Disney’s Not So Spooky Spectacular FULL SHOW at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party [4K]

Due to this being a new show, and due to crowd noise levels, the subtitles are presented as they are heard. If necessary, changes will be made when needed. Narrator: The story that you are about to be told. Narrator: Is one for both the young and the old. Narrator: Unlike anything you have ever seen. Get ready for this is Halloween! ♪Boys and Girls of every age, wouldn’t you like to see something strange?♪ ♪Come with us and you will see. This, our town of Halloween♪ ♪This is Halloween, this is Halloween! Pumpkins scream in the dead of night♪ ♪Skeleton Jack might catch you in the back! And scream like a banshee! Make you jump out of your skin! ♪This is Halloween, everybody scream! Won’t ya please make way for a very special guy♪ ♪Our man Jack is King of the Pumpkin patch! Everyone hail to the Pumpkin King!♪ (Chorus Vocalizing) La-la-la-la. Halloween! Halloween! La-la-la-la. Halloween! Halloween! La-la-la-la. Halloween! Halloween! Scream! Scream! Halloween! Halloween! Jack Skeleton: Happy Halloween! Jack Skeleton: Good Evening, dear friends! It’s wonderful to have you here. Jack Skeleton: For I, Jack Skeleton have a tale to tell. Jack Skeleton: Haha, Yes. Halloween is a night filled with surprises. Jack Skeleton: Playful Tricks. Frightful Treats. Jack Skeleton: Why, anything can happen on Halloween. Jack Skeleton: As some friends found out on a night, just like this one. Jack Skeleton: Oh, but I am getting ahead of myself. Jack Skeleton: Oh Zero! Here boy. Zero? Jack Skeleton: Where that dog? (Zero barks) Jack Skeleton: Ah! There you are Zero. Jack Skeleton: It’s time now to take our friends on a Halloween adventure! Jack Skeleton: One, they’ll not soon forget! (Jack Skeleton Cackles) Trick-or-Treat,Trick-or-Treat,Trick-or-Treat for Halloween! Better give that treat that’s good to eat, If you wanna keep life serene Trick-or-Treat,Trick-or-Treat,Trick-or-Treat! Who makes an awful fuss. If you smile, you’ll hardly sell the sweet, You better be sweet to us. Minnie: Oh Mickey! I just love Trick-or-Treating! Minnie: Oh, the costumes! Goofy: And the candy! Mickey: Oh, boy! This is going to be fun! Donald: And Scary! Mickey: Scary? Why maybe more Not-So-Scary Donald. Let Go! Trick-or-Treat, Trick-or-Treat, Trick-or-Treat,the whole night through When Ghosts and Goblins by the score. Ring the bell on your front door. You better not be stingy or your nightmares will come true Trick-or-Treat! (Zero barks twice) Mickey: Hey! Look a dog. Goofy (trembling): It’s a ghost dog! Minnie: His collar says Zero. (Zero Barks) Goofy: I think Zero wants us to follow him into (gasps) that house! Mickey: Well I don’t know Pals. That house doesn’t look very inviting. (vocalizing in a haunting manner) Donald: Ahh, don’t be chicken! Minnie (trembling): This house is spooky. Donald: Huh? Mickey: Goofy, stop shaking. Goofy (scared): I’m not shaking. Mickey (scared): Well… If that’s not you then uh… who is it? Mickey, Minnie and Goofy: Skeletons! Donald: Oh, Phooey! That wasn’t scary! Goofy: Nope, Their a bunch of Funny bones! (Laughs) Minnie: That Music, it’s so… familiar. (Zero barks twice) Mickey: It’s coming from behind that door. Donald; Oh Boy! Ghosts! Minnie and Goofy (terrified): Ghosts!? Mickey: A ghost masquerade! Donald: Those ghosts weren’t scary. Goofy: Nope, they were Boo-tiful. (laughs) Mickey; You said it! Minnie: This place isn’t so spooky after all! Mickey: Yikes! Minnie: What’s Happening! Goofy: Now it’s getting scary! Donald: Oh Boy! (Villians start to laugh) Goofy, Mickey and Minnie: Villians! Donald: Uh-Oh. Oogie Boogie: Well… Well… Well… What have we here? Oogie Boogie: You’re in our world now, and it’s Oogie’s turn to Boogie! (Oogie Boogie laughs) Hades: We dance, we kiss, we schmooze, we carry on, we go home happy. What do you say? Ursula: It’s time Ursula took this party into her own tentacles! (Laughs) The Queen of Hearts: Off with their heads! Mickey. Minnie and Goofy: Nooooo! Mickey: Look out! Goofy: Yikes! Minnie: Oh, were trapped! Donald: Ahhh!
Goofy: Get us outta here! (Zero barks) Mickey: Zero can get us out! Follow that dog! (Queen of Hearts laughs) Mickey: Come on! Goofy: This way! (Ursula Laughs) (Zero Barks) Minnie: Look! There’s the way out! (Oogie Boogie laughs) Mickey: We made it! Minnie: Thanks Zero! (Zero barks) Goofy: Yup, that was fun! Donald: And scary! Mickey: The best Halloween ever! (All four cheer in excitement) Mickey: Come on gang! Let’s go! Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy: Trick-or-Treat, Trick-or-Treat, Trick-or-Treat for Halloween! (All four laugh and Zero barks) Jack Skeleton: What a perfect Halloween tale! Jack Skeleton: Filled with playful tricks and frightful treats! Jack Skeleton: Just as I promised. (Zero Barks twice) Jack Skeleton: And Zero you were very helpful indeed! Jack Skeleton: You see my friends. With a lot of adventure and a bit of fright. Jack Skeleton: Halloween is the greatest of nights! Jack Skeleton: Happy Halloween! (Jack Skeleton Cackles) ♪Boys and girls of every age. Wouldn’t you like to see something strange?♪ ♪Come with us and you will see. This, our town of Halloween♪ ♪This is Halloween! This is Halloween! Trick-or-Treat! Trick-or-Treat♪ ♪This is Halloween, everybody make a scene! Trick-or-Treat!♪ ♪This is Halloween! This is Halloween! Trick-or-Treat! Trick-or-Treat♪ ♪In this town. Everybody scream! In this town of Halloween!♪ ♪This is Halloween! This is Halloween! Trick-or-Treat! Trick-or-Treat♪ ♪This is Halloween. This is Halloween. Scream!♪ ♪This is Halloween! This is Halloween! Trick-or-Treat! Trick-or-Treat♪ ♪This is Halloween! This is Halloween! In this town of Halloween!♪ Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween Everyone from AllCentralFlorida! We hope these subtitles have helped you out. Send us a message via Youtube, Twitter or Facebook if you can improve these subtitles or can offer a translation of these subtitles. Thank you!

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