Decorating a Christmas Tree : Lighting Christmas Trees

Decorating a Christmas Tree : Lighting Christmas Trees

Hi, my name is Leslie Moselle and I’m Tony
Ramirez and we are from Tampa Bay. On behalf of Expert Village this is how to decorate
a Christmas tree. So let’s talk a little bit about lights. So of course everybody has these
and they are going to put them on their Christmas tree. Let me tell the first thing that I think
you should do is of course plug them up and make sure they work. You don’t want a string
to go all around your tree and take all this time putting them on your tree to just to
find out that they don’t work. So go ahead and plug them up. We will actually talk about
power and how to save energy and you know keep your house from burning up in a later
section. But power them up, just plug them, string to the wall to make sure they all light
up. So one of the first things you want to do is of course when you are actually putting
them on the tree is you want to start from the top and work your way down. So we would
go ahead and climb up this ladder here. Can you still see me? I will get the female plug
so if you are going to have anything that is lite on top of the tree as far as a star
or an angel or a Santa Clause. Anything that you are going to have you are going to want
to have power, once you have power on the top. So you are going to go ahead and start
on the top. What I do is just open up just like that, stretch out a little, put it on.
So now we are attached to the tree. So we are not going to string the whole thing on
during the video cause it will take way too long. But the one thing that you are going
to want to do is make sure when you are actually stringing the lights around the tree is getting
actually inside the tree. You are going to want to go in a little bit like this. This
would actually create a lot of ambiance inside of your tree and light it up and make just
that more glorious for Christmas. So remember; work from the inside the tree as much as possible
cause you are going to want to decorate on the outside of course with your ornaments.
It will light it up from behind. It is a great lighting technique just go ahead if you can
spin your tree, just spin your tree. If you have a partner have them grab it and walk
around the tree for you. That is pretty much it for lights.

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