Dimash’s “Surprise Night” birthday party- “Well Wishes from Friends” (English Subtitles)

Aside from gaining the support from a lot of fans Dimash has made friends with a lot of celebrities within a short time They have birthday wishes for Dimash as well. Take a look “Well-wishes from friends” I am Joseph I am Neo Hou I am Michelle J I am Laure Shang Han Hong Today is Dimash’s birthday “Little big brother” “Little big brother” Dimash’s birthday Wish you happy birthday Happy birthday Dimash! “Little big brother” happy birthday! Happy birthday! I wish to see you in Beijing I hope to have the opportunity to buy you a meal in Beijing I’ll treat you to the best food I look forward to your new songs I hope your career in China will continue to soar I hope your music will have no bounds, and everything will go smoothly More and more fans in China and continued friendship between China and Kazakhstan Hope all goes well! I hope your fan meetup will be a success Happy Birthday! (In Kazakh) Why did it stop? Power outage? Dimash, I wish you a successful career and a bright future! Most importantly, never lose your passion for making music Keep yourself healthy, and work hard for your friends who love you Hi brother! Happy birthday! I wish you good health! Always keep a smile on your face Make the world proud of you Happy birthday brother! May you possess all the beauty and stamina in the world I trust that you will ride the peaks and valleys in your path Once again, happy birthday! Happy birthday May each year bring you more beauty as you grow Your childhood dream hopefully can be achieved smoothly We all love you Little Dimash, happy birthday! I wish you a happy, long life! May God bless you With the help of God, I hope you will reach new heights in your artistic career May God bless you with long life to realize your heart’s dreams Live happily, my dear I saw Dimash was greatly moved After watching the well wishes from your friends and family, what do you wish to tell them? I would like to thank everyone They called me yesterday to wish me happy birthday actually But it’s been a long time since I last saw them I kind of miss them Do you know that besides your friends and family, there are other important people who send you well wishes from all corners of the world Let’s take a look Happy birthday Dimash! “Happy birthday” in different languages Happy birthday to you Let’s sing it in Kazakh! Dimash, they learned Kazakh for you They just sang “Happy Birthday” in Kazakh. Did you understand? Of course Your Kazakh is awesome! You spoke very well “Certified by idol” Your idol approves your Kazakh The birthday song is just one of the gifts Your fans have prepared many gifts We have asked two representatives to present these gifts to Dimash Let’s see the first one You can start now He’s always so considerate This is a …. This is the right way to hold it Her face turns red instantly I am sorry! I am too nervous Don’t be nervous! Your idol is by your side This is a certificate for Dimash and his dears from the China Green Foundation to recognize your support of our “Million Forest” initiative This initiative is organized by the China Green Foundation in conjunction with the United Nation to promote conserving the ecosystem Dimash is a responsible and righteous person In order to model after him, fans have organized and participated in charitable work The “Million Forest” event in March, fans were recruited by Baidu “Dimash Bar” to participate and the response was great We planted 1142 trees in the western region We hope to contribute to conserving the ecosystem Dimash, why don’t you say a few words to your fans First of all I wish everyone here to have a pure heart I have discovered that everyone here is sincere He is a religious person, so he said that your good deeds will be rewarded by God He wishes everybody well, and hope you all pursue your dreams and be rewarded when you do good to others Thank you Dimash. Let’s see the second gift A hug first What’s the second gift? This is the first year for Dimash and for us Therefore we prepared a special gift for Dimash This gift includes Dimash’s different looks and images, For example, when he works and in everyday life… these are included in this album of love We hope Dimash continues to do what he loves in future days and bring more beautiful music to his fans The drawings look so real. Very nice Thank you fan representatives! Thank you! We are thankful to the well wishes of fans This beautiful cake has been ignored for too long We will now ask Dimash and dears to cut the cake together We will celebrate his birthday together Birthday celebrations in China start with making a wish But today we will do something different Because Dimash is our proud little prince, he will do things differently. No wish making today Instead we will give thanks for what we have So Dimash before you cut the cake, what do you wish to do? I am grateful to you for making me a star Wherever you are, I can be the real Dimash Without you, I wouldn’t be anybody Therefore I hope everyone here will be happy, and reach new heights in life Let’s cut the cake. Here’s the knife Cut the cake here Photographer please take a group picture for us A picture with all our dears ok? Dimash stand here Stand here and take a group picture Let’s take a picture Cut the cake here Don’t do that! He is so naughty Looks like he is really going to cut the cake and share with you That’s good Be careful Besides gifts from fans, we also have a gift from a celebrity This person is someone Dimash adores- Papa Lin! (Terry Lin) Crew please bring it here A gift from Papa Lin What is this? Can we open it now? Ok Dimash why don’t you open it Open and see what Papa Lin gave to him Crew please take the cake This gift is so nicely wrapped! So secure I guess it’s Taiwanese style It feels soft Put it on the floor Some many layers of wrapping paper! Terry Lin you are too thoughtful! This is driving me crazy It’s an outfit An outfit I heard this is the what Terry Lin wore when he shared a stage with you At the time you commented that the style is similar to your country’s style Is it this one? Terry Lin decided to give it to you as a birthday gift Why don’t you say something to Papa Lin From this I can see Papa Lin’s sincerity toward me The first time Terry Lin met Dimash he was wearing this outfit At the time I told him I liked this outfit and that I admired and respected his talent It’s so thoughtful of him to give this to me for my birthday Actually it’s not just Papa Lin who is thoughtful We also have two special guests They have supported his musical performances in China They would like to present a birthday gift to Dimash Please join me in welcoming BG Talent founder and CEO Plato Nie And songwriter and BG Talent business partner Shang Wenjie Please come to the middle Mr Nie please say a few words Today I am the “Ah Yuen” (Chinese name) on Weibo Just like you, I am a dear I am pleased to see so many dears today so many friends who are supportive of Dimash through partcipating online or coming here tonight to celebrate Dimash’s 23rd birthday First of all I would like to represent BG Talent to thank fans from all around the world to support this fan meetup Duomi music, IQIYI, and China Mobile Most of all I would like to thank in December of 2016, the director of “Singer” at Hunan TV for helping us Mr Hong Tou We thank him for the opportunity to be with Dimash for the past 5 months To accomplish so much together I take this opportunity together with my partner to make an announcement Dimash’s singing career in China officially begins today Would Shang Wenjie like to say a few words? Good evening dears I am another partner at BG talent, We know that our Dimash is an excellent singer First of all, he has good looks Long legs Heavenly voice Kindhearted Humorous Talented And a good flirt! Today I learned a lot of things about Dimash I didn’t know before He actually has many sides. Very adorable It is our mission at BG Talent to support good singers and good music Therefore today on this special occasion, I hope that everyone can support Dimash I hope you will support this talented young man forever Thank you for your well wishes Really very precious Let’s take a picture to capture this special moment Wait a minute Tonight we also have representative from Hunan TV We also have the CEO from Xiaomi, an affiliate of BG Talent I will take this opportunity to represent Hunan TV, “Singer” group BG Talent Xiaomi to present a birthday gift to Dimash We spent a lot of time planning in Beijing to build a special recording studio for Dimash Thank you so much. He has no words to express his gratitude We worked with a world-renowned company to equip the studio with top of the line sound system We hope that Dimash’s singing career starting from China, here in Beijing with BG Talent, will extend to other parts of the world Keep up the good work! Dimash say a few words to Mr Nie and Ms Shang Thank you so much! We must take a picture to commemorate this special moment Photographer please Look over there Thank you! Ah Yuen(Plato Nie) is so popular So popular If it is possible I want to thank BG Talent for supporting my career in China You always speak of my good nature, but I can be quite stubborn as well I appreciate you putting up with my shortcomings and take such good care of me like my brother and sister Thank you so much Mr Nie I forgot to say a few things I need to thank our sponsor Live4LIVE “Singer” and Hunan TV and to thank all my friends backstage “Do Man” (interpretor) Mr Nie what else do you wish to say? I know we don’t have a lot of time so I’ll be brief We owe thanks to Alpamys for helping Dimash achieve so much in 4, 5 months Without his support, we wouldn’t have accomplished so much At the end I would like to share that we are already working on Dimash’s first album, to be released worldwide as well as a world tour Thank you for your support

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