DIY Mini Christmas Tree | How to make Tabletop Christmas Tree | Ali Coultas

DIY Mini Christmas Tree | How to make Tabletop Christmas Tree | Ali Coultas

G’day guys! How are you? Welcome to my second Christmas DIY. Today we are going to be making a Christmas
tree that you can put on your Christmas Table. So if you would like to learn how to do this
then please stick around and I will show you how. But first if you are not subscribed, I would
really love it if you would hit that red button. So it will let your know when I upload a DIY
each week. Alright guys let’s get cracking! Supplies you will need for your ribbon Christmas
Tree. Hot glue gun with plenty of glue sticks. A styrofoam cone- to be the shape of your
Christmas Tree. A yellow and gold tinsel pom pom, that is
what I used for the star on the top. Some Emerald green satin ribbon- I used just under
3 so just under 9 metres worth of ribbon. To begin you might need to watch something
on TV to keep you entertained. But then begin glueing. And once you have got the hot glue down just
do short sections and then apply the ribbon. Now, I didn’t want any of the styrofoam to
be showing so I pulled down the ribbon. until you couldn’t see any of the white underneath. And then continue doing that step by step. Glueing applying the ribbon and then pushing
down so the ribbon is stuck to the cone firmly and there is not any white showing. That is how far 3 metres of ribbon, covered
my cone. Before I had to start a new packet of ribbon. Once you get to the top keep going until the
ribbon is covering all the cone. Then you want to cut it with a pair of scissors. Apply some glue to the top of the cone then
stick on your pom pom. Leave it to dry. Once it is dry you are going to want to get
off all those little bits of hot glue, that is kinda on the cone. Now I found I picked off the big bits and
then I used the hair dryer to blow off the rest. And there you have it. There is your Christmas tree. Fantastic for your Christmas Table. So guys, now we have done 2 DIYs for your Christmas
Table. We have got the Christmas Tree and the Christmas
Bowl. So let me know in the comments below, if you
are going to make one of these DIYs. Or any questions you have. And I will see you next week for another DIY Wednesday! Bye!

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