DIY Foil & Full Color Printables – Hand Painted Christmas Card

DIY Foil & Full Color Printables – Hand Painted Christmas Card

Hi, everyone. Kristina here. I have created some printables based on that hand-painted Christmas card that is in the previous video. And I wanted to just show you guys how you can assemble those really quickly. So I’m going to start with
the full color version. There are two versions in my shop. There’s a full color and then
a black and white version that you can use for foiling, so I’m going to first show
you the full color version. Basically you just print it
out on some nice card stock. I’m using some Neenah
Solar White 80 pound. And you want to print it out with the best print settings
possible for your printer. And then you’re going to cut from crop mark to crop mark. And you don’t want to cut
all the way edge to edge, because then you’ll lose
the other crop marks. So I’m just gonna do some vertical cuts, matching up those little white lines. And then I can turn and
do the horizontal cuts. There are two sizes of each card. The one I’m cutting is
the full card front size, meaning that it is, right
up here, it’s 5.5 by 4.25. And that means that this card
front should fit perfectly on your A2 cards. Okay. Looks like I’ve got
just a little spot here that didn’t cut all the way through. Lovely. Okay so there is my printable. Now all I have to do is take an A2 card that I’ve already
cut down to the right size and folded it, and I’m
gonna be gluing this right on top of the card. You want to get your adhesive
all the way to the edge, because you don’t want it lifting up. So I like to almost
overlap the edge a little but let it go off the edge. And then you’re also going to just do a couple little lines of
adhesive in the center. I always adhere from the fold, and I start in one corner, and I kind of press that
down with my fingertip and then go to the other corner. Line that up with the card
stock and then press down. And if there’s a little
bit of card stock showing, and you can trim it off,
you can definitely do that. I’m just going to trim off
this edge on my paper trimmer. Looks great. And there is my printed card. Okay, so now I’m going to
show you the foiled card. This is one of the smaller sizes. So it’s going to be slightly smaller than your regular-sized card front, and I’m just going to cut out one. When you’re using thicker
card stock like this, it’s especially important
to use the crop marks instead of using your paper trimmer to cut out the initial cut of the cards, because if your printer’s
anything like mine, sometimes when you use the manual feed, it can pull the paper and just slightly, slightly skew it to one side. The card stock I’m using right now is, let’s see, it’s called
Blueberry Sour from Bazzill. It’s just a nice navy shade. I’m using a Minc mini machine today. (beeping) And I’m going to put it
on the fifth setting, just because I’ve done some tests with this card stock before, and the texture of the card stock makes it so that it needs
a little bit more heat to get all of the foil adhered. The foil I’m using
today is from Deco Foil. It’s the teal color. And I’m just going to take one sheet, because these come in sheets of five. I am going to take one sheet, and cut that down to the size I need. I like to have a little bit of overlap. So I’ll just cut it slightly larger. It just makes it easier to get
it in the machine correctly. So I’m going to put the blue printout and then the teal foil on top, making sure all of the black is covered, and then I will just run this through. Okay, and these generally
just pop right out. I’m going to help this
cool just a tiny bit. And then I can pull up, and I have all of that gorgeous foiling. It’s a nice teal blue
shade on top of that navy. Super pretty. And I don’t have, it
looks like I don’t have any spots that didn’t foil. So really just test on your machine if using a laminating machine, I think you can turn the
heat up a little bit. Or if you’re using a Minc, I
find that when you’re using this really heavy card
stock like Bazzill or things like that that have a tiny bit of texture, it’s best to use kind
of a really high heat. All right. So there we go, there’s that card. And we have the full-size card front, and then I have a couple
more examples of foiling. I’ve got a gray card
stock with silver foiling. This is the color Sugar
Wafer from Bazzill. And then this red right here I believe is Red Hot from Bazzill as well. So lots of fun ways you can
do foiling on your cards, or you could do a full color. So thanks so much for watching. I will see you guys in the next video. If you want links to where
you can purchase these digital printout files, they are down in the video description,
or you can just click over to my blog and see all
the info over there. Thanks so much for watching, and I’ll catch you guys next time.

40 thoughts on “DIY Foil & Full Color Printables – Hand Painted Christmas Card

  1. for your color Wednesday, could you pleeeeeeeease do a brown girl with crazy colored hair???? I need to learn how to do that Cuz it's sooo hard!!! I'd really appreciate it hon…. thanks…

  2. Thank you for making these available. I've started using my MISTI for alignment help when I need to adhere a full-sized card front to a base. I make sure the fold is against one of the sides; if I do end up needing to trim, at least I know it won't be the fold side.

  3. wow Kristina!! i have been watching your videos for maybe 2 years now and every year i wait for the holiday card series !!! and we don't even have christmas here!(Israel) thanks for sharing your talent with us! you inpired me to start calligraphy! i have a video about it in my channel! thank you so much!!! TFS

  4. Hello kristina! I have a problem with foil. I use my laser printer, and I have deco foil too, like you… But after I put the image with foil in laminator, foil doesn't adhere to the image. Can you help me why it happen? Do you know if there are differents types of toner? Thank you so much! I love your designs

  5. Hi Kristine! love this technique! However I don't have a laser printer and wondered if I could photo copy on colored paper at the Staples near me. Would it work?

  6. can't help but feel like I would love to receive a card from u after watching all ur amazing card videos 🙂 u r so talented!

  7. Hi Kristina, loving your videos! Was just wondering how you got your original card design on the computer? Did you scan it? When I scan anything hand done, it doesn't scan very well! Thanks!

  8. Hello Kristina, I would like to know what model and brand of laser printer you use. I have one but I do not get the same results.Thanks for helping me. Kisses from Chile

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