Dance Moms: Dance Party – UGLY DANCE OFF! | Lifetime

Dance Moms: Dance Party – UGLY DANCE OFF! | Lifetime

He’s going first, let’s see, yeah and then against each other then we’ll go against each other then you guys go against each other and then many winners will go against each other for the No, I think if you do the losers have two guys to Shepherd you yeah, okay So there’s the winner of the losers and then the winner of the winners, okay you guys We’re always gonna be best friends no matter what happens really We have our decision as a group. Okay, Lily step forward step back step back. I can’t sit Five We have our decision Okay, and I step forward two steps Step back too soon. Jiya step back Step back step back. It’s the back anymore run over there Go back Okay, grating Wesley you were not Ready five six seven eight This was very close but isn’t with a very close Okay, but on three we’re going to announce the winner of the ugliest loser Yeah step forward If you sit down with TIA you were too pretty Sibella Terra except for breeding sit back ladies the back Sarah Sarah step forward step forward place it forward step forward step back step back Firstly and Sarah the winner of the loser’s in the winner of the winners go against each other for the ugliest ultimate dancer of the Teams to beat this time of the world Dan okay Bryce Step forward everybody Step back everybody sit down everybody Wow, and now Sarah step forward. I never said family Okay, you skateboard I stand up sit down Presley stand up sit over here That is pretty good sir, I’m so talented miss even be so proud. He should want to see us too I Really Absolutely crazy well not wrong Hi, I’m Sarah hi, I’m Lily And we’re from the ALDC if you love Dance Moms as much as we do subscribe to lifetime for more

100 thoughts on “Dance Moms: Dance Party – UGLY DANCE OFF! | Lifetime

  1. i miss the old dance moms tbh, i miss maddie, kenzie, brynn, kendall, nia, jojo, chloe, kalani, paige, brooke, etc. frick now i'm tearing up…

  2. Wait so if their doing a ugly dance off,The ones that won means that they were good and the ones that lost are the ones that are bad wait does that mean the losers should win because they were bad??

  3. Omg I’m trying so hard not to laugh so I don’t wake up my parents I want Abby to see this video
    Oh and Brady he is just a amazing floor dancer I mean what do I know that basically my dancing 😂😂

  4. Yo be honest I love the old Dance Moms the new Dance Moms are annoying even the kids I consider them as annoying kids the old dance moms were entertaining this is just trash. Thx for ruining it for me.

  5. my heart melted watching this– the kids were not shy, but they were very goofy and fun! its crazy what reality tv does to kids

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