20 thoughts on “Dakota Johnson on Her Birthday Party & Piñata Obsession

  1. At 2:42 Anyone else think she was about to say, “my boyfriends children.” And then remembered she’s doing an interview and doesn’t talk about her personal life?

  2. Kimmel is so bad at this, the whole interview is slow and awkward, thank God Dakota has the charm to get us through it

  3. to be honest i dont really know about Dakota on holywood film industry but her film on FSOG made me fall in love with her. and he cant make me sleep well in everyday because i always looking for her everytime on you tube. she is really poisioned my life

  4. She always makes me smile. I love her persona, I adore her smile.among other things.too be continued in the next episode M 😂.

  5. Happy B-day Dakota Johnson. She is beautiful, like 21 Jump Street and How To Be Single. May the Peace be with u. From Harlingen Texas. October 4, 1989
    October 4, 2019 through October 4, 3019 💛❤💙🎂🍰🎂🎂🍰🎂🎂🎂🍰

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