Dimash’s “Surprise Night” birthday party- “Untold Secrets” English Subtitles

Dimash’s “Surprise Night” birthday party- “Untold Secrets” English Subtitles

“Untold Secrets” Please come to the middle of the stage The first part is called “untold secrets” What are untold secrets? Let me explain Here on stage we have three boxes In one of these boxes is our first gift for Dimash But he must earn this gift Most of you know a thing or two about Dimash through the internet or watching “Singer” Today we have more surprises for you We will disclose his secrets Let’s open each box! Dimash, please open the first box He is worried that there’s a snake in there Definitely not. Maybe spider Just kidding Let’s see what it is What’s in here? Let’s take a look at this photo Isn’t he cute? How old were you when this photo was taken? Maybe four? Four years old I know Dimash was born to a musical family He has been familiar with musical instruments since a young age Is this piano the first toy your family gave you? Not really. They gave him lots of things Dimash, I know I am asking for a lot When you used to practice the piano at the age of 4 Have you ever complained that the process was boring and pointless? And did you get spanked by your parents? Most people love their families and I am proud of mine Until now they have always taught me right from wrong We have to appreciate our sponsors He is so capricious, so rebellious The Dimash you see today is a result of his upbringing He is rebellious. He turns the mic to the side He has never been naughty before Never? He has always been good Do you believe him? They don’t believe you! Do I look like a trouble-maker? He is kidding When he was young he did lots of naughty things For example? Little things He is embarrassed He doesn’t remember Let him think about it. Let’s ask the next question Dimash plays lots of musical instruments Which instrument is the most special to you and why? We know that for musicians, instruments cannot be compared with each other But Let me finish Dombra? I understood that Everyone has his homeland My homeland is Kazakhstan Therefore I feel Dombra is the most special musical instrument Another important reason is that Dimash’s grandpa is a famous dombra player in Kazakhstan This is my first time working with him, and I think he has a rebellious streak. Don’t you think? He is very prideful He doesn’t want to hold the mic a certain way He will stand where he wants to stand What am I going to do with this handsome and proud guy? Since he is the birthday boy According to chinese culture, he calls the shots on his birthday Maybe our sponsor will refuse to pay I will turn the mic for you Have you ever thought, if you could start all over again will you consider a different career? For example an athlete? Doctor? Lawyer? We follow our passion He looks for satisfaction on an emotional level A performer pursues his passion Or an artist I feel special because you have helped me reach my childhood dream So he would still choose to be a singer in the next life We are grateful for Dimash’s dedication Let’s see what present we have in the second box Let’s see Looks like another photo He is examining it closely Which one is Dimash? Let’s show the audience Look at the big screen This is a photo of Dimash in a chorus group He looks so sweet No wonder I almost didn’t recognize myself He was looking at it so closely He couldn’t find himself in the photo It took him a while to find himself We all know that Dimash participated in chorus groups as a kid I also know that he was 5 when he first performed on stage When you perform on stage at the age of 5, were you nervous or scared? I was nervous I went on the stage and sang And now here I am Until this day I still feel nervous when I go on stage I feel very happy to see the audience at each performance But there is pressure and I do feel nervous When things don’t go well, such as with my voice or pronunciation He is a perfectionist I can tell I heard that when you were young, you could sing high notes and had a wide vocal range And so you sang the soprano part in the chorus group I sang high notes on purpose so I could stand with the girls For a lot of kids as they grow, they lose the ability to sing high notes Except for me and the girls I truly feel Dimash has such a blessed life Even when singing in a chorus group He has both the voice and the looks For me I cannot sing like that And so I am jealous of Dimash’s talents I would like to ask Dimash, coming to China to participate in “Singer” working with so many Chinese singers who do you admire the most? Who do you want to work with the most? Basically every singer in “Singer” is different What do you guys mean? You want to know who I don’t like? I didn’t ask that We only want to know which one you like, not which one you don’t like The only one I don’t like is Dimash He knows the right things to say Tell us which singer you want to work with the most Terry Lin of course Why Terry Lin? Because he is my Papa But I heard you are Han Hong’s godson as well She is your godmother Of course I have both godfather and godmother How about you perform with both your “mom” and “dad”? Working with either Han Hong or Terry Lin is like reaching a different level for me In “Singer”, aside from Han Hong and Terry Lin another singer I admire is Sandy Sandy Lam And the “brothers” as well Jam Hsiao (Lion) I learned about each of their talent through “Singer” He can’t think of anyone in particular, they are each unique We hope Dimash will have the opportunity to work with singers he admires Let’s see what’s in the third box It’s a soccer ball His hand is so big! He can grab the whole ball with one hand How is it different from other soccer balls? There is an autograph on it Do you recogize the autograph? Is it Messi’s? If you know Dimash well, who is his favorite soccer player? You all didn’t do your homework? Let me whisper to you..it’s Messi Who is Dimash’s favorite soccer player? Messi This soccer ball is the first gift for Dimash today Thank you! I know besides singing, he really enjoys playing soccer Do you have time to play soccer amidst your busy schedule? Not at the present time But today you have the opportunity to show off your soccer skills You can be the goalie Meaning you want to kick the ball at me? Alright let’s do it. Please bring us the soccer ball Because yours is valuable with the autograph This is a regular soccer ball without any autograph You know how to juggle? Let’s ask Dimash to show off his juggling skills I was worried that he would kick the ball at me Is juggling ok? He is so good at it! He looks so handsome even when juggling After today I understand his fans better When he sings he has so much emotions But he acts so cute when he plays ball Great. You passed our test The test was to juggle the ball 10 times, you did more than that This ball with Messi’s autograph is our first gift to you tonight Thank you so much This means “thank you”? I didn’t like you to begin with, but I like you now because of this soccer ball You are not bad OK we have given him the ball I hope Dimash will find leisure time to play his favorite sports like soccer to keep himself physically fit Do you want to see him play soccer in the future? Since this is a gift, can Dimash hold the ball Sorry we haven’t taken a picture yet We would like to take a picture

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  1. Thanks for the translation, Gloria! Now I know what the boxes and the soccer have in common! Mysteries solved! Love it!

  2. Gloria, this is such a cute and funny video. I didn't want it to end. The host said the ball is Dimash's 1st b-day present, is there another present in part II?

  3. Thx a lot gloria.. i saw the whole video in Chinese before and was wondering about what they were saying!! Now I know thanks to you 😊😊😊

  4. Hello.
    Pity that the translator from Kazakh is not translating all the words Dimash is saying. Some meaning that Dimash would like to communicate here is being lost.
    Gloria, big thank you for what you do for us. Like from me. If only I could put more I would do that.

  5. Gloria Wu, thank you so much for the subtitles. I would really love if you could translate the whole episode of “Dimash surprise night birthday” Please!

  6. Thank you Gloria for the wonderful translations. Well worth the wait. Dimash has a very good interpreter I must say.

  7. Әр қазақтың баласы Димаш сияқты,ұлтын сүйген ұл болса,бәрі керемет болар еді….Алла тіл көзден сақтасын өзіңді алтын бала !!!

  8. Hi Gloria, I don't know if you would know the answer but I was wondering was there any monetary prize for 1st place winner for I Am a Singer/Singer competition 2017? In America, competitions like American Idol or America's Got Talent all have monetary prize. I was just wondering if it's the same in China. Thank you.

  9. Димаш озорник похулиганил с микрофонами.. так мило! Ребенок еще в душе

  10. Gloria, You are so appreciated for keeping us all tune in to Dimash. The english subs are so helpful. Thank you so much for your time to do this for us all! Blessings, Nerry Jimenez

  11. Gloria, this was a great subbing you accomplished.  This morning I watched part 1 and part 2 with Pro Duce and peanut butter with my coffee and am ready to hit the road to work!  Great way to start the day…thanks so much!

  12. Глория, спасибо за видео!!!
    Хоть я не понимаю, но вижу с каким уважением к нему относится ведущий, зал его приветствует, очень его любят!!! А Димаш озорник!!!Милый и искренний!!!!!!

  13. Керемет. Димаш аман болшы жаным. Қазақ елінің адал ұлы сендей болып көбейе берсін.

  14. That host was so obnoxious and rude with the microphone and interruptions, but Dimash was having none of it. I now like him even more.

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