Decorating a Christmas Tree : Putting Tinsel on a Christmas Tree

Decorating a Christmas Tree : Putting Tinsel on a Christmas Tree

Hi, my name is Leslie Moselle and I’m Tony
Ramirez and we’re from Tampa Bay and on behalf of Expert Village this is how to decorate
a Christmas tree. Tinsel, now tinsel has been a tradition in my family but a lot of people
don’t really like to use them on their Christmas tree for many different reasons. As you can
see here we have some silver tinsel, now can find gold tinsel but basically the way that
you use tinsel is just to lay it over the Christmas tree. This just gives that snow
look like basically I really don’t know what you want to call it but tinsel has been around
for a long time. But there is some ups and downs for tinsels, there really isn’t a lot
of control with using tinsel to decorate your tree. Basically just throw it on there, if
it stays on the tree you’re lucky but usually it ends up on your livingroom floor. That
just brings up another topic of why tinsel may not be best for families with younger
children who might want to put this in their mouth or animals. You really can’t control
what your animal does with your Christmas tree so if you want just try to stay away
from the tinsel for the holidays that may be a great idea if you have young children
and animals fighting around. It is not really the safe thing but if you like the way the
tinsel looks it is a great way to decorate your tree. My family has done it before and
the great thing about it is you can put as much or as little as you want, you can cover
your entire Christmas tree with tinsel if you like. If that is the style that you are
looking for or you can just kind of use it sparsely but that is tinsel.

13 thoughts on “Decorating a Christmas Tree : Putting Tinsel on a Christmas Tree

  1. That's not tinsel your putting on the tree..LOL I forget the name of it but that's the stuff you put in a gift bag or something.

  2. Yes this is to thick for tinsel. It's what gift bag stuffing…stuff?!? I have used this. I did the silver and some red! It looked very pretty!

    Worth a go if your looking for something new to try. It's cheap. It also comes in laser or something…it changes color and glitters. Prism type of a thing. It's very pretty on a tree too! Also when your doing the top of the tree,you can cut the strands in half and let them get longer on the way down. ;-]

  3. well tinsel and shiny garland were really popular years ago in the 80's and beyond.i stopped useing tinsel and i still have some stuck to this holly garland i put up and hate it cuz when i walk by it stands up and gives me painful static electric shocks in the air! so this si why i stopped using it takes away the beauty from the tree.

  4. What they're showing is the simple basics stuff that even kids can do. And the trees are poorly decorated.

  5. What a horrible demonstration! You can't just throw it on the tree and expect it to look nice! You have to drape 4-5 strands neatly over each branch, combing it through the needles. You want it all hanging neatly down like icicles.

  6. tinsel is awful because if it comes off the tree you find it in the dryer 3 months after xmas, as well as in every vent ex…

  7. Good to include the warnings about small children and pets! The demonstration is not the way to hang tinsel lol.. no! The tree is not the right kind of tree. Tinsel looks great on a less thick tree, with spaces between the boughs. The tinsel can look stunning when hung neatly on the right kind of tree.

  8. what a terrible demonstration!! you lay it on the tree one strand at a time. You don't clump it! Expert Village should fire this lady!!

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