DIY Unicorn Party Ideas | Girls Party Decoration Ideas | Dollar Tree Party Decorations

DIY Unicorn Party Ideas | Girls Party Decoration Ideas | Dollar Tree Party Decorations

come back today I’m gonna show you how
to make unicorn party decor for a colorful and magical celebration here we
go I’ve been trying to make this unicorn
kids party the fall for some time now and I’ve been looking at lots and lots
of pictures on Pinterest and I just think that it’s beautiful its colorful
and it’s pastel colorful which is my favorite thing in the world myself and I
decided to make it today and I wanted to make it affordable for you so I went to
Dollar Tree and then I went right next door to my post and found something some
sales up all right this is started I’m going to start today’s project by
painting a square paper mache box the measurements are seven point three
inches by seven point three inches and I’m going to paint it white I’m also
going to be painting a paper mache cone in gold so here’s my box and my coat or ready to
go dirty nice and dry by the way initially I thought about
making this box out of picture frames from Dollar Tree but in order for me to
do that we’ll have to spend $4 which is not bad but I found this box at
Michael’s for $2.99 Andy : I also better by using the phone
calls from Dollar Tree but the phone calls from there doesn’t have a peak so
I decided to buy these two from Michaels and this one was $1.99 I added some
white glitter to the box right after I paint it and I totally forgot to record
it but no big deal this is a very simple process all you have to do is sprinkle
it around and this is totally an optional process you don’t have to do
that this is actually my plan B because my
plan a was to add glitter to the cone only but I ran out I didn’t have boom
glitter I thought I did it and I did so I decided to act a white glitter to the
box hey a smoky scene has glitter that’s all
that matters for me my next step is to make eyes out of this foam sheet this
phone sheet is self-adhesive so all I have to do is just draw the
eyes cut and then pull the backing off and then place on the box I want my eyes
to be two inches wide so I’m going to make a dot right here and right here
that’s mark in two inches and then I’m going to go about half an inch lower and
then I’m going to make a dot right here in the middle and then I’m going to
connect the dots and then I’m going to go another I’ll
finish sideways down in another half an inch lower and then I’m going to connect
these and this is my first eyelet and I’m going to cut and here are the two
eyelets and now I’m going to make some eyelashes for them to make eyelashes I’m
going to use some of this leftover fall and I’m just going to cut by little
pieces and place it right underneath and here’s what it should look like now I’m
going to go ahead and place it on the box actually better at putting dis lashes on
than putting my own lashes all right let’s move on to the next step now I’m
going to add some hot glue to the bottom of my comb and then I’m going to place
it right on top of my box now I’m going to make three tissue paper
pom-poms to decorate the top of my unicorn I’m going to start with my
purple pompons and right here I have two sheets I’m going to fold it in half and then I’m going to fold it in half again now you’re going to accordion fold all
the sheets together so you’re just going to grab a little bit here and fold make
a crease then you’re going to turn it over fold and make a crease and then
you’re going to do that all the way to the end now you’re going to cut this in
half and this is to half I’m going to use because you don’t want it too big or
too small for the top of the Unicorn and now I’m going to round the corners
of both sides and it should look something like this
time to grab a little bit of this transparent cord you can use any chord
you like but you know this one is not going to be visible
you’re not going to tie it right here in the middle now all I have to do is open
it up but be very careful when you do this because they’re easy to tear and here it is this is how it should
look like now I’m going to make a couple more and I’ll be right back before I add
the pom-poms to the box I want to add this beautiful gold rope ribbon I’m
going to wrap it around the cone so anyone look so flat I’m just gonna add
some hot glue to the tip and then I’m going to just wrap it around I’m going
to have food compounds right on top I’m going to place the purple one right here
in the middle because somehow you cannot smaller than the rest no idea why
because I cut up the same size so I say now I’m going to attempt to make some
ears out of this poster board okay let’s see so here are my ears that look more like
light bulbs or ice cream cones I give them a little extra right here so I can
bend it and place it on top of a box and they will stand like this I’m going to
use this gold foil sheet to make their inner part of the ear okay so now I’m going to add the ears
I’m going to place it right behind my pom pom and actually I was going to bend
it backwards but I don’t want to be able to see it back here so I’m going to bend
it forward and hide it under the pump on this is what we have so far but now you
know this wouldn’t be my project unless I added some balloons I’m going to add
some balloons to the back of the unicorn because it’s all lonely back there so
let’s add some balloons inside the balloon I’m going to be using leftover
tissue paper sequins and pieces of this gold foil paper I’m going to tie these three balloons
together with this pink ribbon the ribbon is not necessary I just happen to
have a handy you can use whatever you have available at your house to tie them
together I’m going to glue them right here on the back I’m going to add this
balloon in between the two or I should say pretty much in between two three I’m
going to add one last balloon right here to this empty space now I’m going to add
dark pink balloons to the arrangement I’m going to add one last balloon to the
arrangement this arrangement is getting taller and taller by this second but
this looks awkward here so I have to add this last balloon right here look at
that much better and here it is however not to make my unicorn headbands
and for that I’m going to use some headbands from Dollar Tree so these are
the colors that I’m going to be using for each headband but for now I’m going
to start with one and I’m going to start with this one I’m going to start by
making a triangle out of this felt fabric now you’re going to turn one side
half way in and then you’re going to turn the other side and then you’re
going to glue them together I’m going to wrap around some of this
gold rope ribbon on it okay so here I have my horn a little pom-pom and two
small ears I didn’t show you how I made this because you already saw them
earlier and it’s just the very same process only smaller and I’m going to
glue all of this together to make my headband okay guys this is it this is my final
arrangement and yes I changed it one more time
today’s actually the next day and it was really bothering me there are only place
pink balloons on the arrangement when it should be multicolored it’s supposed to
be unicorns and rainbows and magic and that means lots of color and I decided
this morning that I was going to at the other colors and it is absolutely
perfect now I’m going to go ahead with my outro from yesterday but remember
this this is the final arrangement alright bye alright this is my unicorn
kids party centerpiece and some other decor or actually say this is more like
a party favor something that you would use at the party for the kids to wear I
love it I think it’s adorable and this centerpiece I totally put my own spin on
it with the balloons I love it I think it’s colorful and I love the pastel
colors on it and I just love the whole feel of it I think it’s very festive and
very unicorn another corny oh my gosh are you guys I hope you guys enjoyed
this video make sure to give it a thumbs up if you liked this video and make sure
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comm for more inspiration until next time bye

86 thoughts on “DIY Unicorn Party Ideas | Girls Party Decoration Ideas | Dollar Tree Party Decorations

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