– [Mom] Hi guys, I gotta quick Dollar Tree haul for you today. I went there this morning
looking for an activity for my kids to do that
was Christmas themed so I picked up these
little Christmas trees and some ornaments so
that each of my older kids could have their own
Christmas tree so hopefully, they’ll leave my Christmas
tree alone so I’ll unbag these and I’ll show you what I got. ♪ The Family Fudge, the Family Fudge ♪ ♪ They are mostly sweet but full of nuts ♪ So one of the things I noticed in a lot of stores this year were
Christmas decorations that were sort of a
woodland themed like trees and sort of a rustic
look so I picked up this potholder and this
potholder, we spend a lot of time cooking over the
holiday season so I thought these brand new cute ones would be perfect and here’s a matching kitchen towel. I picked up two things of transparent tape because I can never
have enough tape during the Christmas season. I picked up this cute, little
ornament, which is a pickle and there’s a tradition
behind this ornament, I guess it comes from Germany and I guess the tradition goes where
the first person or child to find the pickle ornament
amongst all the other ornaments on the Christmas
tree, gets a special prize so I think the kids will enjoy that. I picked up a few ornaments for my tree and these are cute, these
are like the woodland theme that is so popular this year and it’s just a plain white bell metal
with these pine cones and twine on top so I
picked up six of those. I’m a huge fan of white
ornaments and I really like that these are metal and not
glass so they’re kid friendly for my Christmas tree. I picked up some red ribbon
and some ornament hooks and then all of these
things are for my kids to decorate their own Christmas tree. So we have three sets of everything. There are, there’s a pack
of plastic shatter proof ornaments, it says 15 each package. So we have one for each
of my oldest children. Then we have these little jingle bells and there’s 16 to each pack, a red one, a red and green on and
a gold and silver one and then here is the garland
for each of their trees and here’s a pack of 20 mini lights. I think that’ll be
perfect for this size tree and then we have these
cute little ornaments that have glitter, we have snowflakes, gold bows and red bows
and then I picked up these stickers, stickers for gift tags. So there’s 52 of these for just a dollar. So now I’m going to surprise
the kids with these things and let them decorate their own tree. So here’s an update, I
put these little trees together and I was pleasantly surprised for one dollar, these
are pretty nice trees but I opened up this one and it has these, has these little pieces
that you’re supposed to slide into the base of the tree and one of em came broken
right out of the box so come on Dollar Tree,
stop selling broken things. That’s kind of frustrating
because I only have three of these and three
kids that are gonna want one so I’m not quite sure, maybe
I can tape it or glue it, I’m not sure but I gotta fix this ’cause I don’t wanna run back to the store. So I got out my hot
glue gun and I just like laid it on super thick so
hopefully this will hold it, it’s definitely not
the prettiest thing but I think it will totally be good enough so I went ahead and opened up these boxes of the clear lights and
put them on the trees for the kids and then I went ahead and put all the decorations for
one child on this plate, for another child on that plate, that way they can just
do it all themselves, hopefully, let’s see. Alright guys, come see your surprise! – [Girl] Yay! (kids exciting chatter) – [Mom] Go sit at a chair. – [Girl] Come on! This is gonna be mine! – [Mom] What is it? – It’s so we can decorate our own tree. – [Mom] Are you guys ready
to decorate your own tree? – [Kids] Yeah! – [Mom] Once we decorate these, we’re gonna put them up
on your shelf in your room and then you’re not gonna undecorate them, you’re just gonna look at them, okay? (squealing) (light music) – [Child] Mommy, I did it. – [Mom] So when I was at the Dollar Tree, I couldn’t find mini tree toppers so I found this star ornament
and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take some of the green hooks, the wire hooks and I’m
going to thread it through and then I’m going to
twist it around the top of the tree so it’ll stay
at the top of the tree. Good job. Are you all done? – [Kids] Yeah! – [Mom] They look beautiful so with all of the ornaments, each
of these trees cost seven dollars each, what’d you think Kenzie? – It was awesome. – [Mom] What’d you think, Lilly? – It was awesome. – [Mom] What about you? – It was cool and awesome. – [Mom] Cool and awesome? – [Kids] See ya next time! (light music)

10 thoughts on “DOLLAR TREE Christmas HAUL + FUN KIDS ACTIVITY!

  1. So fun ๐Ÿ˜€ We just filmed a video at the Dollar Tree too, fun to see some similarities but also different things I didn't find. We just got 8 rolls of tape free at Rite Aid for their Black Friday sales, we're all set on tape for a long time!

  2. That was really cute! Yesterday, our kids decorated trees for their rooms as well. Every year I organize their ornaments into ziplock bags so they can just grab the bag and decorate ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. cute trees! great job decorating! I like your idea for the star! might pick one of these up for my kiddo! Dollar Tree has cute mini tree skirts as well!

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