Cussly’s Birthday Party – ChuChuTV Storytime Good Habits Bedtime Stories for Kids

Cussly’s Birthday Party – ChuChuTV Storytime Good Habits Bedtime Stories for Kids

ChuChu’s neighborhood was a great place to live. Many children lived there. A boy named Cussly lived in the neighborhood too. One morning, Cussly’s mother woke him up with a kiss. Good morning, Cussly sweetheart. It’s time to rise and shine! Oh Mom! It’s Sunday today. Can I sleep for a little longer, please? You can Cussly. But don’t you want to get up and get dressed? It’s your birthday today, remember! Oh yes! It’s my birthday! I almost forgot! Happy Birthday, sweetheart. Thanks, Mom! So what would you like to do today, Cussly? Would you like to invite your friends over for a birthday party? Yes! Let’s invite my friends over for lunch. That’ll be fun! We can get pizzas! And a big chocolate cake! I’ll also make my favorite broccoli soup for my friends! It’s your day today, Cussly! So we’ll do whatever you like, dear. Cussly got dressed quickly. He wore some nice new clothes. Cussly’s mother invited his friends over. She ordered pizzas and a delicious chocolate birthday cake. Meanwhile, Cussly put on an apron and started making his favorite broccoli soup. Butter! Fresh broccoli! Cream! Soon, the soup was done and Cussly was ready for his birthday party. The doorbell rang. Cussly’s friends came with presents. Happy Birthday, Cussly! Cussly’s mother invited everyone to join Cussly as he cut his birthday cake. Come on, everyone! Let’s sing for Cussly while he cuts his birthday cake. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Cussly! Happy Birthday to you! Thanks everyone! Cussly’s mother then invited all the children to eat lunch. Come on, children! You must be hungry now. Let’s have some lunch! Cussly wanted everyone to try his broccoli soup. Everyone, I have made my favorite broccoli soup for you all. Please try it. It’s yummy. I’m really hungry, Cussly but I’ll skip the soup and just have pizza and cake. Try it, ChaCha. It’s delicious. I know you’ll like it. No, Cussly. I only want pizza and cake. ChaCha’s hand accidentally hit the soup bowl. Some soup spilled out. Cussly became very angry. Look what you’ve done, ChaCha. You’ve spilled the soup. I’m not going to give you any cake or pizza now. I’m sorry, Cussly. I didn’t mean to spill the soup. I’ll help you clean it up. Oh, no you won’t. ChuChu heard Cussly scolding ChaCha. Cussly, it was an accident. You’re not being fair. Do you remember what happened last week? You were playing with a frog when you accidentally hurt its leg. Uh oh! I think I’d better go home. I’ve hurt this frog You left without helping the frog But ChaCha and I took the frog with us and cared for it You were very rude Cussly You ran away without helping out But we forgot about your mistake and came to your birthday party. We forgave you, didn’t we? ChaCha made a mistake by pushing the bowl away He’s willing to help you clean it up He’s being very fair, Cussly And I think you should be fair to ChaCha and forgive him too You’re right ChuChu I’m sorry ChaCha And I’m sorry about spilling the soup too Cussly and ChaCha shake hands Cussly then gave ChaCha a huge slice of pizza and a big piece of his birthday cake This is for you ChaCha I’m sorry and thank you for forgiving me. Friendship is all about forgiving and forgetting Always remember that ChaCha then surprised Cussly by asking him for a bowl of the broccoli soup Cussly, I’d like to try some of the broccoli soup you’ve made I’m sure it must be very good I’ll get you a bowl right away ChaCha enjoyed eating the broccoli soup Mmmm… This soup is yummy You’re a very good cook Cussly! Thanks ChaCha Everyone had a good time at Cussly’s party We all had fun today and we learned how we must always forgive our friends. It’s very important ChuChu was right Friendship is all about forgiving and forgetting

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  1. Culsly was so rude because he told chacha to try the soup because he dirent want to try the soup. Beout chacha was being so rude becuase he said to cusly you wer so mean to that you hit a frog foot. But they a polges to cusly. And culy a ploges

  2. Cussly your not supposed to be mad at your birthday.Everyone is always happy at their birthday and not being like a meanie.Oh and happy birthday!!😁

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