DIY Weird Christmas Presents You NEED To Try!

DIY Weird Christmas Presents You NEED To Try!

Rachel, can you come
down for a minute? No. I’m hiding in my
special burrito blanket. You can’t keep calling
blankets burrito blankets. It was only funny
the first time. No. Like, I got an actual
burrito blanket this time. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, guys. It’s Rachel. So I’ve done a lot of DIY
weird blank for blank. So for Christmas, I’m
doing DIY Christmas presents that you need to try. So give this video a
thumbs up if you like it and want to see me do
more DIY weird things. And comment down below
which one of these DIYs are your favorite. And follow me on
Instagram and Twitter if you want to see what I
do after I film the video. And let’s get on with the video. First, you’re going to need to
set up a tan blanket anywhere that makes it easy to paint on. I tried to hang it up. Now, take a brown fabric
paint and a black fabric paint and a sponge. I have no hand-eye coordination. Now, just cover the sponge
face with brown paint and spread it all
around and then just dab it in random
areas over the blanket to make it look like
a toasted tortilla. Put a little bit of black
paint on the side of the sponge and blend that, and
then dab it lightly around the brown
parts to make it look like it got mighty burnt. Now, fold the blanket over,
and take some fabric glue and glue the folded
side down so it looks like it’s a sleeping bag. [MUSIC PLAYING] Now just add a duvet
inside, and you can add whatever little
decorations you want. I put some tin
foil on it to make it look like a wrapped
burrito from, like, Chipotle. And there you have it. Now, for the makeup
brush holder, you’re just going to
need any pretty plate and hot glue gun sticks. Now, take a hot glue gun
and a hot glue gun stick, and glue it down to the plate. And do that over and over
and over and over again until the entire page is
just covered in the sticks. And just add makeup
brushed into it, and they won’t fall out until
you actually pick them up. It’s a fun little gift. The cracked iPhone
screen stress ball. First, we’re going
to make some slime. I’m sure you all
know how to do that. So just put some clear school
glue and laundry detergent into a cup and mix those
together until it’s slime. [MUSIC PLAYING] Then put the slime in the bag
and push it over to the edge so it would be shaped
like it would fit inside of an iPhone case. And then make a line
with the hot glue, because that’s going to fuse
the plastic together and kind of just glue it down. And then cut off
the side of the bag. Now, take another bag
and glue another line, but make sure it’s the
opposite side from the side that you already glued, and
that will just make sure that none of the slime gets out. Now put the slime into
a clear phone case, well two clear phone cases. But first, print out a
cracked phone screen, and put it inside the
top clear phone case. Then glue the two
phone cases together. [MUSIC PLAYING] And put some ribbon around it
so it looks more cleaned up. [MUSIC PLAYING] And then you can
just squish it so when you get stressed out
you don’t accidentally break your real phone screen. I have done that before. For the charging purse, you need
a purse and a portable charger. Just find the pocket
inside the purse and put the portable
charger inside of it. Cut out a small
hole in the pocket and put the charging
piece outside of that. Then cut a small hole
outside the purse so you can put the charger
for the portable charger inside of that. Then flip the bag
inside out and glue the pocket closed so
that they can’t open it. [MUSIC PLAYING] Then, you can glue some ribbon
around the little charger to make it look cute. [MUSIC PLAYING] And you have a charging
purse, which is basically the same thing as giving them
a portable charger and a purse, but when it’s two-in-one
it just looks cooler. You’re welcome. And that’s all the DIYs. [MUSIC PLAYING]

100 thoughts on “DIY Weird Christmas Presents You NEED To Try!

  1. Your awesome Rachel.. I honestly don’t know what I would do with out you.. why don’t you have a billion subs by know??? I know I have been seeing a lot of hate comments but when you read them think that there is always light in the dark forest that you soul reveals…🙂🙂

  2. Ok they DIYS where great but the last one if your portable charger dies how can you charge it if the bag is literally hot glued shut!?

  3. Its 5 days til christmas I'm cheap and don't want to buy christmas presents and I still haven't bought any presents………..You are a life saver

  4. Omg me and my sister used to watch you all the time and then we just forgot to watch your videos sorry but then I clicked on a video and I thought that kind of looks like Rachel you can mine and my sister were like five and now I'm 11

  5. But you have to charge the portable charger how do you get it out to do that now. I guess an pocket knife🤷‍♀️

  6. Rachel… I love you but you do realize you just cut holes in a perfectly good purse to make a portable charger Less Useful

  7. 4:51 portable charger can run out of battery and need to be charged so when it’s drained it’s a waste and ya

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