Crochet Christmas tree balls

Crochet Christmas tree balls

These Christmassy tree decorations have
all been made with the same pattern, only colors are different. We’ll start making
one now. If you like this video please hit the like button and also subscribe
to my channel if you haven’t yet. You need three colors of yarn and they need
to be approximately the same weight, doesn’t really matter what weight. The
heavier your yarn is the bigger your Christmas balls will be. These are the
same yarn here so the size is like this here and then you need a crochet hook
that goes with your yarn, I have 3.5 milimeter. You can take out
this video’s description for suggestions on crochet hooks and yarn, and then you
need some wadding, whatever type. I normally buy very cheap pillows for that.
Take the first color of yarn and make a magic loop, wrap round and make a stitch and first chain three and then we’ll make eleven double
crochets into this here ring. And that’s double crochets using American crochet
terms, it’s treble in British terms. Eleven double crochets, one yarn-over each, eleven Here and then tighten the magic loop,
very tight, like this here and either now or in a while
finish off this well, with the magic loop you need to pass it through several
times, otherwise it will come loose later. And then get your second color, we always change the colors so that the slip stitch closing the round is already in
the new color. So insert your hook into the top one of the three chains we made
in the beginning and get the other color and make a slip stitch. Then chain one, a single crochet into the next stitch and
the one after, then two single crochets into the third one. So we increase a bit
always having two single crochets and then two in the one stitch, on the third
stitch and again, single crochets in American terms, double crochet in British
terms. One single crochet, another one and then two into the same stitch here and
continue right round like this. Here we now have 16 stitches on the round. Then
get your third color ready and the next round will be double crochets again into
back loops, so get the back loop of the first on the previous round and pull the
yarn through it, chain three and then these count as the
first double crochet and then a double crochet into the next one and the one
after and then two into the fourth one, two double crochets into the same stitch.
So this again increases a bit but not too much, it started to get rounded and
that again three times double crochet into the next stitch, three and then two to the next one and continue like this. There will be 20
stitches on the round. That’s 20 and then next we will be working these here
groups, groups of double crochets and for these I’m using the two colors that I
started with but you can of course select whatever colors. At this stage
now we are starting to have these yarn ends inside here and normally I would
never knot crochet if it’s for clothes or something but this is just for
decoration and the inside won’t show so you could knot some of those together, the ones we started. Every second double crochet group will be a different color
I’m taking one of the colors here. I didn’t cut that one, I’m just taking it
from there and inserting the hook to the top of the chain from last round and
making a stitch. You need to pull these quite often here and then chain three
and two double crochets into that same stitch but we pull them together at the
top, so start the double crochet but don’t finish it, leave the last stitch on
the hook and one more, so now I got three with this chain counted and then pull
through all of them at once and now we’re using the other color, also taking
it from inside there and tightening first and then make a stitch using that,
a chain, just one and then we’ll have three double crochets in the next stitch,
again leaving then unfinished so we pull them together at the top. Two and three and take a yarn-over and
pull through all of them at once and then we continue like this, change the
yarn and again tighten it a bit, chain one with the new yarn and three double
crochets into the next stitch, yarn-over and pull through. So we
continue like this, I’ll make one more, go back to the red color, chain one and
three into right the next stitch and so on, so now I’m taking the green
again and continue like this right around. Here we are, you have 20 of these
groups of double crochets so 10 in each color. Then we’ll have one round in the
third color, neither of these colors. By the way, the yarns do tangle a
bit, so when you are making this here try to twist them opposite
directions, first this way and then that way, so hope it doesn’t tangle too much.
So I’m taking this one now and inserting it to the start of the round, again
tightening and then chain one and now we’ll have a single crochet in between
each of these groups, just one single crochet in each and nothing else. It will,
the stitch will be a bit stretched because it needs to jump a bit
but this way we’ll have the same number of stitches, not decreasing or increasing.
That’s 20 single crochets around it and then we’ll have a second round of these
double crochets in two colors. I’m taking the green here and a slip stitch and again
chain 3 to start and two double crochets into the same one so that will pull them
together at the top and then you continue just like in that there round
by having one, always first chain one when you change the color and then a
group of three into that single crochet we just made,
so like this here and continue just that, right round. There’
s that and then we started to decrease so the next round will be like this here
but of course we’re going the opposite direction so we are decreasing. I’m
getting that yellow yarn or goldy yarn there and a slip stitch again, there and
it’s double crochets and we start with chaining three and now it’s important
that you only put one double crochet on top of each of the color groups so that
it actually does then decrease the number. First a double crochet there and
then on top of the next one so now with the chain and those we have three and
then we decrease so take a yarn-over and start a double crochet there but leave
it in here and then go to the next one and again insert the hook and pull a
stitch so it looks like that and yarn- over and through three of these. This is
called the invisible decrease in double crochet and then finish the stitch and
then three so that it goes on top of each, just an ordinary double crochet,
next one, that’s two and three, there’s my yarn getting here and then again the invisible decrease so first there and then make a stitch into the next one.
Yarn-over and through three and finish the stitch and then continue like this
so you always first make three double crochets separately and then you
decrease. You’ll end up with sixteen stitches and when that’s done pull up a
long stitch so you don’t lose your yarn and fill it up with the wadding, whatever
you have there, so just fill it. There and I cut the yellow yarn because
we won’t need it anymore and then we have two more rounds to do like this and
the first one is single crochets. I’ll do mine in green, it’s a bit harder to
crochet now with all the wadding in it and then making a stitch to start the round, there, chain one and we are working into
the back loop so make two single crochets first normally, so one in each
and then we decrease the next two, start the stitch there and there and pull the
yarn through all at once and then a normal single crochet into the next two,
I mean one in each, that one and that one and then we decrease the next two, start
a stitch and another one and pull through all that one go, so like this
till the end, always to ordinary stitches and then a
decrease and you end up with twelve stitches at the end. Here we are and then
one more round. I’m using the red that I started with
and what we are doing now is decreasing the whole time, always putting three
double crochets together and first a slip stitch and now I’m using both loops of the
stitch. Tighten, chain three, this is our first double crochet and then make a
stitch into the next one and next one and yarn-over through these three loops
and finish the stitch. Then yarn-over and we’re starting a double crochet in three
stitches so just one loop there, one loop in that one and one loop in the third
one and now we have four stitches to go through, so yarn-over and through all but
the last one, there and finish the stitch and again yarn-over, stitch there,
stitch there and the next one, yarn-over, through four
loops and yarn-over and through the last two and one more time. There this
last bit is not that easy to do because it’s so tight there and then a slip stitch to the start of
the round and here it is now and then what I’m
doing is I’m making a hanging loop from this red yarn so I’m cutting it a bit
further. Finish off these two first by passing them inside that ball and then I
threaded the red yarn and I’m leaving a loop before finishing it off.

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  1. now this is really different. So neat and clever. Never thought of crocheting Christmas ornaments. Way cool and must try.

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