DIY OGROMNI ČOKOLADNI BOR!!(200+LBS LOLLIPOP) Ssswwweeet Što svatko lupio si mi moj zid bro misliš da nisam čuo Why.. Because it is Christmas the end because I make a truly It’s gonna be a Christmas tree lollipop using this stick and as you guys can grow the anchorman on the camera guys It’s your boy over there. Well if they were if you were in their house smashing up their walls They’d be pretty you don’t need to come in your house the size of your loss You know what I won’t let you do it the Christmas spirit. It’s about giving not destroying my back. Go ahead, not a duck table. I don’t want a silly enough come on come on Okay Giant Christmas tree lollipop a chocolate one at that we are gonna need a heck of a lot of supplies Starting with the stick as you guys can see here. I’m not gonna have that he put the stick alright I’m put the stick down stick without a whole bunch of chocolate on it. It’s just a stick so That was that’s not gonna be enough we’re gonna need a little bit more chocolate More when I put coloring and think so why not just go straight for the green chocolate probably ten thousands or so Chocolate drop this costs a lot money out of money that I’m spending on this video So make sure you guys go smash that like button and then we need decorations What’s Christmas tree without? decoration the White Fondint red fondint and yellow fondint on so since all rights goes on that great We got a whole ton of stencils like this star. That’s gonna grow on top of the tree How are you gonna build the tree what we’re gonna build a giant tree mole because they don’t sell giant tree molds We always get things done so because once again Shawn alright. I love you, but I don’t trust your drawing skills I need to go find someone who is it actually an artist and can pull this off So let’s go find that person so now I’m at the rent so to try to get help from an artist That is not helping why you’re just eating cookies that is a cookie I’m sure you were I was riding the bike yeah, I could have sworn, and you almost killed the dog That’s too strange man kill the dog, dude This is you this is holding the cookie right looking over here this movie I? Came over here because I got this this is how do you do it – no one will be my cameraman? Hey, put this big board here great now that we got the board. We just need someone to dry come on Great, I don’t want this we’re gonna get this drawn. We’ll be right back Okay, so now apparently to draw you need things like pencils and not pens when you’re drawing a mist, but we have a pencil It’s not sure so we’re gonna have to sharpen it. No this really could have been avoided interpretive dance or something dusty I would rather not kill you go away Swimming. You know brave wilderness primitive technology if you guys ever want to collab maybe I could teach you a few things like how to sharpen a pencil with a knife tada I’m trying to make it focus okay. Just process. It’s really sharp. Okay. Here you go. Let’s go back to dry Why do you look like you’re playing pool right now You’re not you’re not done oh No tada okay without any exaggeration I literally just shut off the camera like five seconds ago when she canceled the tada and now that said I was back on You did one little eraser Markin anyways tada That is a nice tree. That’s a good set so this is why I came here. This is good This literally I yeah But now though with that regard Christmas tree stencil comes the fun part. We gotta carve it out This was this was my carving with a bunch of things You curved people for a living don’t say that’s not fun I’m sure you’re practically a butcher obviously the best thing for cutting trees is the same thing used to chop trees an axe How are you gonna stay on the lines with that? How do you stay on the lines with a pencil well? Outside line okay. We’ll save the extra later. Okay. What are you doing last time you my my kitchen knives? Yes, why do you think they’re in the sink? Dustin what are you doing what I’m wearing what is that protection alright make fun of it all you want But we’re done check it out. We got our nice mold Engraved time to see the flashing so now we got our aluminum foil flashing What we do is line the entire mold, and then glue it in you can just watch With you because a lot of stuff went wrong we just spent a couple hours on this but look at what we got That’s not a bowl. I don’t know what it is and the best part. It’s super sturdy We use a whole lot of flex they deal this thing down to actually pin it so it’s pretty sturdy what we’re also gonna do Now Walter, you’re going to eat bad. Now you can go to bed now you use this like 12 o’clock I’m gonna fill in all the gaps here, so it is fully watertight even though We only need it to be chocolate egg Which is not that much and then I’ll catch you guys back to me out my house Where we you’re gonna fill this thing up with chocolate and you showed us some Andy BAM Baby, I don’t think you have that many social medias, but they’re all there You Wanna say we build it a little bit bigger than I should I’m not sure if I have that much chocolate or if I have that much money to fill it was not much chocolate this is so Humanity when built this thing last night that was me going back in time now I’m back here forward in forward in time this looks you look like so First my wall now my floor Understand why you ever let me in here, I mean I might not I’m a little bit mad at myself Stop eating the filling brilliant quality chocolate master right here. Is that good quality chocolate? It’s a little light pack that I’ve learned before you’re gonna line the entire thing with a garbage bag And we’re gonna melt down the trunk so put the chocolate in just come with us, and we’ll keep doing that It’s a food life hack look at that. Everything is completely watertight Let’s start melting this chocolate We’re going to need some party Tupac’s Bye guys little life hack to make water always boil faster You just put a lid on it put a pot on top of it, and now you’re gonna add the chocolate in the pot So no no that’s not I don’t work That’s too much now What we got to really do is just do the same thing over here and wait until this green chocolate is melted take two dads as empty See this is this that’s partner gold right there take a little baby in the arms Don’t show that Looks amazing kind looks like slime it does. Yeah, it’s gonna climb probably not gonna stick. We got to make sure it doesn’t stick Oh bye, Nicky Pam What is this taste like don’t like Chocolate you put on sonic glow I can’t even tell you ahead of time because you do it so fast all right guys oh no no What did you do my Green chocolate going in this is really hot oh That’s satisfying second bucket going in oh This isn’t going fast enough, so we’re also gonna fill the bowl and put it in the microwave But we were supposed to put the stick in the chocolate mold before all this, so let’s just try cutting it we’re just thinking let’s do it nice little window where we Don’t know what we’re doing at all Well, it’s like a birthing baby like an awkward situation is back out slowly to managed to stop the leak here Everything is good Good, this is working out. Well finally. Yeah, my hands are dirty that you played yourself ah Microwaves not the best option when you don’t pay attention to it and don’t stir and you’re busy fixing bleep no Yeah, oh my god. It’s all burnt to a crisp. We’re still gonna use it We have to burn one already mix it all up as you can see it doesn’t look too pretty But you’re gonna pretty it up one more to go so We finally filled in all the green chocolate it covers the stick perfectly it’s nice and smooth Everything looks good so now all we have to do is wait till it hardens. I’ll see you guys in a sec oh My god. What do you think I did a long time? I heard the COS. No no no worse bad. We are so stressed right now by the week Everybody amazing that this tape is the stickiest thing on planet Earth We’re gonna go all along the bottom and cut this mold free praying to God this thing’s not broken boy That’s Sam’s fine blue blue be out of the mold now. It is looking good a little fracture everybody honestly I started to pick it up a little bit. I’m not too too worried I only have one chance to figure this up so that means we got to put the decorations on Before we pick it up and do the grand test of will it stand guys want to make some decorations Sure, we’re gonna make some decoration makeshift rolling pin here shyness the bomb gives us a man’s got a taco press that Looks like a snowflake bombers you wanna press it in take the rest away. Yeah, that’s a good spot. That’s bug And I’m going to be doing the placing yeah, but MA go get some red going like that Okay, so the Christmas tree is finally done, but it’s clearly missing something we got the star here. We go that’s perfect Check this out guys okay, my elves are the best decorating off movie we got red gingerbread. We got yellow gingerbreads We got this is not a poop emoji. It is a Christmas tree that was Shawn. What look at this It’s a mixed color, so we got the orange and we got the red and then down here We got the red and we got the white here Is these texts you gotta actually pick up this popsicle and see if it’s Dan. Oh God. Oh, this is collapses. I’m gonna be scratched See there’s a giant It’s like the giant International Christmas fly ball You’re pushing allow them to cool down Already because this is the world’s largest Chocolate pop so I guarantee you nobody has ever done this before I should give this for this no No one counts right the taste test somebody don’t lick my popsicle mm-hmm. Okay? I’m fine. I’ll do it first Not that great, but the truth, that’s this thing, let’s start, this is really not that bad – grab – hey goddess Osun oh That’s true Okay here we go oh Well help cheeses. You need my staff you at the table if you’re broke cheese, but it’s fine squats a big bite It’s a big Just unexpected this tastes absolutely delicious First off Merry Christmas, but we gotta destroy this thing logo. How’s your arm pretty good? These for this one brother me how it looks man. I’m not I need new friends Here no I’m gonna hit the snare this time oh oh What do you say we take this thing outside and really test it out? Yeah? Waffles, what’s all you want for christmas smashing With a Christmas last year Although regular holidays I always likely won’t have my nose


  1. It's exactly 1:00 am I'm so bored I really have to pee but my puppy is asleep on me so moving and waking it up would be considered a crime.

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  5. Could've distroid the lollipop with the paint ball gun ๐ŸŽจ๐ŸŽจ๐ŸŽจ๐ŸŽจ๐ŸŽจ๐ŸŽจ๐ŸŽจ๐Ÿ”ฎ๐Ÿ”ฎ๐Ÿ”ฎ๐Ÿ”ฎ๐Ÿ”ฎ๐Ÿ”ฎ๐Ÿ”ซ๐Ÿ”ซ๐Ÿ”ซ๐Ÿ”ซ๐Ÿ”ซ๐Ÿ”ซ๐Ÿ”ซ
    I subbed liked and turnd on post notifications

  6. Dustin played himself microwaving his chocolate…… King wolfie has always said to add a likkle water so it wont burn

  7. U should do a wall with 100 layers of duct tape 200 layers of gorrila tape 300 layers of trex tape 400 layers of hurricane tape 100 layers of bubble wrap and a hell ton of aluminum foil

  8. Dustin, use a heat gun so the garbage bag seals on the mold, that way it doesn't wrinkle.just an F.Y.I.

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