Dan and Abby’s Rockin New Year’s Eve Celebration

[music] [Text on Screen] Abby and Dan’s Rockin’ and Rollin’ Clubhoue New Year’s Eve Extravaganza Dan: Wow, Abby, we’re getting close. The clock’s ticking. It’s almost the new year, and you know what
that means. Abby: The ball drops and we all shout Happy
New Year. Dan: No! That’s how they celebrate the new year in
New York. Does it look like we’re in New York? Abby: Well, no. So, how exactly does the Rockin’ and Rollin’
Clubhouse ring in the new year? Dan: I’ll tell you in a minute because I’m
receiving word, we’re going to connect live now to Trophy Joe standing outside one of
the world’s largest clocks, Big Ben in London. Trophy Joe: [laughs] Thank you, Abby and Dan. It is about to strike midnight here in Britain and thousands are gathered outside Big Ben to celebrate the clock striking midnight and
officially start the new year. [chuckles] Oh, so tell me, Dan, how is the
horse doing? Dan: It’s been doing great. It’s been practicing all year for this night
and the horse is ready to go, Trophy Joe. Abby: Wait a second. What horse are you guys talking about? Dan: You know, the horse! Oh, wait, hold on. We’ve got another report coming in from Blathertrap and Fancy Frog broadcasting to us live from Spain! Fancy Frog: Yes, yes. Here we are in Barcelona, and everyone has
their 12 grapes and is anxiously awaiting the strike of midnight. Abby: Uh, 12 grapes? Fancy Frog: Yes, at midnight, anyone celebrating
the new year gets one grape and one wish for each strike of the clock. Now, where are those grapes? Wait a second. Blathertrap? Blathertrap: [gibberish] Fancy Frog: Oh, please don’t eat all the grapes. Ugh! Now Dan, don’t forget to please wish that
horse good luck for us. Abby: Now why would we be wishing a horse
good luck? Dan: Well, you see, Abby, oh, hold on. Bunny Boo Bunches is checking in from Denmark right now. Happy New Year, Bunny Boo Bunches! Bunny Boo Bunches: Oh, why did you have to send me to Denmark? Don’t you know how they celebrate the new
years here? Abby: No, how do they celebrate? Bunny Boo Bunches: Oh, by throwing dishes…
– [dishes breaking] …against the neighbor’s door. The more cracked plates you have on your doorstep
in the morning, the better luck you’ll have in the new year. Oh, no! [dishes breaking] Oh, that was too
close! [Pop] Oh, oh, I wish I was with the horse! Abby: All right, Dan, why on Earth is everyone
talking about a horse? Dan: Because, Abby, everyone has their own
unique New Year’s celebration, and in the clubhouse, we celebrate by, of course, sending
a horse into outer space! Abby: What? Dan: Yes, and I think it’s time. Oh, here we go. Help me count down. Abby and Dan: [in unison] Ten, nine, eight,
seven, six, five, four… [horse whinny] …three…two, one. Happy New Year! [music, sounds of a rocket blasting off] Dan: Oh, let’s dance. It’s the new year, here for me. Who loves New Year’s? I do, I do. Oh! [Text on Screen] Abby and Dan’s Rockin’
and Rollin’ Clubhoue New Year’s Eve Extravaganza

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