Cyberpunk 2077 Lore Night City Bars

Cyberpunk 2077 Lore Night City Bars

If you need to quench your thirst, Night City
has a cornucopia of drinking establishments and speciality beverages to satiate your desires.
Built by Isabel Vargas, the Hacienda is Night City’s only true hotel-casino, and it is
famous the worldwide. Only the richest of the rich can afford to stay there, and it
is said that millions change hands on the gaming floor daily. In the early days the
casino was literally besieged by gangs, so Isabel hired solo Andrew Scythe to run her
security force. He built the security force into a small army of well-trained men. Now
the Hacienda is one of the most well protected spots in Night City, and everyone knows it.
Most of the Hacienda’s clientele are high level Corpos and wealthy Power dealers flying
in from Europe just to spend the weekend there. While it is one of the most expensive places
to stay in Night City, those who’ve spent money there have never regretted it. The hospitality
of the Hacienda is legendary, its gardens enchanting, the atmosphere intoxicating, the
food wondrous, and the security force sees to it that nothing disturbs this. There is
both a dress and behaviour code enforced; if a guest wishes to indulge in illegal activity,
he or she had best do it in the privacy of their own suite. Even the hostesses are hand-picked
by Isabel, for grace and charm as well as beauty.
The Piper Memorial Sports Arena and Club Atlantis: The arena was constructed in 1999, and named
after a professional wrestler who thwarted a terrorist attempt to hijack an airliner
and crash dive into the White House to assassinate the President of the United States. Piper
foiled the terrorists, but died of gunshot wounds received during this heroic act. The
entire top three floors of the Sports Arena are the home of Club Atlantis, a favourite
hangout for upwardly mobile corpos and street samurai between assignments. The Atlantis
bar was the location where Johnny Silverhand teamed up with Rogue and Nomad Santiago to
rescue Alt Cunningham from Arasaka. The Ratskellar a student bar, with music video
entertainment and weekend parties. In contrast, Newgate Prison is a serious college drinking
establishment made up to look like a famous London prison. The wooden benches and tables
are bolted to the concrete floor, which is dotted with drains so that all the proprietors
need to do is hose down the room at the end of the night. Upstairs is the Paragon bar,
featuring a large dance floor and live bands most nights.
L’Etranger, a slick night spot decorated in a continental European theme, and favoured
by late-working corpos and white-collar security personnel.
The Rainbow Nights Dance Club mostly hosts local small timers, with crowds being consistently
large, but generally tractable. Once or twice a month, however, they get a big headliner.
Both Johnny Silverhand and Kerry Eurodyne have performed at this club.
The Slammer started out many years ago as a small speed metal punk rock club. Currently
owned by Suds joliet, a former Booster and Rocker, this bar and arena is favoured by
boostergangs, posers, chromers, dorphers, the occasional solo, and any other brave souls
who love hardcore punk rock. The main attraction of this bar is the Arena. Were it not for
the vicarious pleasure offered by the Arena, there would be constant brawls in the Slammer.
Under an unwritten code of the Street, a gang who accepts a challenge must abide by the
“decision” rendered by the outcome of the battle.
Metalstrom caters to the hardest of chromatic rock tastes. It was designed to blend the
best of both rock bar and concert hall, and the resulting ambience is quite unsettling.
Fortunately, most of the patrons are too brain-dead to notice, so the place is a success. The
decor borders on the indestructible. After much experimentation and financial outlay,
the owner of the club decided to purchase breakaway furniture. The chair and tables
fall apart when overstressed, which makes brawls inside Metalstrom look like a Hollywood
western. Café Chrome is the place to be. During the
day, many Corpos come to enjoy the informal 50‘s decor and discuss their various business
interests. The nights are dominated by young adults and rocker crowds who come to the Cafe
to party, and possibly get a glimpse of their favourite stars while enjoying the atmosphere.
In addition to the cameras and the bouncers, fans wishing to mob their idols will also
have to deal with whatever security the stars have brought with them. Cafe Chrome relies
on this, but when all else fails, steel doors have been rigged to drop in all doorways,
sealing each room. The Advocet bills itself as being a luxury
hotel, and with good reason. If extra-legal activities (drugs, illegal braindances or
the like) are desired by visiting businessmen, the hotel concierge can arrange the desired
service. Since this service is offered to in-house guests only, police attention has
not been focused in this direction. All this results in a lot of rich, though questionable
characters renting the upper penthouse suites. Rockerboys are common here.
Bay Bridge Residential Hotel, has an express elevator to the Night Owl, the bar located
on top of the building. The crowd it attracts is of the no-nonsense, mind-your-own-business
type. Besides its never-ending business hours, the Night Owl is one of the few places in
the city where you can still obtain real beer, and they carry over one thousand in stock.
The Afterlife is a converted mortuary that has three different areas, ‘The Antechamber,”
“The Crypt,” and “Hades”, which are all inhabited by hard-drinking, hard-fighting solos who
come here to enjoy the atmosphere and the camaraderie. As one delves deeper into the
Afterlife, each successive chamber becomes darker and more dangerous, with Hades being
filled with the combat veterans who hire out for the highest prices. The Afterlife might
best be described as a cross between a country-western bar and a motorcycle guild hall. This is a
pro’s club, no one needs to prove themselves; their presence here is proof enough. Any brawls
are strictly for fun; no one wants to smear each other, but they do play hard.
Although many people come to the Afterlife to hire solos, a larger proportion post messages
on a marquee which circulates proposals throughout the bar. Those who do enter the bar do so
at their own risk, and have paid the price in the past.
The Short Circuit is a bar set on top of the Argus offices. Favoured by many of the city’s
netrunners and techies, it is highly useful for people looking for help in those areas.
The bar’s other interesting features is its rotating floor, which allows patrons to see
a panoramic view of the City below. Although there has been a lot of corporate interest
in the bar, Livewire has forbidden recruiting there because he’s had problems with corporations
and no longer trusts them. Rough, street-hired bouncers make sure no one exceeds the dress
code. In addition to normal booths, there are booths with interface jacks which allow
netrunners access to an area in Netspace where the bar is represented. Whether online or
not, many netrunners use the bar as a gathering place to exchange news and services.
The Burleson Construction Company oversaw a lot of the construction in downtown Night
City, and went bankrupt shortly after Mob businesses took over. The Mob left the building
standing and the name unchanged as a monument to their victory. Poor maintenance has resulted
in the slow deterioration of this building, which has finally ended up as a hotel. The
top three floors of the building are occupied by Totentanz, a poorly-supervised club where
a lot of booster gang members go to work up some adrenaline before getting laid. The music
is loud, the drinks strong, and the patron’s rowdy to an extreme. The NCPD lets Totentanz
stay open for two reasons: one; it kills the punks, and two; the gangs would retaliate
if the place got closed. Finally, there is a special bar, that does
not advertise itself, nor does it attract many normal customers. Corporates rarely visit.
Gangs certainly don’t touch the place either. It’s the Forlorn Hope, a Solo bar. Its customers
are all regulars, and one thing they all have in common, is that they have been to the edge
and beyond. In this bar, stories told are kept inside the bar. Once you have been accepted
in this establishment, you need never prove yourself again. The place is run by Dr. John
Freeman. He was a captain in the rangers in the Central American War. He led a long-range
reconnaissance team for four years. A serious wound forced him out of the army, so he returned
to grad-school and finished his Ph.D. in Military History, but rapidly became uncomfortable
in the grind of everyday life. Eventually he returned to the people he felt most comfortable
with, soldiers and ex-soldiers. If he could not fight with them, he would provide for
them, and help to maintain the fraternity that he so loved. Thus, he bought the Hotel
Sierra, and opened the Forlorn Hope in 2011. It’s been thriving ever since.

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  2. hacienda say it ha see end ah. now it can mean a few things if you take slang and the fact Spanish is the most common tongue spoken house is what i know it as or home it is one of the reasons when they said oh we will have all this different language in game i was like i do not know may end badly the place i see it hitting badly is in the street gangs where the more you have sectism such as a gang or small group of people the more words that start to have a new meaning in said group so it is hard to nail down meaning of words but that being the case it also opens up the changing of words for things without this big over step saying no i read the books from 10-20 years ago and it said this is what it meant

  3. Say it with me: “ha-see-en-da”

    I don’t speak Spanish but it’s a worldwide language and hacienda isn’t an uncommon word.

  4. Hacienda is pronounced (Phonetically) 'Hass-ee'nda'. (in real life it's a well known Nightclub/music venue in Manchester that came to prominence in the 90's).

  5. On quenching ones thirst, I've always wondered how computers in the cyberpunk timeline compare capacity and RAM and speed wise to ours.

  6. seeing the comments below about the mispronunciation of hacienda, id like to complement you on your English, its far better than my Polish !! easy mistake, great video as always, stay safe choomba

  7. Ok! I have a question can I play as a man in this game? I am a black male and I want to play as one.

  8. burn down hacienda
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  9. Soooo.. where's Kazuliski from? Sounds kinda Yorkshire-ish, but I might be wrong, seeing as i'm swiss and thus not entirely familiar with english accents and dialects.

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