must have a thickness
or a width of 1 centimeter and we need a piece of 45 centimeters this too
depends on the neck contour of the children but not normal as is elastic
it’s fine and it’s good then it’s going to allow the head to enter well
of the children and not going to squeeze them on the neck, hot silicone yes
we need to do many or we need agility at work or if they will use or
if they are going to do it with children then if liquid silicone please
then with these materials we start here what I did was transfer the
molds to each of the pieces to each one of the fabrics here I have the molds
these are the ones that normally we share in the blog or on the page in
facebook Art in Your Hands with Lili and Sam people who already follow us know
that normally there we leave them molds after finishing the video for
that you can also download or copy and leave them with measures, of
each one we are going to cut two pieces to what is the face, 2 for the beard, 2
for the hat, 2 for the contour of the hat decoration, 2 for mustache and
also 2 for the tie but to unlike these other pieces this
mold is cut double in the direction in that here I fold the fabric I put the mold and
I’m just going to cut here in this one contour on these edges here the fabric does not
I’m going to leave it for pretty so that when they put in the moment it gets
the spring or elastic then we look nice don’t see us and don’t
it is necessary to do amendments and the fabric of a majority of
the truth of the ones I use are retales are leftovers from other projects that
if we have left we can reuse and so for example share ideas for
the children of the house, but suddenly they will do to sell then yes
buy more of this red and now of these would buy eighths then
same there in the description I leave the list of materials for you
have an idea more or less that they are going to need for such a small project
like this then also depending the skill or whatever the person wants
the pieces can be glued, we are not going to fill in we will only accuse
all the contour or we would use hot silicone to glue the pieces
because what we need is firmness let’s start then join let’s
paste each of these pieces here you you will apply silicone if you wish
sew can do it if suddenly have more let’s say time can do
what is beautiful the detail of the sewing makes it look good well already the pieces all glued it
I said from the beginning can know we were going to start then
assemble this doll this is the face here I have beards, I’m going to stick them here I have the hat This is the envelope or decoration envelope
will have the hat and here I am going to stick the whiskers, the
mustaches are on beards like that the nose is really a piece
small is very small here they are approached this is just like to give
that color that the saint has a nose I put it in the middle of the mustaches I didn’t show the pompom at the beginning, it’s to put it here in the extreme and we will take the spheres to paste them where they correspond
the eyes and so then is the saint this saint
look at the back looks great worked you can put a cord
Swiss slim in the back and it also serves to make
decorations on the tree, garlands, or crowns, this application is
very pretty and you can put it on anywhere else now let’s
work on the tie, on the tie here as I tell you double cloth is because
not going to see seam was going to be too better presented, she is already cut already
you don’t have to do anything let’s work on the elastic envelope
this elastic cut it 45 centimeters so that children can introduce the
head or people who had it use can introduce the head
because the elastic of very good quality we can sew or we can also
we are going to take them from each side about two and a half centimeters
the cut of 45 centimeters is preferable that soon about a little and not
that will remain very tight
so here I am hitting it and now I’m going to put it in the center
silicone I open the tie and I’m going to locate throughout the center well so it was then with him
elastic at the top of the tie so we will be armed then
now what we are going to proceed is to paste the application
It is only to apply the silicone also to fix it and the spheres of these silver
we are going to paste them here because it is the costume of the saint and so then is this tie with
santa is a simple idea is very economic for people who are suddenly going to sell in these seasons that It may be helpful to bring some
extra income to his house is an idea that the truth is worth
very worth it if they are going to be for school activities can also
doing it with foami is an idea that also lends itself to work in foami or rubber
eva then I hope you like the idea remember leave us your comment there
in the comment box, give us I like it, subscribe if you haven’t already
done if the button are red because still you haven’t done it also share groups
in whatsapp everywhere where do you want to share that would help us
the truth a lot, then I hope that we let’s see in an upcoming project here in his Art in Your Hands channel

76 thoughts on “Cómo Hacer una Corbata Navideña con Santa Claus

  1. Hermoso proyecto .gracias por compartir .genial para novenas o fin de año para los invitados o familia saludos

  2. Que super hermoso proyecto, muchas gracias por comoartir sus dones y talentos con todo el mundo que Dios los bendiga a ustedes y su linda familia y seres queridos, salydis desde mexico

  3. If you’re reading this then it was written for you. You’re awesome and you’re never alone because I care about you. I love you. Here; take this big, fat, tight hug ?

  4. felicitaciones es maravilloso y poder compartir el paso a paso de ustedes con la familia dios los bendiga y los ilumine por siempre para que sigan compartiendo con las personas que los queremos mucho mil abrazos para ustedes

  5. Hermoso y muy tiernoooooo! !!
    Gracias por compartir con ese cariño♡DIOS los continúe bendiciendo y llenando de sabiduría ♡♡

  6. Que precioso proyecto, felicitaciones
    En cuál ciudad de Colombia se encuentran ubicados?, es para saber dónde compran las telas.

  7. Estoy enamorada de tu gnomo y estoy consiguiendo los materiales para realizarlo, te saludo desde ciudad Guatemala y me tienes atrapada haciendo tus vídeos

  8. Buenos días arte en tus manos muchísimas gracias por enseñarnos tantas maravillas paso a paso que preciosidad de manualidades navideñas gracias por enseñarnos y por su explicación y hacer emprendedores que dios los bendiga y les siga dando mucha semejanza y sabiduría muchos abrazos Muchas bendiciones para todos arte en tus manos lili y san muchísimas bendiciones clara de Colombia ✋❤??

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