44 thoughts on “Customizing the Nav Bar Part 1: Colors (iOS, Xcode 8, Swift 3)

  1. Hi Mark, great tutorial indeed, I have one question, can we subclass UINavigationBar? As per our requirement can we customize it?

  2. Nice tip! So we change the colors of the nav items to signal to the users they can interact with it. Keep up the good work!

  3. "shadow image" of navigation bar…. before watching this tutorial,i even don't know that exist..thanks mark…you are very helpfull!!!

  4. Thanks Mark, now I'll have to check my apps, how I can improve them with what you have learned us ??

  5. top quality video again Mark! really enjoyed it. one thing I noticed with navigation controllers is that every view connected via segue after a navigation controller has been added to the storyboard also gets the navigation bar. how do stop this?

  6. Very cool. Do you happen to know if there is a way to set the top status bar color depending on the background? (if you have a full screen image it might be light or dark unpredictably…).

  7. You explain in details and makes things so simple. I first go through your videos first and then to the StackOverflow.

  8. Awesome Video Mark!!

    I have this problem when I transition from a transparent navbar to a non transparent one… the push/pop animation doesn't look very good as it appears black first then changes to the colour we give. Could you please explain how to make the animation look good in the upcoming videos 🙂

  9. Hi Mark, I love your videos. Great Job man. I have a question. Why when I load the image in my simulator first appear the bar and only will be transparent when I go back. Do I change any configuration in plist or setting of the project? Thanks

  10. Congrats on your 100th video Mark! I've learned so much from you, thanks so much. Also wanted to say I love your teaching style + Tab bar Customization Video is my request! Tab bar is hard to customize and there's complexity with the way views are stacked in navigating back and forth from nested views

  11. Sir can you make a video related to some custom progress indicator and circular loading view . You can see this sir https://dribbble.com/shots/3695501-Email-App-Analytics-Interaction

    The front view as well as the colored circular view

  12. Amazing videos, is it possible to do the same with the Navigation Bar without using a Navigation Controller ? Thanks Mark

  13. Thank you for sharing you knowledge with others. If it possible to ask to do one swift video for beginners, about how, when, whit what kind of permission use the functions, classes. I know that they are many videos out there but those are not so detailed like how you present your videos.

  14. Great video mark.but is there any way that we can get rid of the fantastic journey text when we go to next view controller

  15. Hi Mark, I am slightly confused with the dimensions shown in XCode at the moment – the pixel dimension of an iPhone 7 Plus is 1920×1080, but XCode shows a dimension of 736×414. I can only assume that it must be using a different unit to measure it in, but this seems very confusing. The reason I ask is because it makes it very difficult to transfer a design made in Adobe Illustrator over to XCode due to the difference in dimensions? Is there something I am unaware of, or have I made some grave error?
    Many thanks.

  16. I wanna ask you something, how many frames does a navigation bar allow?, it supposed to be 6, 3 from the left side and 3 for the right side, is that true?

  17. Hey Mark, I am a great fan of your videos. Your tutorials and tips helped me in many times.
    I would really love to see a tutorial about UIPercentDrivenInteractiveTransition since Apple provides only a few transition animations.

  18. Welp Mark,  here is small problem that I have. In my app I set up background in my tableViewController like this:

            let imageView = UIImageView(image: UIImage(named: "less"))
            self.tableView.backgroundView = imageView

    The problem is this way I'm not setting the background behind the nav. bar and even when I make the nav. bar transparent the background of course will not get applied to nav. bar. How do I set it so it is behind the nav. bar and maybe even behind the tab bar that I also have in this tableViewController

  19. If you change the visibility of the navigation controller to false then it no longer changes the status bar style depending upon navigation bar style.

  20. I love ur videos. I really like how u present information. Clear and concise and you know what u are doing. Thanks for the videos 🙂

  21. OMG !!!! I didn't know you can actually use a blank UIImage() and also get rid of the thin line under navigation bar. Mark thanks a lot. You are teaching GOD. Love this video. Many thanks again.

  22. I really like the way you teach the things, clear and fluent. You are one of my favorite iOS mentors on YouTube. Thanks Mark

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