Dollar Tree Come Shop with ME! AT THE BIG STORE!  dollar tree fall 2019 halloween

Dollar Tree Come Shop with ME! AT THE BIG STORE! dollar tree fall 2019 halloween

sometimes a crisp white t-shirt with
some ripped jeans is really HOT! you at the top are you everybody
I’ve missed you guys so so so so much but you know how it is moving it’s like
chaos chaos chaos but I’m back at the Dollar Tree I promised you guys I would
show you the Thanksgiving stuff we are going hunting in the big store so stay
tuned and yeah just stay tuned I sidekick with me sidekick do you have
anything to say to the viewers … LIKE & SUBSCRIBE! … cute little pillows there’ so much
better than these those are really cute these guys oh look there’s a lot more
all with the gray one really cute school supply shopping was literally my
favorite time of year as a child we got all different colors you just got a big let me just get these scissors look a
little crazy Oh what do we have here oh sweet
what are these calendar stickers I don’t want the loved one it’s crazy all the
new candles that are here these was really what I was speaking of these cute
little tin it does not smell good they’re cute little tins what’s this one
oh wow this is like pretty amazing look here’s little marriage candles you
could probably order them in large quantities when these are what I was talking about these
cute little tins oh yeah this one’s good think I’m gonna bring this to the beach
with me not yet that’s disgusting this one ocean
tide come in to Myrtle Beach with me I’m gonna keep it moving after I check this
out the color is quite bright and pretty hmm very tangled I like it when nervous
would be a good candle for outside oh good enough to be back next weekend cuz
there’s a lot of boxes here Oh awesome I’m gonna put this in my upstairs closet
for sure I’m so pumped about that oh you guys they’re coming out with some
neutral that is super pretty does that go with this not really okay
some people might really like this one I just feel like it’s so old Simon that’s
just me that’s pretty cool what else is down here we are forever grateful super
cute and I really like the shape of the top over leggy wall art things it says
it’s the little things in life and they have blue
this one says blessed and thankful I like the shape of this one I want to
make a sign for my Wi-Fi password and I have two options already this would make
a third it’s like come on Linds you just make the stupid sign already
what do you wait nine long hey hmm whoa our cart is one it’s over
look at these they’re like waffle cones and ice creams what is this nail art oh
man that would be Colin’s line I promised Leila I would pick up some
borax hopefully they have it here all this is so cool those are cute so there
was a gentleman that was talking to me when I found these really cool placemats
and he sounded like he really needed someone to talk to so I just let him
talk but these rooster ones are so cute I
hadn’t seen them and then I think I saw these blue ones at some point but this
time they really caught my eye and I picked up a couple of them okay
everybody so I did see this weeks ago when it first came out and I didn’t show
you guys it I recorded it and everything but it’s super cute I just wasn’t it’s
super excited about it and to make an entire video on it
did pick up some of these towels I didn’t see this what is this where did
this is just one of the shower curtains maybe someone opened it oh yeah that’s
what it is huh it’s kind of a nice material cuz I
want to make some outdoor pillows feels like a reusable bag basically oh
look they got some new rugs in whoa they’re super thin and light though
what’s up with that it’s so late you could make it wall art seriously because
it’s like a feather I hope they don’t start making all of them super thin
these are really nice little cups really like them there’s kind of a blue color
in my countertop and these would be super cute but I got to think about that
one for a minute because I’m already out of cabinet room
all right y’all it’s about time to check out why we really came here I want to
see what is out for fall so let’s see what they have out really excited about
a couple things that I saw coming out oh gosh the velvet pumpkins have been
through dang did I miss them oh look at this new sign grateful and
blessed it’s a mason jar and yes this is the sign I saw I don’t love it as much
as other ones it’s hard to tell it’s even a truck that’s a little bit of a
bummer but that’s okay I have this like really cool dry erase board that’s
galvanized metal with a black frame I wonder if I could trace it this on there
or maybe I should trace the pumpkin or the egg cornet I don’t really want to take all those
off to get to that though here’s a couple of stragglers I had so much fun
painting these last year make you so cute just love the vibe of this it’s so
like plain and simple when my goodness oh my goodness I’m so excited look how
cute these are I cannot believe they’re bringing out Thanksgiving stuff already
oh look these are colors are a little different from last year they have like
a bluish one it’s showing up a little darker blue on the camera look at these
new signs I had a request to show the Thanksgiving stuff as soon as it came
out I didn’t think it would be this early but I should have known oh my gosh
look at that they put out like an additional flower thing someone
macgyvered that that is so funny you guys that is so funny knit flower
overload Wow look how pretty these are and these are my favorite favorite
flower here a Dollar Tree are these picks all right we got to go check
somewhere else this store is huge yes I did not miss out on these look at this
white one I don’t remember the white one last year does anybody else
oh this white is everything though Green is so pretty
Wow I really like this hmm but the blue is really pretty too I just
keep oh I can’t get over most missed these metal letters you guys
these were such a hit last year everyone kept asking me where I got them and
they’re here they’re right here and I almost missed them better pick up – no I
just need one okay it’s so pretty this sign is so sweet I
just love the crispness of the black really nice I like that one oh my gosh
this is so cool oh dang they got red containers black look at that they’re
stepping up their game and then Halloween Oh Halloween you are my
favorite this is cool this is what I should trace for my board
would that be weird it might be a little weird maybe I should put this on my board
thing that I was talking about it and then create like a whole motif yes look at those googly eyes I’m here the
call of duty water battle and it has a carabiner on it you would like that okay
I gotcha boo I got you a similar kind of lotions vanilla coconut that’s the
flavors weird weird girl balls super cute super duper cute strong is the new
pretty love that guys it’s a little piggy I would like to make it known that
I used to own a pig when I was in the 4-h club and has many more sugar what
does this say something the little thing oh oh how cute
I really like this and oh wow this is really nice
in a world where you can be anything always stay humble and kind I have that
written I have a magnet that says that on my refrigerator this is a great
little notepad for your purse because it’s like flat Bradon it probably
brought these out so that people can decorate their backpacks for the school
year if they have a girlfriend and they want to put one in their room I’m gonna
be on the plane with my niece and my son and maybe she can write letters yeah we’re gonna practice writing on the
plane won’t that be cool I went to Wow
yeah that’s a good one for you you can write letters you

28 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Come Shop with ME! AT THE BIG STORE! dollar tree fall 2019 halloween

  1. I was just thinking about u this week lol I was like where is that lady I miss her videos which I'm playing catch up on videos I go to get baby girl in 6 days. Lol that happened to me yesterday same dude came up to me in grocery store talking and I just let him talk lol. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…

  2. Great video. Can you believe all the Fall and Halloween items already I'm seeing them everywhere 🌻🍁🌾🍎🍊

  3. I have several of the Blessed and Thankful items. They have cute signs this season. The card packs are nice. I got 7 of them. Love hearing your comments in the videos. Have a great week!

  4. Omg girl, so glad to see another video popping up. Been waiting for another dollar tree 🌲 shopping trip with you😊

  5. I can never find those wall art canvases! If I do they’re small quantities of random not matching ones. Those leaf canvases look amazing!!!

  6. Im guessing your not much on stationary like notebooks or pens or washi tape or markers! Just wondering

  7. Oh my goodness! I love the rooster place mats? Whatever they are. Please pick all of them up! Very high end look.

  8. I do NOT Waste my Money on D.T Candels.. Their Really A True waste of your Buck!! I Buy From BBW & WALMART! If I'm needing to Do Something GEARED STRICTLY For A Purpose Where I'll NEED Over 6 Candels.. Then YES!! Then And ONLY Then Will I Buy DT Candels… But Nice Video…

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