Dog Waiting Up For Santa Claus | Merry Christmas (Gizmo the Chihuahua)

Dog Waiting Up For Santa Claus | Merry Christmas (Gizmo the Chihuahua)

(Christmas music) Ahhh, Gizmo. Are you gonna wait up all night and not sleep to hopefully catch Santa Claus (dog whines) Okay. But. You do this, you do this every year. (gulps) And you know, you know Santa does not come in unless everyone has fallen asleep (dog sighs) Oh I know, but that includes you too. (playful giggles) (dog whines) Okay, alright, if you say so. This year it’s gonna be different! (yawns) Well, I am going to leave you your sleeping mask just in case if you need it (growls) But I yeah, I am going to go to bed so I will see you in the morning (whines) (yawns) Goodnight, I love you and good luck. I hope you see Santa Claus! Woohoo! (licking lips) (playful upbeat music) (gulps) (whines) (yawns) (licking lips) (snoring) Christmas time, Christmas time! Oh yes, yes, yes!!! Oh (giggles) Gizmo! (snores) Wake up! You missed Santa! Again! Every time. (snores) Always thinks he’s going to be able to stay awake! Gizmo, what are you doing. Get up! Come on, get up! Santa came! oh, let me get that for you. Look at all the gifts! Look at this we got a fat Santa! (happy tired whines) (yawns) Look at all the gifts! Yeah! Wow! (yawns) Oh, are you stretching because you’re so tired? Oh, because you stayed up for so long. (kisses) (grumbles) You want to open this one first?! Oh look, Gizmo look, your stocking! (squeaks) Go get it! (cheerful laugh) Gizmo, what are you doing? Gizmo, what about all the presents? (disappointed sigh) Merry Christmas, I’m Jahnnalee and this is Gizmo the Chihuahua. I’m a one-person show and crew I filmed this whole video also acting in it. Also being Gizmo’s handler. Yes. Yes Yeah, I do that. Yes Gizmo! Isn’t he cute? He is such a good actor don’t you think he deserves a like and a subscribe? Don’t you think?! Alright, we hope that you all have a wonderful holiday a great new year and you know what until next time stay authentic Bye!!! If you enjoyed our video click like and subscribe hit that bell icon So you be the first to see what’s new. Click here for other videos or in the card section above join our Why Wait community On patreon so we can continue creating videos or support us by checking out our merchandise all links are in the description below and we’ll see you next Wacky Wednesday!

15 thoughts on “Dog Waiting Up For Santa Claus | Merry Christmas (Gizmo the Chihuahua)

  1. 1:38 – 1:40 That's too cute, Gizmo's head on the rug.
    3:25 – 3:29 Aww. That's cute, too, Gizmo hugging the Santa plushie.
    Did Gizmo really sleep through all the rustling of Santa putting down the gifts, or is he just a great actor and stayed still?
    Edit: Oh! And Merry Christmas! Hope your new year is a great one, too!

  2. This was great! Happy holidays! Can’t wait for my horror comedy video as well, that’d be the best Christmas present haha!

  3. Your Christmas Video is my new favorite part about Christmas 🙂 though I'm a bit late with my comment
    Love Gizmo's snore

  4. OMG it's such a cute video! Just had to have another view. Mind you, I'm astonished that it's only had a few hundred views so far. Oh well, people are missing out! X

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