Decorating a Christmas Tree : Adding Christmas Tree Garlands

Decorating a Christmas Tree : Adding Christmas Tree Garlands

Hi, my name is Leslie Moselle and I’m Tony
Ramirez and we are from Tampa Bay. On behalf of Expert Village this is how to decorate
a Christmas tree. Garland, garland is a great way to decorate your Christmas tree, your
house, do the outside of your house, many things for Christmas. Here we have actually
a gold garland that has decorative silver stars on it that looks like a rainbow tint.
We are actually not going to use it on the tree cause it is not really going with our
theme. But garland is a great way to decorate the tree just like you would use the ribbon.
Now as you can see here we have laid the ribbon from the top laying down over the tree. This
could also have been done interlaced between the branch tree. That is the same way that
you are going to use your garland. You are going to go ahead and start from one end of
the tree or the other. From top to the bottom most likely the top and you can go ahead and
just circle the tree. Interlacing it between the branch here as you can see. Just like
that and you can use it that way or you can have it laying down on your tree. We are not
going to be using it like I said but this can be used in many different ways in your
house. This is great like you can see here for putting around your garage door, your
front door, your fireplace, it comes in multiple colors. It comes in the traditional green
color like your Christmas tree, reds, blues, whatever the color scheme you have. You can
find a garland to match.

3 thoughts on “Decorating a Christmas Tree : Adding Christmas Tree Garlands

  1. you would be surprised at how something like this actually helps some people i think it's a thoughtful way to spread holiday cheer and decorating a tree isn't just throwing lights and bulbs on it here and there it's putting time and love into it letting your family know how speciaal you want it 2 be 4 them

  2. I think you are right,
    Decorating a tree you only do ones a year so you have to do it good right away
    And some of us are good at decorating and some need a bit of help
    Hehe and i can use all the insparation


  3. Why do a video on how to add Christmas tree garlands if you ain't going to do it? get someone else to do it duh who is actually going to put the Garlands on the tree and show exactly how to put it on shesh….I don't feel I did mine right so I wanted to see how everyone else does it and man everyone is using stupid ribbons and stuff…

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