DIY Christmas Tree | Felt Craft | Apostrophe S | Felted Forest

DIY Christmas Tree | Felt Craft | Apostrophe S | Felted Forest

Hi, it’s Jill with Apostrophe S. Today I’m
really excited to show you our Felted – whoops – our Felted Forest Christmas Trees. These
are awesome. They come in a set of three. They make terrific decorations or even gifts
if you want to use them as gifts. Now let me show you what comes in the kit.
You get all of the felt for all of the trees, all the wood bases, pins, the stars for the
top, the glue, and then of course you get these Styrofoam bases. What you’re going to
need from home is a hot glue gun, just kind of as a backup. Even though it’s got the tacky
glue, this is really good to use for gluing the base to the styrofoam. It works a little
bit better than the tacky glue. Now the bases all have numbers on them so I wanted to show
you these. The largest tree is number one, then two, then three is the smallest tree.
These refer to the rows of felt that you’re going to put on each one. So like for the
largest tree, there’s ten rows of felt. So that kind of helps you plan how to set them
so that you don’t run out of the felt. The smallest one that I’m going to show you today
has five rows. Okay, so when all of the wood pieces come,
they’re like this and you can see that they are all numbered. They say 3a and then these
are 3b, 3c. Whoops I left the 3d’s over here. They’re right here and then the 3e is the
biggest one. I want to show you on this base that it goes A, B, C, D, and then E is the
biggest one. That’s the one that you hot glue to the base so that it holds the tree together.
Okay? And then the stars are also numbered. So you know that this star is number 3 for
that size tree. Okay, so let me start with the little bows of the tree so that you see
how to put these together. Now as I said this small one has five rows. So what I’ve done
is I’ve taken five felt leaves for the bows and I start with the top one and put it in
the top, not quite in the center, so that it’s like that. Then I just start putting
the next bow into the tree so that the one above it covers the pin and I work all the
way down the tree. Whoops, that one needs to be just a little bit higher. And I graduate
from dark to light – whoops – to take it all the way down the length of the tree. So it
sticks off a little bit on the end and you kind of have an idea for placement. Then you
can go back and dip them in the glue. I’ve put a little bit of the tacky glue on the
plate and then put it in to the tree. Now when you’re all done with these, if this top
one sticks up, you can kind of smash this corner piece of the cone in with your thumb
so that it lays a little flatter and you can put a dab of hot glue up in there and then
fold it down. That’s what we’ve done with these so that they stay down. You can see
that they kind of overlap each other on the top. Okay? So once you get all of your bows
put on your tree like that, I’m going to show you what to do with the base. Now you’ve got
three little dowels, obviously small, medium, and large. I’m going to take this small one
and what I’m going to do is, let’s see that 3e disc was the one for the base. I kind of
center it on my tree and then I stick the dowel in it, so that I know where the center
of that tree is going to be and where that’s going to go. Okay? Then, I pull all of these
discs together again and I start with this largest one, which is E that will go up against
the tree. And you can push them up pretty high and then I go D. I take them in descending
order, D. Then if you’d like, you can use either a little bit of the tacky glue and
put some around here, or the hot glue before putting on your next set of circles. You don’t
want them too close to the center because you want these to be able to move even though
you want them glued together. It kind of just gives it some strength. Then I put B on, and
then A like that. Then I push it down. Actually, before I push it down, make sure that that
one gets glued together. Then you can kind of push it down like so. Then I put, you can
see that I was practicing. I put some hot glue around the bottom to kind of seal that
dowel. Okay? Then you can put some right there around that bottom to seal it. Then you put
the glue around the top, that once you’ve got all of the felt on here, then you can
slide it down through that hole and it’ll go flush against your tree base. Okay? So
it’s pretty straight forward, pretty simple. Then the very last thing that you do is you
take your little stars and again, take the tacky glue and I would just put – I’m leaving
this on – but I would just put a little tacky glue, just a teeny bit, right there, so that
when you slide these two pieces of the stars together, that tacky glue will dry. And then
you take one of the little teeny dowels and you put this little guy right down through
the top of your tree and slide the star on top like that and put him in the tree and
put some glue on there. So when you’re done, as I mentioned, that’s what the trees look
like. This one’s striped. This one’s variegated, whichever one, whichever look you want, but
at least you get the rows for each size of tree. So there you go. Felted Forest from Apostrophe S…make it

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