Decorating a Christmas Tree : Adding Bows to Christmas Trees

Decorating a Christmas Tree : Adding Bows to Christmas Trees

Hi, my name is Leslie Moselle and I’m Tony
Ramirez and we are from Tampa Bay. On behalf of Expert Village this is how to decorate
a Christmas tree. Our next step in decorating our Christmas tree is to put on our ribbons.
Now there is a few things that you can do with these ribbons. Basically you can purchase
them at the department store or whatever store you want to buy your Christmas decorations
from or you can make them yourself. These are very difficult to make. It is basically
out of any ribbon that you want. Firmer ribbons are better used just because they will stay
in place, they would look perfect on your Christmas tree and it is just a twist tie
on the back. These are great, they go with our color scheme, they are red and gold. If
you cannot find the color that you want you can always make your own. So we have these
and these are very simple to put on your tree. They are basically just going to take the
two pieces and find the branch that you want and just tie it around the branch. Very simple,
no hooks involved, also a very safe way to put on Christmas decorations. They would stay
perfectly in place just like that. Next we are going to have is our large decorative
ribbon. Now this is a kind of thing that not everyone does but it adds just that extra
flare to your Christmas tree. These you can basically either make yourself like I did
before or you can purchase for a small price. Basically we have our ribbon that we have
laid over by Tony from the top down. If you want to find a nice center spot in the middle
of your tree in a good position. My recommendation is tight, you really don’t have to tie it
to the ribbon in the center of the tree. You can also just find the branch that is right
behind it to give it some extra support. This might take a few times if you are doing it
by yourself and you don’t have any help to stand back and make sure that it is center
of the tree. Some of us are perfectionist and then you can just lay the ribbon down.
Just like so and there you have these are decorative ribbons.

7 thoughts on “Decorating a Christmas Tree : Adding Bows to Christmas Trees

  1. Why do all these women have tank tops on! In the Thanksgiving videos and the Christmas videos, too! I can't show them to my Asian classes because it's considered risque for women to wear clothing like that!!!! Put something on, girls! The guys don't dress like that!

  2. I believe the weather in Florida is warm. It would be nice though if the word "basically" wasn't said 5 times in just about a minute.

  3. Sorry but this idea of a large bow in the center is UGLY. I've seen all your videos for Christmas and they are not informative. Your techniques are terrible and cheap. Please try to avoid saying your from Tampa Bay, your making the rest of us look bad.

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