Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt

In today’s tutorial let me show you how to make one of my hexagon Christmas tree skirts, and this is really simple once you get it started. Let’s do that right after this. Welcome back to The Crochet Crowd as well as I’m your host Mikey. Today I’m going to show you how to make one of my Christmas Tree Skirts, and this skirt is really interesting because it can go as big as you possibly ever need it. So if it grows and grows and grows until you get to the size that you want that means that you don’t have to really plan that far ahead. When it comes to making sure that you got the right size. What I have here is that I have a really unique way that it turns we have some overlapping stitches so this is the front side of it and this is the back side ,that you can see there. And we have provided to you -we meaning me – I provided a crocheted diagrams available on The Crochet and you can see some other photographs of this whole lay out as well. Just for your ease. So within today’s tutorial I’m going to show you how to get started right in the very beginning stages it does have a slit in it so you can wrap it around the base of a tree very easily. So no further ado – let’s get onto this pattern. You’ll need a five millimeter size H crochet hook and you’ll need some Caron Party yarn – you can just substitute the hook to match your creativity and as long as the hook matches the yarn you’re going to be good to go for this particular design. For what I have that you see here I used two balls of every other color so we used a fuchsia , purple and silver and so you can mix and match. you should know – when you’re changing your colors though is that this here that comes out this is just an overlay. So it can only happen every other row because the fact is it’s only on one side as I showed you on the backside looks different. So if you’re planning on this. Plan on two rows before changing your colors so that you can get the same effect as these. So let’s begin – I’m using Bernat supervalue today for the demonstration, a five millimeter size H crochet hook. Remember that the one on the hook never counts as one for your slip knot. To make this an complete hexagon that you need with complete with slit you need to chain 53 . So just roll the hook and pull through- so one, tw,o three, four, and five go all the way to 53, and meet me back here in just a few moments. So now that I have my chain complete you can see the size of it here the first row, that we’re about to do is always the hardest, because you have to establish your rows and once you get this, uh actually I think it’s the next row after this is- that it becomes just a standard pattern, that you can just repeat over and over. It’s like a granny square once you get it started it’s good to go. So to start this – we need to go fifth chain from the hook, so just count back so one, two, three, four, and five. Turn it over and get the back hump of that fifth and double crochet three times. So one- two so I don’t want to baffle you too much with my crochet goodness so I just want to let you know this chain that we have here this gapping counted as a double crochet and a chain one- and that makes sense later on in the tutorial. So let’s begin and we’re going to continue to move along so we have to skip the next 2 chains – one and two – go to the third one and double crochet that one plus the next two, okay. So there’s going to be one double crochet for three in a row and this is the middle of one of the hexagon sides. So now we’re going to start turning a corner again so we immediately just skip another two and we’re going to double crochet three times into the third one over – and we’re going to do our first turn . there’s gonna be three double crochets. You should know this whole pattern – of the corners are the same all through-out the whole thing. So once you learn this is pretty easy. You do three you’re going to chain two and then three into the exact same chain and you will notice your project will instantly start to turn. So let’s continue to make another side. So all the sides are the same, you can understand that. So we’re going to skip 2 go to the third one over and put in three double crochets so we’re going to do one and do the next one for double crochet so this is another side that we’re completing and do it three times – so you’ll have three right in a row. We’re going to move to another corner, so we skipped two and go to the third one over and we’re going to put three double crochets in there. So one – so we’re turning a corner at this point two and three once you have the first side of the corner turned you have to chain two and then continue to double crochet three more times back into the same chain to make that corner complete. So moving along the chain you’re going to skip the next two – go to the third one over for a double crochet and remember he has two more friends with them so the next two are going to be a double crochet each, so there’s a total of three. And then we’re skipping two and we’re going to begin another corner so don’t third one over three double crochet one two and three that’s half the corner so let’s turn the corner so we got to change to first and do three double crochets again . So I want you to continue that same pattern going all the way across your chain. Okay so you can see that you’re turning your corners and it’s starting to happen so you can see at one side to side three sides. How many sides are in hexagon? Six, so that means I’m halfway through so continue that same patterning. So if you’re confused just skip the next two, three double crochets in a row and then skip to do another corner and then continue that same patterning going all the way around I’ll meet you at the end of this row. And then I’ll show you how to move up. So I’m coming up all the way around to the end and I’m on my last side so I got one, two, three, four, five and six. So to finish the last one you’re going to skip the final two and go into the very last one and you’re going to put in three double crochets but you’re not done there – so just bear with me – so put in your three. And you remember- I had you go in the 5th of the hook? That’s because this side has to be in balance. You’re going to put in three chain one and double crochet to finalize off this row okay. So that’s kind of what you’ve done on the other side is just in an indirect way. Okay so there is the starting of your Christmas tree skirt we’re going to keep the same color and then we’re going to move up so let’s keep the same color so just turn your work and let’s begin row number two. Row number two and three are going to be the exact same thing for the remainder of your project. So now that we’ve gotten you started let me show you how to continue. So we’re going to immediately- we’re going to chain up ummm …4 – one, two, three and four. That counted as double crochet / chain one and in this chain one space that you did at the end I want you to put in three double crochets – right into that chain one space – so one, two and three – this allows the project to grow. Now you’re going to want to jump over this group of three in the row below and go into the space between the group of three and the first double crochet and I want you to double crochet right into that space and now I want you to double crochet right into the remaining double crochets that are already there. So this base area is going to get bigger and bigger and bigger okay -so there will be more double crochets in between the corners as you grow your project bigger. Once you have that done I want you to double crochet into this chain space as -oh sorry – into the space between the last one and where the three start. We’re going to turn our corner so the corners are always going to be the same we just we didn’t chain one at all we just go right into the chain two space and double crochet three times – one, two, and three turn the corner by chaining two and three double crochets back into that same space okay. So you’re not seeing that lift of the braiding look yet it’ll happen in the next row okay. So this is row 2 – Row 3 is where it happens to make that braiding effect so okay. So we’re here is the group of three in the row below we skip over that and double crochet into this gap space- okay- and then double crochet in each of the double crochets along until you get to the other corner. Okay don’t forget to put in one double crochet between the space of the double crochet and the corner- you have to do that because that’s part of the growth and then right in the corner itself you’re going to turn the corner -so to be three double crochet- chain two and three double crochet okay. So I want you to do that same thing going all the way across. So remember to start again double crochet into this chain -sorry – into the space – it’s not a chain in one space i keep thinking that it is but it’s not- just a space one double crochet in each of the double crochets that you have. Okay double crochet between the last double crochet in the chain – sorry – the three double crochets so just right in that space and then turn a corner – so three double crochets chain two, three double crochets. I’ll meet you at the end of this row and I’ll show you how to finish this row and then how to do the next row because the next row is the braiding look and we will be changing color at that point as well. So let me show you how to finish this row and they’re all going to finish the same way on this particular row because we’re going to repeat Row 2 and 3 over and over and over and don’t forget to go into that gap space first. Okay so the final corner okay the final edge is going to be three double crochets followed by a chain 1 and a 1 double crochet in there and I want you to fasten this off. So we want to change your color so if you want that beautiful look of the braid that appears in the corners you have to fasten off at this point. And we’re going to start with brand new color and the colors change every two rows okay so now we have our green and I’m just for the fun of it -I’m not a very traditional Christmas person– but I’m going to do red and green, why not right? Only live once. So here we go so I’m going to turn my work and I’m going to get ready for the next color and you can see things are coming together quite nicely. So let’s begin our next color. So I’m just going to start off with a slip knot put it on my hook . Now I want to come into the chain one space ok – so just here’s the double crochet here’s the group at three go right into the space itself. Just attach your yarn okay with this with a slip stitch and then I want you to chain 4 – so – one and two three and four. Okay, so what I want to do here is that I need to continue this pattern to grow so I have to put in three double crochets into that same space, I was just in- okay so this is how you always start when you’re doing Rows number three okay so Rows two and three are the repeat. So last time what we did is that we came into this space right here -so we jumped over the three we went into the space. For that braiding look I need you to do a double treble and come into this space one down okay so not into the space but one down . So do a double treble you wrap the hook 3 times so one two and three -okay there should be four loops on your hook prior to going into there and you go into the exact same space where the other one was okay just go right into that space and pull through so you’ll have five loops on your hook so wrap and pull through two- wrap and two – wrap and two- wrap and two and that gives you the braiding look that’s down. So you’re going to skip over this chain or this gapping space in this row for when you do this and you immediately jump in then to the first double crochet that you can find. Okay – so by jumping all the way down it was kind of the equivalent of going into the space that you found between the three double crochets and the first double crochet here. Okay so then you’re going to double crochet all the remaining double crochets that are in this row – for this particular side I should say. okay so you come into the last one and now you’ve got the corner again but you need to create this jumping down again so to do that you’re going to wrap the hook 3 times so a double trouble and then come down into the space right here so just coming from the front side just pull through- you’ll have five loops again wrap and two – wrap and two- wrap and two and wrap and two. And then you start the corner so the corners are always the same three double crochet followed by a chain two and then three double crochet again. So I’m going to show you this again -okay so I’m going to continue, I’m not going to leave you hanging! Okay so in the last row we would have went to the first one right here for a double crochet but in this one every other row we have to do it like this- so we’re going to do a double treble into this space right here- not this one. So – one, two, three going into that space, yarn over pull through okay pull through two pull through two two and two. And then we start and then double crochet into the remaining double crochets that are there. So, one so – I don’t really need to count it i just gotta look for it. Because every time we do a row each side is getting bigger and bigger. So once you get to this side here you got to do the same again. So to do that double treble so wrap three times into the space down here pull through two to two and two and then start your corner – three double crochet followed by a chain two, three double crochet okay so the next one – it’s not this space that we normally would – we have to come down one. So we’re going to wrap three times okay so you’re jumpin’ two rows below. Okay pull through – oops! try that again. Pull through 2- 2 -2- 2 all the way back up and then we start in with the double crochets on the first double crochet that you can run into. So continue that all the way around. You can see how it’s looking at this point and when we come back I’ll show you again the next row is basically this green one here but done in red and then you change the color and then you start again with the green if you wanted to and then you do this what you’re just doing right now- to create that look- so it looks like it’s all interlocked together. So I’m coming up near the end of the row. Let’s finish off this row like we normally would for this one so we’d have the wrap to do the double treble down -don’t forget to do that- we do that right all the way across on this row when we’re doing this row and then we jump immediately to this chain one space over here and we put in our three double crochets, followed by a chain one and double crochet so we’re not going to change your colors at this point we’re just immediately going to change our work but this is what it looks like right now you can see how the red is overlapped it’s really kind of a neat effect and we’re going to turn our work so this road that we’re about to do is the same row exactly what we did in the green here okay. So if you can imagine you’re just repeating rows 2 and 3 over and over again so remember how to start that row is just chain 4, one, two, three, and four. Three double crochets into that chain one space okay so last time what we were doing in the last row we were skipping all the way down but you can see that we’re on the back side now so we’re just coming in between that three and the first double crochet okay and this is the one that is going all the way down- but it doesn’t matter- just look for that space after the three and put in your double crochet – and then each one of those that are in the rows so you can even see that this is the double treble here ok and here – doesn’t matter- just treat it like it’s a regular stitch and just double crochet across the top. So we’re just adding a double crochet into each to keep – it from growing flat- keep it to grow flat. Once you have all those done just come into the chain uh the space that is in the last one here and the group of three and put in your double crochet and then start your next corner. So the corners are always the same. Chain your three double crochet ok Chain two and three double crochet and do that all the way across. So once you’re all the way across the other side all you are going to do is change your color once again and then begin- and do the next time that you go by- is that you have to do then the ones that drop down for the entire row. So you can go as big as you want too. This is the basics of doing this particular skirt- you can stop as often as you want. I can honestly give you a tip too – so why don’t I give you a tip? If you really wanted to change the rows (colors) every row – and I wasn’t planning on teaching this but what what you know what who cares so if you wanted to do for example it said that you wanted every road to be this drop down here so instead of doing the front post are coming down or the front gap what to maintain that on the front side you could do a double trouble ok but this time instead of coming from the front side you would have to come from the back side and go into this last one here which is the green one. ok so you move up one and you come in and you treat it like a normal back post ok – and so this will allow you to change your colors every color every time and it will have these sit more closer together than just being so far apart so that’s just a creativity that’s up to you. You know what? – it is my pattern – but I prefer that you be happy – and you can just as long as you treat your corners the same and as long as you have the correct number of stitches between the corners you should not have any buckling problems at all so let me show you that one more time this is the alternative so say you wanted to carry that along so instead of just going into the double crocheting into the space – you could doubled treble and just come in from the behind into the green okay it was the last green one and treat it like a back post double crochet. There and that’ll keep that on that side as well okay so that’s an alternative that is up to you. And until next time I’m

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