Cubre Sillas Santa Claus paso a paso

Cubre Sillas Santa Claus paso a paso

Hello friends! Today we share this project,
they can be applied not only in these chair covers, can also make
pads, put it as an application of a foot tree,
I hope you like this project to put it into practice and to work … the fabric
we will use in this project is lency felt or cloth, we will use
in red, green, white skin and black, in this case for example I have
yersilon or angel skin also called, because I do not have the
lency felt or cloth but you do what They can use all in lency cloth or
felt which is the same material but It depends on each country is named
different, the one that will use this projects is green, because green is
to be the lining covers chairs it we will need a piece of 50
centimeters by 1 meter, others if are smaller pieces soon
1/4 can get more or less than 70 by 50 centimeters and
However they will be materials for other projects …. we will also
need silicone gun silicone rods, meter, scissors,
corresponding to the colors threads we will use, needle, also pins,
cotton siliconized a larger piece this, here is to teach them that
We’re going to need and a pompom to put the
Santa hat and the media circles. these buttons serve to
make the eyes, this is a pair and other materials we need is a piece
small teddy bear or fabric ovejero, also 3 pompons can
be white, red, the color that you here prefer to decorate will
using green and millare approximately 1.5 meters for
covers chairs now then to these materials
we started well here are the mountains
remember that we share in the blog and Facebook page Art
For your hands with Lili and Sam in the description we leave the link to make it more
easy to find the first thing we will do is cut
parts, after the molds and we get the single mold and
or had moved the pieces this will be the face that are 2 pieces
Face to cap also will be two parts in red felt, the
I’m putting well for you to see better, The arms are then 2 arms
be four parts, two for each Here are the 2 arms, for
2 also beards the body are also 2 parts of
gloves just as the arms and is 2
arms, then here’s a glove here the other that we will also use, whiskers are also 2 that are
with mold, the nose is only one, only one piece,
Remember that you can lency do it in cloth, felt or
Also in yersilon, I use yersilon fabric is normally
It used for dolls, but this time I’ll use in this project,
and then with parts fully cut what I’m gonna do this will
I begin to unite, here recall them to is not seen with stitch that festoon the same
I explained in the previous project we will then sew all around
here we started when cosamos all contour will leave a space
can be here where neck and We leave a space and fill it with
siliconized cotton, it is not us very filling, but it looks like dimpling, I will
do the same with all parts …. and we have all the pieces sewn together as
indicated above them and let them a small space,
in any of them leave a space where I will start filling, the only
piece that are not filled gloves because gloves will do the same function of covering what the holy hand
then here slightly because either is so they are very filling is
only for you a look padding will fill a little later
we do this in all parts and as I say except gloves
then we fill it slightly then also we closed seamed
the same type or made buttonhole stitch doll as they call it in different
country, stitching is very While it done is very simple nothing complicated, so let’s
do We flatten well so that we will not be
very busy as I say has to be very mild I’ll sew where was the
orifice close all this and so I will do
with all parts .. here slightly
and fill in all parts as you can see here are and all
completely sewn around the contour I explained here as the glove
we will put in hand as well this process do we put the
glove and ready, so are the gloves Now I’ll take the part that is the
nose what will make all zurcir contour make a stitch linear
I intermediate and more taking the form I closed I apply a little cotton
silicone, a small piece because as us much and this we will then put together what
nose I pressure, coso well in this part, the
I sew very well and when I finish a knot and then would list the nose and
Now what I’m gonna do is I’m going to assemble the chair covers, bone lining as such,
then I finished assembling the nose and He taught them and in a little while as
stay, remember the chair covers the part that tells them is 1 meter
by 50 centimeters what I’ll do I’m going to sew the sides
I will thus bond to the sides can be hand, it may be machine then
I’ll make this union to we start gun in the holy chair covers …
but before putting on or decorate the holy in chair covers the lining,
then let’s cut a piece This also bear ovejero 3
centimeters, cut 3 cm and the workpiece 40 centimeters court
make decorations arms santa here apply silicone and I start gluing and all the way around the arm or glove remove excess and equal I with the other arm, here in
contour glove so as decorum and now then I’ll start building
the holy then here is the head, what I do is that silicone hit the beards now stick beards mustaches we can apply silicone and then if we
It needed in some parts because then we make tweaks in the parts we remain missing after
retouch silicone, This is the nose we place We hold so that we look good
stuck because sometimes when we do not hold You can be lifted and that
It causes the silicone fabric staining He explained while cutting a piece
Teddy 3.5 centimeters It has approximately 30 centimeters
We’re not going to hit all 30 centimeters but better one piece
we can handle and not go us be missing at the time of paste as I say in this part I remain
We pear silicone missing then we will to paste to secure attachment on the web Now then let’s stick the bear,
This stuffed animals if we are to leave a space here at the end to turn around
which it is the head let approximately 3
centimeters and we will stick around the contour of the cap,
and on both sides 3 cm 3 centimeters here and this side finished pasting
then put eyes and Pompon end cap and so
then it is already holy with eyes and pompom here at the end,
Now what we will do is add the body, the body
we here at the bottom also the silicone paste,
we apply enough and paste Also the arms that remain ourselves at the
bottom and hidden and silicone paste and hold well to stick
then we retouching silicone and we can do is go
decorating, to give a little color around and the green buttons and can them
put white or decoration that they like, they get the button,
These are some pompoms very well for Christmas give more color to the holy Here a button that I found among my things I’ll stick here to give a little more
decoration, now retouch silicone when it cools well, when this well attached, we proceed to paste application to the lining or covering chairs and
Overall …. I have here and then ready This forum is here
as you can see it is the continuous web would not the meter and width is 50
centimeters here at the end where it should be
the back of the chair I’ll stick a millare, you can
also decorate as you like all the outline to give a touch
much more beautiful, much brighter, more beautiful
then here I’ll stick around the contour and
The advantage is that the felt he does not fray, does not fray then it allows us to peguemos many
beautiful decorations on it If you want to make a hem can
doing so perfect !, put a bias or bies tape also, I’ll stick by
and the outline and proceed to paste the application of holy …. and since then
paste the millare all the way around if like and they want to do they can do
where is the seam, where the binding is seen, is also very
beautiful Now what we do is locate the
Santa, the application already in a photo I’ll be sharing them will see it
as fully as is, already in the camera plane touches us closer,
It is not seen very well but when they see the photos that you know they
molds and share photos facebook and blog
then you can appreciate much better This is what I will do is locate the
St. it is well focused and stick with
Silicone totally everything will stick silicone silicone enough to
is well set to go green filter make the lining …. I will then proceed
to paste we apply enough silicone so it is very fixed Now we retouching and ready
then the chair covers I hope this project like what
implement He loved me like all
projects I do for you, hope to share, co-covers
chairs’m also working on they then hugs for everyone
thanks for all as you can see and We surpassed 100,000 subscribers and we
certified, we checked the channel Youtube
then this is thanks to you We also want to share
many things to grow together you can perform many
activities for Christmas and many pieces presented for
year hugs to countries that have supported us
much as it has been Colombia, Venezuela Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina
Chile to name a few because many
Nicaragua, El Salvador …. Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, are
many, many truth that we have supported in Europe by Spain that it
Of course as we speak our language They understand much more, but also
other countries like France, Italy, Greece, the United Kingdom,
Portugal, here in South America Brazil also who do not speak our
language, all of them, all of you many, many
Thank you, I hope you like this idea that implement and hope
also share new videos here on your channel Arte in Your Hands

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  1. Hermoso como todos los munecos q hace, bendiciones arte en tus manos,desde Ecuador un abrazo de Patricia Hilaca sosa.

  2. Amiga linda si pudieras compartirlos una cenefa. Muchas gracias por ser tan generosa explicas muy bien nos comparte los moldes que Dios la bendiga hoy mañana y siempre. Mil y mil gracias.

  3. Muy bonito y usted bien delicada para esplicar esta muy bonito no te olvides por fabor las teteras o tacitas navideñas si por fabor bezitos ala distancia a usted y su familia

  4. buen dia tambien me gusto el santa adoro los muñecos por supuesto la navidad te quedo muy lindo Dios siga bendiciendo esas manos y tu creatividad saludos

  5. t quedo muy bonito dusculpa ya tendras un video donde hayas echo un santa claus para puerta tamaño mediano no muy grande gracias


  7. Me encanto mi mama le gusta mucho tu trabajo y ya esta haciendo sus cubresillas que pases feliz navidad y DIos los llene de bendiciones

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