55 thoughts on “DIY Family Celebration & Birthday Board

  1. My daughter in law gave me one of these which is a lot like yours and I have been wanting to make this. Thank you so much for taking the time to make it seem easy!

  2. I have been looking to make one of these for a year now. This one is amazing. On the one I saw, the date markers were made with paint chip samples and I think that they would be easy to cut out on the maker.

  3. Really cute sign! One idea you could have done is to write the names with the Cricut while the circles / hearts were still on the mat. But I agree with you, the hand-lettered version is great AND will make adding to it much easier in the future.

  4. Your videos are so helpful and inspiring. Thank you so much for them and the files. You make it look so easy that maybe I can do it too.?

  5. So fabulous! I have always admired these boards, but you make it look so easy. I will have to try to make one. Thank you for sharing your well done tutorials.

  6. Wow, I am new to watching you Jennifer and I have to say I am hooked! This is a fabulous project and I have learned so much. I am going to have to see about getting some nice boards to make these for gifts. Thanks for such wonderful and detailed tutorials! Hugs, Brenda

  7. Hi Jennifer,
    Just recently found your channel and Iโ€™m hooked! I love, love, love your teaching style and the details.
    We also have a lot in common. I have been redoing my office/ guest room and it has a lot of copper in it. I also did a wall quote with the same cricut metallic copper just today ? I used the scraps to cover my office garbage bin. I think I will give this project a go so I can finally get rid of my calendar… yay ? Thanks for all you do!

  8. Hello Jennifer. I didnโ€™t understand how you made the circle disks. I bought some from amazon – three times. I stained them and they were to dark so I bought them again – did not look right. I finally found a stain that works then had to buy several different pens because the writing did not show up. I finished finally but I want to make one for my son and donโ€™t want to go thru the same problems. Sorry – what Iโ€™m asking is how did u make the circle disks?

  9. Hi Jennifer, I just love this. I went to my local Joann's to find the sign, but it wasn't there. How long ago did you purchase the one you used? Did you buy in store on online? Also, could you tell me the size of the jump rings you used. There are so many sizes available.

  10. Excellent idea! I've never seen this. I printed off and laminated a huge card stock for my Mom years ago with her B-day and Dad's, Birthdays of us 6 kids, Our anniversaries with spouse their b-dates, their 17 grandkids, and now Mom's 3 great grand-kids and three on the way! This is way better!

  11. I love this! You could paint the circles black with a copper edge and the hearts copper with a black edge. Then use black and white markers for the names and dates.

  12. It's relaxing listening you in your tutorials. I can learn with you. I hope. It's been one year that I own a air explore 2 and now I got the Maker , but I get to ansious and can't work with vinyls as I which. It's been a pleasure. I am from Puerto Rico.

  13. I love this I am New to this circuit got one for Christmas could you please tell me where to find the down load for this .Thank you

  14. Gโ€™day from Melbourne Oz! Just found you and you are awesome! I love your creativity. I bought one of these celebration boards from the UK last year and had problems finding the little discs/hearts here so put it away. Now I have my maker I can cut them out myself. I will definitely finish the board now. Looking forward to seeing more of your tutorials. Thanks.

  15. Hi Jennifer, what font and sizeย did you use for the dates and how much space between each month. I've done all the rest but I am struggling with the dates. Thank you

  16. It's adorable! I love the copper too! My niece made one similar, but she used bigger markers that were easier to write on with a marker. Great tutorial!!

  17. I have an explore air 2, so it's not going to cut the wood. What weight cardstock would you recommend using?

  18. I have been struggling with how to design my board and then I found your video and inspired me, thank you! Did you consider painting your hearts and circles? I am thinking about doing that to match, but I can't decide if it is worth the hassle. I would love to hear your thoughts!

  19. LOVE this so much!!
    You need to check out Seapaints.com its a mineral based paint that has a chalk-like finish but dries so much quicker and is amazingly blend-able! It was a game changer in my wooden sign crafting!!

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