dance party

dance party

Hope I’m not tired of rebuilding Cuz this might take a little more I think I’d like to try look at you And feel the way I did before Oh our fire died last winter All of the shouting blew it out You know I could live without or with you But I might like having you about Yes, these new walls are pretty hard to crack and it might take a while until I A metre apart we blankly said We shout in our heads Are you still in there? Well this ends bad then we knew it would So we won’t eat our words ’cause they don’t taste good. I’m guessing that I’ve grown horns. I guess I’m human no more. I can tell I’ve rotted in your brain. Oh. How easily passion twists. You think I’m a crazy bitch a thousand words are left unsaid ’cause no one listens to the dead So maybe I will talk to you The only way I know how to And in the end will I feel proud That I grit my teeth and followed the damn crowd, well, I have grown a little Empire or made a fucking mess I’ll do it if I have to hoping for an in-between not what I meant when I said that I I wanted to be seen. I’ll do it if I have to (I’ll keep it to myself) Hoping for an inbetween (Oh I must have seen that somewhere) Not what I meant when I said that I I wanted to be seen You’ll fit so nicely you’ll keep me intact Paint me in trust, I’ll be your best friend. Call me the one this night just cant end Oh I want to give you, your grin So tell me you cant bear a room that i’m not in Paint me in trust, I’ll be your best friend call me the one this night just cant end. Oh I’m so human. When she’s just so nice to look at And she smells like lemongrass and sleep She tastes like apple juice and peach. Oh, you would find her in a Polaroid picture, and she means everything to me. Oh I’d never tell You blew me up like a big balloon far too soon Holding my breath makes me choke How did I get here it’s all so quick and I feel sick I’m used to being a joke Could you love this? Will this one be right? Well if i’m being honest I’m hoping it might Could you love this? Did you plan to fall Well if i’m being honest Oh I bet it’s not that at all Oh Could you love this? Will this one be right? Well, if i’m being honest I’m hoping it might Could you love this? Did you plan to fall? I am burnt out I smell of smoke it seeps through her cracks and so I start to choke Sentences sit in her mouth that are templated you waited smiling for this? But they love you Over and over they love you Thousands and thousands of eyes just like mine aching to find who they are. Oh, they love you, oh you can feel how they love you Coated and warm, but that’s all they can do words only get through if they’re sharp Oh, maybe I’ll talk about it I can just talk about it I’ll never talk about it No, I cannot talk about it Don’t build hope on something broken I am not cartoon Cry for help, I am not joking. I might just leave soon Don’t build hope on something broken i am not cartoon

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  1. Okay so this is what’s happening, Mr Daniel stopped uploading and dodie started uploading more to fill the hole in people’s hearts that dan would normally fill. Yay 🤠🤠

  2. if I'm being honest, I first read the lyrics of if I'm being honest as the sudden spike in fame of a singer (or just media person in general) and the uncertainity of being suddenly in the spotlight and not being sure if you're just a new trend that will pass, if people don't just like you in an ironic manner, or if they really do care about you and your content. yeah it makes more sense with the crush thing but I think my initial misinpretation is also interesting

  3. Most albums there's like those one are two songs that I'm like, meh, not really for me, but all of these songs are just like, YES!

  4. Okay I really really love this and I’m gonna go buy the EP rn!!!!

    But can you pls pls leave the bigger text bits up for longer bc I had to keep pausing it or going back and it kinda messed with the flow a bit

  5. "She" is my all time favorite track of yours. And I was so happy when it popped up on spotify, so that I can listen to it on repeat whenever I need it.


  7. hey um u should do a music video for ur songs with a dancer
    I meann if you need a dancer you should totally ask me to do it

  8. i love seeing how happy you are listening to your music! you can really see how much passion and excitement you have for it <3

  9. I'm so glad you sang the "rap" in Monster because it's my favorite part of the entire album and it's perfect the way it is <3

  10. imma brag for a second that i can sing that note in if i'm being honest (i mean, im a soprano, but it's a pretty hard note)

  11. I get chills literally EVERYTIME I listen to it

    Which is really saying something because I've listened to It about 500 times

  12. Where she said that crushes make her the worst version of herself, i really felt that. I become someone totally different, someone loud and you can totally tell how hard i’m trying. As soon as i’m with my close friends, just us, i’m back to me again. It’s like i get so tense i become someone i’m literally not. I look back and think “what on earth was i doing?!?! Way to drive him away!!”

  13. My step dad bought me a sunflower yesterday just cos and as soon as I saw it I almost cried cos I felt so incredibly special and somehow he remembered that sunflowers were my favourite flowers and like that’s something I didn’t expect, but also like I was channeling the dodie

  14. Her dancing and singing to "If I'm Being Honest" is exactly why I've watched her for years. I love her contagious energy that makes you belt in your car not caring if your windows are open.😂❤😂

  15. I LOVE WYOU I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU <<<3333 forever so much love dodie
    in everything

    yes youre human
    but we are too
    and that what makes everything so special

  16. I’m OBSESSED with If I’m Being Honest and Arms Unfolding! Read more to get some context on why if you want

    So basically I relate to If I’m Being Honest because i was InLoVe with this guy for months and yeah i always asked myself the questions dodie asks in this song. ofc if you wanna know what happens then keep scrolling lol

    So I love Arms Unfolding because I’m learning to love this guy again and we’re building our relationship so yeah. Basically im saying “Here I am with Arms Unfolding so let’s try this again and its exciting but nerve wracking lol!”

  17. If you see this then Ilysm boo💕💕 You are worth it and beautiful and don’t ever let anyone tell you that you’re not because they are a butthead for it

  18. I love she so much, its a song that holds so much weight in my heart. The story isn't mine, and it's not something i can relate to, at least yet, but I used to listen to it and just cry. The lyrics hold so true in my heart, and the metaphors are being pulled from right under my skin. its a song I sing to my girlfriend a lot, because it just describes everything so well. Every love song is about her in my mind, but that one has a strange resonance that just makes me emotional. Thank you for this song, it's something that feels so personal to me and my girlfriend. I love you so much, you beautiful woman!!

  19. You can just see how much passion she puts into her songs, and how proud of them she is. And she should be!! They're amazing!
    I love these dance party videos because you feel like you're singing right along with dodie. Thanks for being an amazing artist <3

  20. I finally listened to the EP on Monday and haven’t stopped obsessing about since! It’s so good, she never fails to impress me.

  21. I literally just burst into tears watching this. I would absolutely love to meet dodie one day and be able to have a legitimate conversation with her and show her my music but I know thats really unlikely and probably not going to happen because in the end Im just another fan to her

  22. Dodie when I was traveling I opened the tv thing and went to the audio and saw in featured artist was your human album and I was fangirling the whole time and my sister kept asking what’s wrong and I would just point to the screen

  23. I absolutely love these videos coz I love learning more about what the songs mean to you and seeing you looking so happy and excited makes me so happy and excited for you too 💕💕

  24. Its very nice to hear an artist express the feelings being famous or popular actually gives. It often feels like fame doesn’t have an emotional influence on someone if they only talk about relatable topics

  25. Not what I meant reminds me of when I seek validation from a crush???? idk, man it just really reminds me of her.
    (also im gay and she hits me soooooo hard too lol)

  26. I watched this video and I now love you a thousand times more you are soooooo cuteeeeeeeeeee and fun 🙂

  27. its so weird watching this after i know every single one of these songs of by heart along with the chords <3 love yooou

  28. Do you think you'll ever release the earlier/alternate takes of some of these tracks as a demo ep/bonus tracks

  29. Your music has touched my heart and my soul. thank you for your beautiful self and for sharing it so brutally honestly. What an album & gal. So much love <3

  30. i started watching you from the video “i’m depressed today” it probably isn’t your proudest video but i’ve been stuck in a car for ten hours and i’m slowly wading through all your videos and i can’t say i’ve ever been more in love with a youtube channel, and a person, and music, and just everything about this channel and you as a person. best way to spend these ten hours thank you ❤️❤️

  31. i love the way dodie writes sounds.

    "it took a lot of me to tell my bassist to go DLDLDLDuDDDLUDL at this moment"
    "i always sing it like *KAH KAH KOH BRRUM*"

  32. i was supposed to go to a dodie concert with my best friend. i then saw how much he really hated me didnt care for me at all, but we still acted as if we were friends. the friendship didnt end well (obviously) and i thought my life was over. i felt so highly of this person, just for him to hate me and use me and make fun of me. when i heard monster for the first time. i thought 'wow! this directly represents my life. and thats truly when i fell hard for dodie. seeing this video and knowing she had a similar experience of mine and she is making songs about it and she literally has made it as a successful musician, gave me the strength to move on. i just love her so much! (also im still go to that concert but way happier with him and way happier to see her :))

  33. I can't wait! I've loved all your music so far and can't wait to play this EP on repeat 🙂
    Also, If you are thinking of going on tour, please do a show in Belgium!

  34. i love watching dodie jamming to all her own songs, for as we know she is an absolute queen and deserves loads more recognition. extremely underrated artist…i went to one of her concerts in march and she is truly amazing live. thank you dodie i absolutely love you! this is kind of an old video and no one will see this anyway but meh. you are an absolute icon. 💓💓

  35. my girlfriend broke up with me over a month ago and i’m still very much in love with her. arms unfolding is every word i wish she would say to me and i’m sure i will feel this way for quite some time as i want to feel like i did when i was with her again

  36. my best friend and i saw dodie and a couple other amazing artists the first time she went to chicago our freshman year, a few hours ago that same friend and I went to see her again as seniors in high school. Her music has always been a constant in this relationship i’ve had with my best friend even tho we have been drifting apart and it was really nice to come full circle, there are only so many years of being young and carefree i’m glad dodie was a major part of mine

  37. Hi dodie! Im an old fan going back to 2017 you used to be my favorite and now i came back to your channel after 4 and a half years to see that i dont memorize your songs anymore i dont even know these songs but i relized that i want to listen to you again because i checked the old one i used to listen to your EP You and im trying to listen to your new songs and im doing this slowly since its been awhile

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