DIY Black & Gold Christmas Card Embroidery

DIY Black & Gold Christmas Card Embroidery

This year I made two video’s about embroidery
for Christmas cards. In this video I’ll show you the designs
of the gold and black cards. In the other video you can find the easier
snowflake design for a card or gift tag and some more tips for embroidery, so don’t
forget to check it out. I put the link to this video in the description. If you like this video, please like and share
your recreations on Instagram or Twitter. You’ll need a black folded card, a black
card somewhat smaller than the front of the folded card, embroidery templates, something
to protect your working surface like some cardboard or thick felt and something to make
bigger and smaller holes, a needle and embroidery thread, tape, scissors, some clips and glue. Start by placing the template on the card. Use some clips to hold the template so it
doesn’t move. Make holes in the card on the places indicated
by the dots on the template. For this design you need to make the holes
marked by A to F on the template somewhat larger. Do this by first making a somewhat smaller
hole, so you don’t tear the paper when maker it larger. Start with the needle from the inside of the
card. Use some tape to secure the thread. For this design you need to take thread from
a larger hole to the smaller ones, as drawn on the template. Repeat this all around the design. To finish the card, you can use some glue
to stick the black rectangle on the back of the embroidered side of the card, so the messy
side doesn’t show. For this design you need to start in a point
close the center and take the thread up to the first hole right to the row of holes. On the back you go to the next hole, clockwise
seen from the front of the card. Then you take the thread back to the hole
next to the one where you started. When you finished embroidering you can cover
the messy side with some cardboard.

9 thoughts on “DIY Black & Gold Christmas Card Embroidery

  1. Love these cards and you make it look so easy.  I hope you posted where we can get patterns and the kind of threat you used.   Thank you, Joyce Grigsby

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