Decorating the tree with Let’s Talk Mommy | Homebase

Decorating the tree with Let’s Talk Mommy | Homebase

Hi, I’m Jenny from Let’s Talk Mommy and I’ve
been invited by Mumsnet and Homebase to share our perfect Christmas tree. Missy Moo helped
me pick out the idea, didn’t you? Stars. We’re going to do stars, we’re going to do like
a vintage, white Christmas theme. Ooh look, these are pretty too. We are going to add
a bit of sparkle with some gold glitter, and a little bit of shaped baubles – not your
circle baubles, I like all kinds of different shapes on my tree. A bit of bling… we like
a little bling in this family. And I think this really ties in with the clear crystal
baubles and ornaments that we put on, and hti sone is one of my favourites – I just
love the gold and the cream together, it just looks really classy and pulls the colours
all together. You like the tree?! And I like the star. Ok, let’s set them down and see
what else came. Look at these, these are beautiful snowflake lights. I wanna hold one! Okay.
We’re going to put snowflakes lights ALL around the tree, you going to help me? Yeah. Call
me Elf because I’m wearing an elf hat. Ok, call you elf – Hi Elf. Will you grab these?
Yeah. See how there’s two strands? You gotta spread them out so they’re all over. Ooh we
got a bauble stuck! So we have the lights on our tree, now it’s time to hang baubles.
Little Elf? Spread it out so it looks nice and festive. I like to put a little personal
touch and every year we put ornaments on thta have been in my family generations [Is that
great grandmother’s horse? Yeah, okay put it on the Christmas tree] and to me that means
a whole lot to be able to tie in the old with the new and I think it will really tie in
with our white vintage Christmas look. Tah dah! Now who wants to do the star? Me! Do
you think you can reach it? Oh I think we’re going to be short. Mummy, Daddy could do it.
Maybe… Tah dah!! Our perfect white, vintage Christmas tree is finally finished, the kids
have had such a great time putting it together and so have I. Good helpers! The baubles are
absolutely gorgeous, if you want to know where any of this is from or see more from the collections,
just click below and don’t forget to subscribe. Happy holidays!

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