DIY Greeting Card Album – Perfect for Holiday, Birthday or Grad Cards! | Sea Lemon

DIY Greeting Card Album – Perfect for Holiday, Birthday or Grad Cards! | Sea Lemon

What do you do with greeting cards after you
get them? Once they have been on display for awhile,
you might throw them into a box, where they’ll never see the light of day again. Or I hate
to admit, but yes, sometimes they go in the trash… But sometimes you get those cards with such
sentimental notes inside, that you just can’t throw out and maybe don’t want to store
somewhere you’ll never find it again. For this reason, I decided to try binding
the cards together using a coptic stitch method. This makes a great way to archive those special
cards into a sort of album and you can keep them on display, like on a book shelf. If you want to try this out with your own
cards, here is how you can do it. First I gather all the cards and stack them
with all the folded edges on the same side. Then use clips to hold them in place. Now I need it to stay up right and to do this
I just placed it between two mugs. Now take a scrap piece of paper and fold it
to form a straight edge. I’m going to use this to measure out the space between binding
holes. Now mark lines across the folded edges of
the cards. Then unclip the cards, and pierce holes on
the marks of each card with a thumbtack or an awl if you have one. And keep them in the order you marked them. After the holes are made, it’s time to bind
with a coptic stitch method. I’m using craft thread and a large sewing
needle. Single thread the needle, and to estimate the amount of thread, just
string it along the edge times the number of cards you have. To start, sew into the bottom card. Leaving
some thread on the end. Then return back in and leave a small loop
on the outside. repeat this on the next holes. You can then tie that bit you left on the
end in a knot and trim the excess off. Now grab the next card, sew into the hole
and out the other, then through that little loop you made and back in. Continue sewing as you would with a coptic
stitch binding. If you are unfamiliar with coptic stitch binding,
I highly recommend watching this easy to follow tutorial I made on how to do it. You can also
find the link to this video in the description below. When you reach the last card, tie a knot on
the inside and cut the excess thread off. And then it’s done! I hope you found this video helpful and try
turning your greeting cards into an album of your own. Feel free to like, share or leave
your comments below. For more tutorials, be sure to subscribe and
check out my channel. For another tutorial involving greeting cards, check out the video
to the left. If you like the light that was on my book shelf, see how I made it in the
video on the right. You can find all the links and more in the
description below.

64 thoughts on “DIY Greeting Card Album – Perfect for Holiday, Birthday or Grad Cards! | Sea Lemon

  1. This is brilliant! I have so many special cards from childhood that were given to me by loved ones who have passed away. What a great tribute this would be to bind all their cards together. Thankyou! Super excited to try it. 🙂

  2. what an amazin Idea for 18 & 21 birthday Cards, I'm going try this with my 40th birthday cards – not that admitting to being 40 lol

  3. You suck! I tried to make a book, but it was just a waste of time and paper! That you can do something does not mean that others can do it to!

  4. What if there's a variation, and they're not all greeting cards? Some are just one page letters and the others are in envelopes that were also personalized.

  5. You technically could use this method to make a coptic stitch text block for a hard cover case book if you don't have glue, couldn't you?

  6. After my mother died I collected together all the cards she had sent me over the years, for birthdays, Christmas etc. The loving messages she had written in them were such a comfort to me and I bound them into a book.  But my book was quite clumsy compared to your Coptic bound book. I still find it difficult to throw cards with loving messages from friends and family away.  Recovering recently from an operation for cancer all the lovely cards and  messages (many from unexpected sources) were so heart-warming and encouraging – I'll make a Coptic-bound book of them.  Thank you for your videos – I enjoy them all.

  7. Can I do something similar to postcards? I have over 100 and they just lay around. I want to organize them somehow… and I have been trying soo many methods that didn't work. I really like your work, I've done many books and notebooks by your tutorials and I tought that you might be able to help me one more time 🙂
    Thank you! 🙂

  8. Hi! Yes, there is a single-sheet binding I'm working on. I'll be making a tutorial for it soon, so stay tuned! Thanks for checking out so many of my tutorials 🙂

  9. After you have finished the card album, is there any way to add new cards into it? Or would you just have to start a new one?  

  10. Hey Sea Lemon. Do you think this could work on ones made from construction paper? I have a bunch from kids that I've taught how to swim. Is there a way to reinforce the construction paper so they dont fall apart. Thanks and i love your tutorials!

  11. Hey Sea Lemon. Do you think this could work on ones made from construction paper? I have a bunch from kids that I've taught how to swim. Is there a way to reinforce the construction paper so they dont fall apart. Thanks and i love your tutorials!

  12. I am going to try to do this for my dad. He got a lot of cards when my step-mother passed away. He really enjoys reading the cards that have memories of my step-mother inside. Such a great idea!
    Thank you so much! 

  13. Can you make a postcards one? I want to make a book of postcards but I don't know how. Loved this tutorial! <3

  14. Oh my goodness, I think I can do this project right now with the cards I sent my mom that were sent back to me a year ago after she died.. along with the birthday and Christmas cards my grandmother has sent. I'll keep this in my mind for future reference as well.. 😀

  15. @Sea Lemon , sea lemon bro thats a really great idea! my mother also like your video , i had just tryed it, it done very well thanks for video keep uploading these types of videos 🙂

  16. Thank you so much for making this! I have so many cards I love that I just have in a box, and I really love this idea and will definitely be doing this DIY. This was a HUGE help to me.

  17. Is there a way to take this "book" and give it a front and back cover?  I even thought of using the cover/spine of an old hardback book.  In my case the cards are all the same size.

  18. ah, just what I've been looking for.  I have anniversary, Christmas and Birthday cards to bind from my hubby.  This is great, so glad you have such wonderful videos.

  19. Dear sea lemon,
    Can you please teach us how to draw a brick and snowflake pattern. All so a snake pattern. I have seen a lot of people wanting you to do this as a suggestion. All so I love your videos. They are amazing!!

  20. hi Jennifer! i 'm in love with D.I.Y. projects and your ideas are really the best !! your channel is just perfct !! keep goin' !! you are so so talented and warm person !! thank you !! ^_^

  21. Such an awesome idea! I just found your channel yesterday through your Gelly Roll vid…then started binging on a bunch of your other DIYs 😛 Thank you for this tutorial! This is just what I need for my wedding cards, baby shower cards, and now my son's birthday cards

  22. Is there a way to add a hard cover (I think case book binding it's called?) to this? I saw you have a coptic stitch hard cover book tutorial, but I was hoping to do a complete hard cover, with a hard spine. How do you recommend doing that? Could I do a kettle stitch (I think that's the correct term) to cards, and treat each card as a signature, then create the hard cover book that way following your DIY Hardcover Book tutorial? Or could I use this coptic stitch and then add a hardcover?? Or is the coptic stitch too thick to approach it in a way you would a case binding? Hope this all makes sense. I basically want to combine this tutorial with your DIY Harcover Book tutorial. I have a lot of wedding cards and I want something very elegant, so I feel binding the cards in a complete hard cover book would look so great. Thanks!

  23. I'd love to see a Junk journal tutorial in Sea Lemon style! You know, with proper binding and a neat finished look.

  24. Hello dear.. U have put so much efforts in this project.. Looks awesome… But i just wanted to know could we simply use a punching machine and put in satin ribbon or thread to get the cards together…?? I'm not as talented as u are..

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