DIY Baby Shower Decor | Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Decor | DIY Birthday Party Decor

DIY Baby Shower Decor | Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Decor | DIY Birthday Party Decor

hey guys welcome back to my channel and
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home holiday event wedding and DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to make a
rubber ducky baby shower centerpiece and setup here we go oh my gosh when you guys pick the rubber
ducky baby shower centerpiece for this week’s project I was so excited because
he brought back so many memories for me so many good memories because my
daughter is not sixteen and she’s my only child and he just brought me back
to when she was a baby and I saw her in the bathtub with a rubber duckie yet she
had one yeah so that’s what I wanted to do I wanted a rubber ducky in a bathtub
so with that said let’s get started with the project to build my rubber duckies
bathtub I’m going to be using this wire basket that I got from Walmart it was a
little bit over four bucks but I also have a couple of alternative if you guys
would want to spend that much although four bucks is pretty reasonable and I
love the shape of it I got these two from Dollar Tree okay you start plastic
and this will work as well although the rubber ducky is about the same size but
it will still work it will still be cute and there’s this one alright so these
are two alternative that you can buy from Dollar Tree but I’m going to be
using this one from Walmart because I think that it is perfect and he looks
like a tub I’m going to be using fourteen like candle holders from Dollar
Tree these are actually two packs here and I’m going to be using them as legs
for my tub and I’m going to be gluing them on with hot glue next I’m going to be using my twisting
shaped balloons to wrap around my top because I want a white tub and because
you guys know I love to work with balloons and I’m going to be boiling
them up with my balloon buddy because I have no idea where my hand pump is but
as you guys know my motto is use what you have can work with what you have so
yeah so I’m going to show you how I’m going to do this so I already blew one
up so what I’m going to do is twist a little bit of the top okay and this is
going to be the side of the tub which is going to go right here I’m also going to
twist that in but I have to glue this down first and I’m going to be using my
low temperature gun so you won’t pop now I’m going to turn this around and
I’m going to make a smaller balloon to connect on this side I’m going to hide
this right under the balloon by the way if you’re wondering the balloon size is
that you are going to need to place around the tub I cannot really tell you
for certain because I don’t have a hand pump and I cannot tell you how many
pumps you’re going to need for each side but what I can tell you is if you have
an air inflator like I do you are going to blow up your balloon all the way or
as much air as you can and then you are going to let out a little bit of air at
a time until you get the desired size okay so here is the complete first layer
and I’m going to continue to do the same all the way up I’m gonna have to reposition the legs of
the tub because I place this one way too low so as you can see I already pull
them off and now I’m just going to reposition them but I’m gonna have to
glue them underneath the balloon so I’m going to use my low temperature gun now
I’m going to be stuffing my top with a little bit of paper this I got for free
when I go to home goods and I buy things and they wrap it around in this paper so
I usually save it in case that I need it like I do today so I’m just gonna go
ahead and ball it up and stuff it in here now I’m going to be using 5 inch
baby blue balloons that I’m going to be blowing up in two different sizes and
I’m going to be placing them all around my ducky because he needs to float over
water next I’m going to be adding 5-inch
transparent balloons some of them are going to be as is and some of them are
going to have blue confetti I’m going to use a small funnel that I got from
Dollar Tree to place my confetti inside my balloon okay guys this is a this is my rubber
ducky baby shower centerpiece and it is absolutely adorable
I am so giddy about these centerpiece there is nothing about it that I do not
like I love the balloon packed hub I love the water and be bubbles and oh my
gosh the blue confetti totally polish – look love it I hope you guys enjoyed
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until next time bye you

69 thoughts on “DIY Baby Shower Decor | Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Decor | DIY Birthday Party Decor

  1. All the brainstorming paid off! I marvel at how you used the long balloons to cover the basket! Tyra you rock?

  2. Another amazing project,it is simply adorable,love the project ???amazing job as always, appreciate u.?have a great evening now ???

  3. Aww this is a great idea for me because we’re doing my nephew and his girlfriend baby shower next month and the theme is rubber ducky and this is awesome I wanted to do them a diaper cake or tub with duck theme any pointers ?

  4. Hello ! I love its projetcs decor for baby ,very good idea ,it is really awesome thank you so much very nice delighted to have watched the video goodbye To soon ????????

  5. Hi Tayra,
    This turned out so pretty, it does take you back ,as always keep it moving and continue to reach for the Stars ⭐??

  6. That's it I'm renting rental space in your creative mind so i can be surrounded by your ingeniousness. I love it, gosh Tayra you've done it again ???? This is FIRE!!!!!

  7. Hey Tayra, that was so adorable. I haven't posted before, but couldn't helped myself. Thanks for sharing so many ideas with us.

  8. This is soooo cute !!! Can we maybe get an actual table centerpiece idea too with the videos that are treat table based ? If that makes sense ?

  9. LOVE this rubber Duckie theme centerpiece! The feet on the bath tub and the white balloons for the tub are so creative … the outcome is gorgeous! ????

  10. I’m thinking about doing this center piece however how long would you say the balloons last? And is there anything you would recommend that could be a permanent rubber duck center piece take home gift for the soon to be Mommy???

  11. I am a mommy & lifestyle vlogger, just starting out my channel! I am also doing my baby shower in rubber duckys! I will have my video posted next month if you wanted to go check it out that would mean so much to me 🙂

  12. Could you do something inspired with bees for a gender reveal … im loving the idea of "what will it bee"? but would love to get a diy inspiration ❤
    I love your work ??

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