Creating a Christmas Scene Card!

Creating a Christmas Scene Card!

hi its Therese fromLostinpaper and
today we’re going to be creating a scene using lots of fun products and starting
with a penny black set called autumn entrance and as soon as I saw this door
image I just knew that I had to create a Christmas card with it I know it’s a
autumn set but images like this you can use for so much for so many different
seasons or ideas alright so what I’m doing here is just working out where the
image behind my door is going to sit so this is actually my top fold card and
I’ve got it opened up and I’ve just had the door image sitting on my Misti so I
know where it’s going to be exactly this gray cardstock is a really pretty smooth
cardstock from Ellen Hutson and its color is called or oyster gray and I’ve
got this panel cut to the same size as my card front now this door had to be
red and it has to be bright red so I’m adding lots of color and I chose my
prismacolors and the reason I left my stamping in the Misti is because I do on
a restamp the image because sometimes the Prismacolors can leave
what’s called a bloom and what that means is that they can cover over your
initial lines that you’ve stamped so they don’t look as sharp and as crisp so
by restamping the image after you’ve colored you can get that crispness back
it’s great so I did add lots of color to this door it’s a lot of color but I’m
not pressing hard on the pencil I’m actually pressing quite lightly because
you’ll find if you press very hard you’ll fill the tooth as a paper and
you’ll have trouble adding more color so by pressing lightly I can add lots of
color but still not fill the tooth of the paper so I am taking my time here
the thing that really brings this to life is the gamsol. more often than
not I don’t actually use gamsol on colored cardstock but it worked really
well on this the oyster gray I did test it off to the side on a scrap piece of
paper just to make sure because some colored cardstocks you can find that
they will discolor with the gamsol and you don’t want to ruin all the hard work
but you’ve done so I do suggest that you test your colors off on a piece of card
stock that’s the same as the one that you’re working on
and then you’re going to know exactly what it looks like
so how shiny and red is this door I just love it! the gamsol it
worked a miracle here. all right so I have sped this up a little bit this is
already a long video there’s it some if not looks like a really clean and simple
card there’s lots of different sort of processes to making this whole card
I’ll have everything listed at my blog including all of the colors that I’ve
used today so if you want to sort of see exactly what colors I use if you want to
recreate this then just head through the link below to my blog and you’ll see it
there so this step I wanted to make it look like it was almost 3d on the card
or just sitting on the paper so when I add a shadow at the bottom you do need
to go a little bit higher than the actual image don’t just color the very
base of the image to make it look like it’s stepped back haha pardon the pun
color a little bit up from the bottom of the image and that’ll give it that bit
of a 3d look and the white and the gray looked awesome too and I forgot to color
the window in so I had like a comedy of errors on this card today
and took me forever but yes so this is what I was saying I do restamp and this
time I’ve used the onyx black my initial stamp was done with the tuxedo black so
I wasn’t too worried about and smudging inks or waiting for inks to
dry although the onyx is a very fast drying pigment black it’s certainly
compatible with pencils I like it as that real bold black for an outline
except I moved my stamp so only the bottom of the stamp moved and I think it
must have happened when I first stamped the image out not on the restamp so
I came in with a copic multiliner otherwise it look like you’re tipsy
coming home and it was all double vision so I just filled in this the double
lines at the copic multiliner and that seemed to work I hope I saved it you let
me know what you think I did add some brickwork to the walls I’ve got
some unicorn hero arts ink and Julie Ebersole is right this is amazing
this ink for a white ink it just looks gorgeous on that gray cardstock and I’m
back to the inside of the card now and the marks here just let me know exactly
where to put my dog image because I know that when I stamped my front panel with
the door it’s the same position that I stamped had this the stamp held on the
inside of the card so I know my puppy dog image, which is from Christmas fun,
but he’s going to be sitting exactly behind the door when I open it later oh
I forgot to mention that the brickwork was actually Essentials by Ellen set
called abstract paint strokes and that’s a really versatile sort of fun set to
have I like those sort of solid stamp images that you use for so many
different things so to colour the dog I’m using Prismacolors again because they
can’t be seen through the back of your card stock like Copics this is the
hundred and ten pound Neenah so it’s probably not likely to really be seen
even if I’d had have used Copics but I was going with pencils today anyway so
I’d like to add all my all my colors but a lot of my color
first before I come in with my gamsol and then I will come back in and add
some extra shading after because you can always add on on top of it again and
keep working the colors and getting the shading just right love that he is tangled
up in the baubles Oh they are not baubles they’re Christmas lights it’s early in the
day here I haven’t engaged my brain yet and I did
the same thing with this image because I had left it within the misti I did come
back in with the Onyx black and restamp it as well that looks like a UK
plug there… right my final image that I’m going to use I’ve got a stack of sets in
this card it’s took me ages but I had lots of fun this is one of the hedgehogs
are obviously a penny black image if you you know penny black, you know this is one of their classic critters that is in a lot of their stamp sets and so cute
so this Hedgehog is from a new Christmas set called Holly Jolly critters and I
stamped it on the oyster gray cardstock I could have had added on
some white cardstock but I’m going to be sitting this on the front of the card so
I didn’t want the white border because I’m going to fussy cut this image out
and I didn’t want I would have looked lovely I’m sure when I’m fine but I just
thought it’d be better to have the oyster card stock and then it’s not
going to stand out so much on the front of the card when I fussy cut it right so
now I’ve gone back to my card this is going to add the panel to the front now
I’m making sure that I’m adding enough adhesive beneath the door because I want
I want to actually make this slightly interactive card it’s not full-on
interactive is there such a thing as a slightly interactive card well, there is
now! I initially came in with my craft knife
my metal ruler to try and sort of cut the door out and that didn’t work out so
I’m not really good with knives I’m not trusted with them did you notice I was
actually holding the top of the knife the bit that helps it click back in
these knives are great by the way they’re like a surgical blade so they’re
really sharp so you do have to be very careful with them
I actually found it was easier just to eyeball it and cut it and the best way
to cut card stock is slowly don’t press too hard just keep going over the same
spot until it’s through and you can feel when it’s through and you can actually
see when it’s through both layers if you keep flipping it over and looking which
is what I did I also added a couple of score lines on either side because it is
the card stock two pieces of card stock on each other and there’s my dog See you can
actually see him, but just, I think that’s why it’s ‘slightly’ and all that’s left to do
is pop up my little Hedgehog oh I did add a sentiment this is a really little
sentiment thought it’d work perfectly and I popped it up on on the actual
wreath that the hedgehogs holding it’s from the mountain holiday stamp set from
Ellen Hutson as well I’ll just use some glue dots to do that we’ve I added some
Nuvo berries this is the red berry gloss accents and I love with this stuff
you can make these berries or you know dots enamel dots as big or as small as
you want just make sure you let them dry okay so thanks for visiting today that’s
my finished card I hope you’ve had some fun and if you like this video please
like it and if you haven’t already I’d love you to subscribe until next time
happy paper crafting bye

51 thoughts on “Creating a Christmas Scene Card!

  1. Oh Therese, love this sweet little card. Such a lovely technique and I love the use of pencils. They work really well with furry little creatures. Definitely a card for someone special. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I also have a thing for doors and red doors are my favorite. This is the ultimate Christmas card in my book. Cute animals, opening door and colored pencils! Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy your videos 😃

  3. Cute card. Reminds me that I need to start my christmas cards. What other median can you use instead of gamsol. Have'nt been able to get it in Tauranga NZ.

  4. Such a charming card, Therese! Beautiful coloring with your pencils and I love the effects of Gamsol! As always, thanks so much for sharing all of your great tips with us 🙂

  5. Yup, slightly interactive… is officially a card type (Austrailian of course!). Lol 😂
    Gorgeous card Therese, as always! Keep them coming 💕💖

  6. Love this door! One of the best tips I have learned from you is stamping again after using pencils. I think it is a game changer!

  7. Gorgeous Therese – you made me a fan of Penny Black stamps and dies 🙂 – I can see you are using a few beautiful products form Ellen lately but unfortunately the shipping cost from Ellen Hutson is too high for me which is a pity – I so wish we were neighbours so we can do a bit of creating together – you are very inspiring xx

  8. Oh my gosh! That's the sweetest Christmas card ever! So much fun to open that old red vintage door to find a happy doggy inside! Loved your colors and coloring tips! Thanks for the tips and joy! : )🎄✨🌹

  9. I won't lie, Therese … i'd totally CASE this card if I had the products to do so!!  How absolutely endearing it is… who wouldn't LOve to see this Hedgie on their holiday door mat!  xx  =]   M

  10. Hi, Therese. Super cute card. The door turned out fantastic. As you went over it with the gamsol, it reminded me of the magic of embossing. And I always have fun watching your videos. Rare us the time that I am not chuckling along with you. You are usually the star of my lunch break.:-). × Kim

  11. Lovely card, I do that when I’m colouring with pencils, hold my nail against the edge of where I don’t want the colour! It must be an old trick from my childhood ☺️ 🤗♥️

  12. What a gorgeous card, love the surprise element and of course the super cute critters. I've never used pencils before to colour. Would you say prisma pencils are good for a beginner?

  13. What a wonderfully festive card! I have not used pencils & gamsol in years, but that door is perfect and makes me want to color with them again.

  14. What a cute card. So clever. Not sure how/why someone would give you a thumbs down 🤔 but unfortunately you have those kind of people as well. But I'm excited that you share such clever cards 😍

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