Decorating a Christmas Tree Part 3|Christmas 2018

Decorating a Christmas Tree Part 3|Christmas 2018

Hello, I’m Jennifer with Jennifer
decorates and today’s video is part three of decorating a Christmas tree so
stay tuned! So all that left to do to finish my tree is to make a topper and
I’m gonna do a bow topper. Now, I do have a video on how I do a bow topper and I
will link that above. I’m gonna make one just kind of real quick just to kind of
recap. This is, now, what I do, is I make two bows- same size and I put one on the
front and then one on the back of the tree so it kind of looks like there’s a
bow all the way around and for this one, I used the velvet platinum and then
I did the birch ribbon in the front but I made it a little bit smaller. So I’m
going to show you real quick what I did. So you start by making your first loop.
This first loop should be your pattern for the rest of your loops you want to
watch that you’re making all of them the same size as your first one so I’m gonna do a second loop on the opposite side, fluff it out.
Alright, I’m gonna make another loop and one on the other side. I’m gonna do three because that’s what I
did for the other bow and that’s all there is to it and you’re gathering it,
holding it tight with your hand so it does get pretty hard to hold together
when you’ve got such thick ribbon but I’ve got three loops on the left and
three loops on the right and I’m gonna add the birch ribbon but I’m not going
to make the loops as big and the reason is because I really want the velvet
platen to show so I’m gonna make that first bow on this side. I’m gonna make a
second loop, twist it around like that like I said don’t rush it I make
probably 200 bows every Christmas season for the store and clients so I’ve had a
lot of practice. Dn’t get frustrated if it takes you a couple times you can
get it. Now that I have two loops on each side what I want to do is make a really
small loop in the middle and why is because I’m going to actually use pipe
cleaner to tie my bow to the tree and if we make a really small loop in the front
it’ll hide that so you just bring it up twist it around and put your thumb on it
and you’ve made that little loop in the front. Now, don’t worry too much about
straightening your bow and making sure it’s perfect- you’ll do that when it’s on
the tree. What you want to do right now is just kind of make sure all your loops
are the same size, then you run the pipe cleaner through that little front loop, flip your bow over and tie as tight
as you can. Then twist your pipe cleaner and there you’ve made a bow! I’ve got my
two bows made, I’m gonna go attach them to the tree. I usually look and see which
one I think is the better one and that one’s going to go on the front. I always
start with the bow on the back first. Okay, don’t go all the way to the top of
the tree I kind of see where I go that, like six inches down right there
and attach. I’m gonna grab my other bow. Go ahead and put it on the tree. You want
to try to tie it at the same spot again. We’re trying to make it look like one
big bow going around the entire top of the tree. After you’ve gotten them on,
this is the time to fluff and kind of pull it together on the sides and then
when we’re all done with that we’re going to trim the tails. Okay, now that
I’ve got my two bows put together and I’ve kind of brought the tails down a
little bit and tucked it in the tree a little bit then I’m just going to trim
them and I’m just going to trim them at an angle. So let me tell you one more
trick I do with the topper, you know, cuz I want it to look like one big bow on
the top. Now, when I put the two bows together they look beautiful. I got them
the same height but what happens is because I made those platinum velvet
bows a little bigger they’re touching on the sides but you don’t see any birch
and so it kind of does look like two bows that I put on top, so. So what I’m
gonna do is, I’m gonna take the birch ribbon and I’m only going to make two
loops. So I’ve got one loop, two and they’re gonna be about the same size as
the loops that are currently on the tree. Okay, and that’s all I’m gonna do and I’m
gonna go ahead and cut the tails off kind of at an angle again. Then I’m going to take the pipe cleaner,
twist it in the middle, okay and what I’m going to do is attach this to the top of
the tree in between where each bow meets and it’s gonna fix the problem of
looking like there’s only two bows up there. So I’m gonna take the birch ribbon and
I’m going to attach it right in between see how much better that looks that
looks like one big bow. After I get my bows attached to the top
of the tree I want to give my tree a little bit of a whimsical look on top
and I also want to give it a little more height so I have got these kind of curly
birch branches they came in a longer stem but I trimmed it all I’m going to
do is go at the very top in between the bows and stuff it straight down. I’m going to spread it out a little bit
before I stick it in there. Still may have to do it again but kind of helps. Oh, that looks so good! I have a few of
these glitter leaves left so I’m gonna stick those in as well. It’s kind of like
I’m almost overdone I know, but it’s gonna be pretty. I want to show you what I found at the
craft store to put at the bottom of my tree. It’s wicker, it’s one big circle and
I just thought it was perfect. So I thought that wicker tree skirt was
absolutely genius. I love it! Our tree doesn’t go all the way to the ground
with the branches so when you come into the room you know before you get
presents under the tree- it just looks terrible so it was great
the only problem was I found it after I had my tree fully decorated
so I had to convince my husband to lift a fully decorated tree while I’m under
it as he, I’m asking him to lift it higher and I got to get the basket under
there because it’s just one big hole it doesn’t open and it was a it was a good
marriage moment but that’s ok it got the job done!
Another tree skirt idea I like to do is I like to go to HomeGoods or Marshalls
and find a throw a fuzzy throw or a really cool gray flannel throw, those
make great tree skirts and you can pick them up for about 15 or 20 dollars. The
other thing I like to do, I have a smaller frosted tree and so I went to
the craft store and that sells fabric and this is just a fuzzy fabric
I got half a yard on sale, five bucks and it makes a beautiful beautiful tree
skirt! Well that is how I decorate my tree for the holidays. So I know you can
do it! You’ve got this! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself by the time you
pack so much stuff in it like I did it looks fabulous! I hope you have a very
wonderful holiday and I really appreciate,
really appreciate all of the sweet compliments that you guys leave! Happy holidays!

57 thoughts on “Decorating a Christmas Tree Part 3|Christmas 2018

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your Christmas Decorating ideas! Your tips are helping me tremendously with decorating my home for the Holidays. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

  2. Jennifer Amazing Christmas Tree Bow Tutorial! Your Christmas Tree Looks So Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your Awesome ideas with us! Have a wonderful and bless Holidays.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŽ„β€πŸŽ„β€πŸŽ„β€πŸŽ„

  3. Thanks for all the great tips! I made a bunch of bows after rewatching your bow video. Not sure I'm up to the bow topper level yet, but I really like the simple two ribbon bows that I made. Your tree is amazing Jennifer, so so pretty. And bravo to your husband for lifting it for you. Happy holidays!

  4. That is one special tree ! I love the tribute to your sweet mother and could see how you wanted include that lovely ornament

  5. Hi Jennifer. Thank you for so many wonderful ideas to add to our Christmas tree. Your Christmas tree looks absolutely stunning. So wishing you sold the platinum velvet ribbon on your website, I’ve had no luck finding it or similar here in IN. Loved the cameo appearance of your two adorable little Dachshunds. Hoping you have many more videos in the coming days. Once again thank you for sharing. May you and your family have a Merry Christmas. πŸ˜‰

  6. A marriage moment, lol. Thanks again for sharing your X-mas decor ideas, they have been very helpful! Is the birch ribbon also sold in your store? Thank you.

  7. I just love all your tips. I bet getting the tree in the wicker tree skirt was a challenge. Did any decorations come off when hubby picked it up? Lol. I really like it. Bow is beautiful. I make my on bows too. I love how much you have been posting. Your fur babies are just too cute. Jennifer I hope you and your family have a wonderful blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas. β€οΈπŸŽ„

  8. You have the golden touch! Always beautiful and never disappoints.
    Those lil doggies are the cutest.
    I saw that wicker tree skirt at Michael's here in Canada..eighty bucks,loved it but would have to use a 55%percent coupon in order to buy.
    Your tree is so so pretty luv it.

  9. Marvellous! the finished look is amazing, so much to get our inspiration, just hope we could get that variety of ribbons and greenery here in Belgium..

  10. Your tree is beautiful! So glad you shared with us how to create the tree topper bow. Emma and Molly are adorable! What paint colors are on your walls and ceiling? If I remember correctly in a past video you mentioned how nice the color Revere Pewter is. Is that one of the colors? Thank you so much for sharing! 😊

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  12. Jennifer your tree is beautiful!! I put my tree in a galvanize wash bucket my husband cut a circle of plywood to fit inside and I put the tree in it and put material around the bottom I love it plus it adds height to the tree! Thanks for your tips going to add the ribbon and pics in this year to change it up a little. Thanks for sharing!!!

  13. Your tree is stunning, our colors are more traditional, looking forward to using a few of your tips to help my tree look more glamorous..thanks for sharing πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

  14. You are so inspiring and I always look forward to any new decorating videos you post. Please keep inspiring us πŸ™‚

  15. So beautiful! I have been watching your videos, and you love a lot of the same things I do but you take it to the next level and it's always so polished. Thank you for sharing what you do! Do you have online access to your store? I'd like to purchase some of this velvet ribbon and your beautiful polished chrome desk lamp!

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  18. You did amazing I have to say I watched so.many videos trying figure out the ribbon and you nailed it and was so very helpful of how to put it on thank you so much and ur tree is just stunning ..merry Christmas from my family to yours

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