Decorating the Tree

– Yeah, yeah! It’s amazing! – [Christopher] It’s amazing? ♫ It’s vlogmas vlogmas ♫ It’s vlogmas vlogmas ♫ It’s vlogmas vlogmas ♫ And it’s time to celebrate ♫ Vlogmas, vlogmas – Good morning everyone. As you can see, I did not have time to put lights on the tree last night, nor did we put up any stockings. So that’s our first
order of business today and then later tonight,
like everybody in the family is coming over to rehearse
for the Christmas shows that we’re doing in Santa
Barbara and San Jose. And if you don’t have tickets to those yet and you live anywhere near those shows, go get your tickets right now because it is gonna be a lot of fun. Our family loves Christmas
and the holiday times and we’re gonna put on a great show, and you guys, we want
you to be a part of it. We want to see you, see your faces. I’ll put links down below. Look up those shows and come join us. Alright, let’s decorate this tree. (jazzy music) Would you like to show them how it blinks? Let’s show Parker, I don’t
think Parker’s seen it yet because he was in his nap.
– Parker! – [Christopher] Parker, check this out. – [Jacob] Look at the
tree, see it’s normal. – [Christopher] Watch this, Parker. Watch what Jacob’s about to do. You okay back there? Ta da! Look at our tree, it’s
sparkly, it’s a sparkly tree, it’s a sparkle tree. What do you think? It’s time for the advent calendars. – [Bailey] Eleven! – [Christopher] Look
at all that excitement. Look at it go. – [Jessica] Go ahead
and stick your finger in and it’s all set for ya. Ooh he’s getting stronger. – [Christopher] Good job. – [Jessica] Whoa this looks big! What’s this, like a refrigerator? – [Jacob] No. – [Jessica] No? – [Jacob] It looks like it’s this, no! – [Christopher] What is that? – [Jessica] Oh my goodness, I think it’s even gonna
make noise or something. – [Christopher] We
don’t know what this is. So in the comments section, help us out. I’m sure we’ll figure it
out by the end of the video and let you know, but
what is your best guess as to what this thing
is, what it’s used for? What is this? – [Jessica] Whoa, that looks cool. – [Jacob] Whoa! – [Jessica] It’s the thing that’s flying. – [Christopher] Oh it’s a star destroyer? Is that what that’s
called, a star destroyer? – Yep, Imperial Star Destroyer. – [Bailey] I got a cooking machine. – [Christopher] A cooking
machine, like an oven? Yeah that’s an oven. – [Bailey] That’s a cooking machine. – [Christopher] Are you a
cooking machine, Parker? Or are you an eating machine? You’re an eating machine. – [Jessica] Oh nope, good,
we already did that one. It’s up here. – [Christopher] Oh is it empty? No it’s not empty, it’s up there. – [Jessica] I think it’s a nail file. I think it’s a nail file. – I don’t know why I got all
excited about it being empty. I just like when things are wrong I guess. – [Parker] A nail file. Can you open it? – Yeah, are we gonna file your nails? – Yeah. – What do you think? – [Christopher] There it is. This is what Bailey built. (holiday music) – What’s that? What’s that? – [Christopher] Stockings. – [Jessica] What happened Bailey? – The robber got into the pixie dust tank. He spilled it all over me. – [Jessica] Oh my goodness,
you robbity robberson. – And now he’s flying away. – Alright it’s time to
decorate our Christmas tree! (cheering) – Christmas tree! – [Christopher] Christmas tree! How are we doing this? What? – This is the Christmas tree. – [Christopher] This
is the Christmas tree. Thank you for introducing us. Look at this, look at this
little guy right here. Oh my goodness, it’s a little snowman. Can you put him on the tree? Yeah, put him on there,
you use the little hook. So you go up to a branch and you hook it onto the branch like that. Whoops, almost. Finding a good one? You did it! – I did it Mama! – [Jessica] I made that I
think when I was little. – [Christopher] You made that? – [Jacob] Mommy look at this. – [Christopher] That is
a beautiful little lamb. – Look at what I’m doing. (laughs) – [Christopher] That’s a good one. – Snoopy. Whoa. (holiday music) – [Christopher] Parker
likes to hide the ornaments way in the back. You may recall in the vlog
where we got this tree, Parker wanted a small
tree that was his size. We didn’t him one and the
reason we didn’t get him one is ’cause we already have one. It’s up here. Okay, now I’m confused. – [Jessica] We put it in the wrong thing. We put it in the card box and then we put the tree box there so you could put it in the tree box now. – So apparently when I
was putting the tree away, this box was saved and
I didn’t know about it. So I put it in this box and then we kept this box for the next time we
took it out of this box. – I did it! – [Christopher] You did what? – I did my advent calendar tree! – [Christopher] You did
your advent calendar tree? Let me see. That one right there, you did that one? Let’s see if we can get in
there, ooh that’s a good one. Oh yeah. What do you got there? – (mumbles) – [Jessica] Mele Kalikimaka. – [Christopher] Wait, what
you’re saying makes no sense. Let’s see. Oh wait, it does make sense. – [Jessica] Mele Kalikimaka. – Vale-kamiki-waka. – [Christopher] Very close. Good job. – From Hawaii. – [Christopher] It’s from Hawaii? – Yeah. – [Christopher] Do you like Hawaii? – Yeah. – [Christopher] Yeah. – This is my turtle. – [Christopher] It’s a turtle? – That is my turtle. – [Christopher] That’s your turtle? – Yeah. – [Jessica] This one says Jake on it. – Alright in getting all the
Christmas tree decorations out I came across this bag, which
has all of the Playmobils from a previous advent calendar and look what it includes,
a Santa Claus, snowy trees, wildlife, not a single gun. There are no guns. What do you think of our tree, Parker? – Yeah, yeah! It’s amazing! – [Christopher] It’s amazing? Alright, let’s try and
figure this thing out. (upbeat music) I still have no clue. (alarm) (alarm) It’s a motion sensor alarm. So this fits inside here and we’ll turn it on. And now your robber starts
to sneak in, sneaks in. (alarm) Oh no, oh no, oh no turn it off! Oh no, oh no. And then the police bicycle guy comes in. He’s got a bicycle and
is like I heard the alarm and I’ve got a really
ridiculous sized gun. And the robber goes ah,
ah, give me all the gold. Give me all the gold, quickly. Ooh ah, ooh ah, oh you’re
shooting bubble gum at me, ouch! So that’s how that works. Is that pretty cool, Parker, you like it? – Uh huh. – So I was doing a little bit of editing and I come out here and Jacob’s
already set up this tree. He did this all by himself. He got it out of the box, set it all up, and decorated it. You did a great job, buddy. This looks great. – Thanks. – Thank you. People are already starting to show up and we haven’t put up the stockings yet. So let’s put up the stockings. – Mine’s huge, I love this one! – [Christopher] That sock is so big! Perfect, that’s not gonna
catch on fire at all. – [Rachel] That’s Christopher’s stocking! – [Christopher] This is mine? This is me? – [Rachel] Yeah, I know that one. – [Christopher] This is from K-Mart. – [Rachel] That is from our childhood. – [Christopher] Which
is why it’s from K-Mart. Where’s yours Jess? – [Jessica] I don’t know, this isn’t mine. – [Christopher] You get the felt one. – [Jessica] I don’t want the felt one! – [Christopher] It came from Target. Maybe Rite Aid, we’re not sure. What is that? – Do you remember this? – [Christopher] No, I don’t remember that. What is that? – [Jessica] Look, look, the best toy ever. Show time. – [Parker] (laughs) – [Jessica] Wanna turn it on? Grandma Julie got this last year. Put it down. – [Christopher] No, whoa,
whoa, don’t do that. – [Jessica] It’s getting
weird, it’s getting weird. – [Christopher] Can
you still make the face that’s on your stocking thing? Up here. Pretty close, pretty close. – [Parker] Can I hang up? – [Christopher] Yeah
you’re gonna hang it up. – [Jessica] Great Parker! – Yay you did it! It looks great. – I can’t find my stocking. It’s special, it was made by my grandma, so I know I’m going to find it. But for now we’re gonna do one of these many substitute stockings– – No way, we’re gonna
find the real stocking. – [Rachel] What’s it look like? – [Jessica] No Parker’s
not hanging this up. – I’m going into the garage
and we’re gonna find this. (holiday music) – Oh daddy found it, yay! Thank you! Oh look at my grandma’s
little, her stitching. It says Gail. – [Bailey] May I see? – [Jessica] Yay! – [Christopher] Yay! – [Rachel] Oh Jessica,
yours is the only one facing the other direction. That’s killing me! – I think everybody’s here
that’s gonna come here. – [Rachel] We’ll Rebecca’s coming. – Oh Rebecca’s coming. – [Rachel] And Stephanie! – And Stephanie’s coming. But for right now, this
is the crew we’ve got and we’re going to take
over the living room and make a show. – Everyone’s gonna come out on stage and make a straight line. You’re gonna be like wow,
yee, wave, like that. (holiday music) – [Christopher] Parker,
what are you wearing? – A hat. – [Christopher] A santa hat? So cool. – We’re all gonna start to
make a massive boy band V. A big, beautiful boy band V. – You know most people don’t
know what a boy band V is. – A boy band V is when
you see the boy bands usually hit their final
pose or beginning pose, they’re in a V. – Is the point in the
back or in the front? – The point is like this. Fall into plank of the boy band V. – Let’s just call it the V. – Let’s just call it poor man’s V. (sped up chipmunk voices) (laughter) – These guys are super
tired, like the most tired. (sped up chipmunk voices) (holiday music) Hi, let’s talk about
what we learned today. We learned that Parker likes to hang his Christmas ornaments up where everyone can see them, deep within the back side
of the Christmas tree. We learned that no child’s advent calendar is complete without a working
motion sensored alarm system. And finally, and most importantly, Joshua taught us all what a boy band V is. Thanks for that life lesson there, Joshua. Thanks for watching everybody. We’ll see you next time. (giggles) – Christmas trees! – [Christopher] Are you excited? – Yeah! – [Christopher] What
kind of Christmas tree are you gonna get? A big one? – Yeah! – [Christopher] Or a little one? – Little one. – [Christopher] A little one? – Just like me.

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